Our First Family Beach Day

The kids and I headed out to Lake Sunapee Park the other weekend with our Summer gear in hand. My youngest and oldest were determined to hop in the lake, even though I knew it was cold, cold water. The oldest did end up jumping in twice, crazy girl!

Beach Days in NH Summer

I loved watching all three of the kids happily work together with their sand gear. They were building castles and moats and all this fun stuff together, with smiles upon their faces!

Daughter lets son bury her

Apparently the idea of sand gear wasn’t as appealing as burying your sister with sand at the beach. My daughter, bravely, laid down and set some ground rules to let her brother bury her in the sand. There was to be no sand above her chest and her arms were not to be covered, unless she said otherwise after they covered that part of her body.

Team work

Aj even got in on the fun of burying sissy and together the boys were able to fully bury sissy to the guidelines that she set forth. Sure, she got some sand in her face because the boys were digging like little puppies to get the sand to stay on her, but it was all in the name of good, solid family fun!

Buried in Sand

The picture above was the final snapshot before my daughter came out of that pile like a Hulk monster. It was a beautiful day and a fun family time was had.

Moments like these make me realize just how blessed I am.

The History of the Wing Chair

Wing chair is basically an iconic symbol of ancient English heritage, in England every type of house have a place for wing chair at front. Wing chair like “queen Anne chair” are well known for its unique style, winged arms, and tall legs. These days a number of chairs for the various occasions can be found in the market. One of these chairs is the wing chair that has become quite popular among people across the world. However, most of the people don’t know that the wing chairs have a long history. This is a chair that is generally bulky in size and consists of the wings. These chairs were basically made to protect the soft and smooth skin of the ladies from the royal families. This chair is also known by the names of fireside chair or an ease providing chair. Nowadays these chairs can be found in the market in a number of styles and highly fascinating array of fabrics.

Well, these chairs can be most commonly in the houses that have the old fashioned interiors. These chairs look quite elegant near the fireplace and close to the antique desk. It provides the room with a sense of elegance.

A perfect and royal looking wing chair is made up of finest hardwood frames, its original shape and look are long lasting. An antique chair is fully wrapped in soft and high quality leather. Expert leather workers are required to design and design wing chair that really matches royal standards. The length of these types of chair is generally more as compared to width. The two wings of this chair support the back well and the feet of this chair can either be straight or turned. These chairs were first made in 18th century to save the smooth and delicate skins of the women sitting around fire. The most important things that you should keep in mind while buying these chairs are your needs and requirements. This chair should have good slipcovers and suit your budget. The fit, style, fabric and color should be given a consideration as well. This shape looks quite marvelous in your living room and provides you with a traditional feel. There is a wide variety of range of these chairs in the market but the scroll wing chair and leather flat wing chair are the most popular across the world. The scroll wing chair has the amazing wings and the leather flat wings contain the delicate wings.

Types of Wing Chair

There are several types of wing chair available in the market some common types are:

  • Somerset wing chair
  • Chairman’s wing chair
  • Cavendish wing chairs
  • Mallory flat wing chair
  • Scott wing chair

These chairs are mainly made with the materials such as cotton, velvet and leather etc. Nowadays the chairs having attractive and plain patterns can be found in the market. The cushioned seats make you feel highly comfortable. No matter, whether you buy the traditional or the contemporary form of chairs, they will provide you with the good feel. These chairs come in different designs that have been inspired from European and American designs.

Dominic B is an Interior Design Blogger from Derbyshire, UK who has a love for Wing Chairs.

When I Was Called Skinny .. by my 4 Year Old

My four year old can be super sweet at times, I always call him my little charmer. He is seriously going to charm his way into some poor girls heart later in life but hopefully by then most of his evil, mischievous side has leveled out.  My four year old is a blast to be around, if you can handle a kid who runs constantly and never stops. This kid wakes up roaring to go and doesn’t stop moving until I lay him to bed between 7pm and 8pm at night, after about forty five minutes of talking to himself he falls asleep.

Pancake SaturdayOne day I was telling my son how skinny he is, I simply told him he is super skinny and as if he thought he was saying some smart aleck reply to make me feel bad he said “No. YOU are skinny”. I laughed and said thank you because that was seriously the best compliment I have ever received. Mind you I am 5’6″ and in early 200lbs of weight, so I am not skinny and my large chest simply makes me appear even larger in size.

I love this kid so much and he certainly has amused me with our time home alone while the older two are at school but sadly, these cute little comments from him will be no longer. Next school year he will be off to full day kindergarten and I will be left with an empty nest for six hours five days a week, wondering where the time went. Thankfully I have these memories to hang onto as he ventures off into the world, hopefully not losing too much of his comedian side because that is what makes him unique!

Traveling to London? I wish I was

Best Bargain WineI know a couple of people who have traveled to London and I know they just loved it. I personally would love that experience but probably never will. For those who are able to afford or win a trip to London then make sure that you research where the best places to find entertainment and good dining are. Sites like http://www.latenightlondon.co.uk/ provide an essential guide to London’s Bars and clubs plus more.

You are on a diet. You like to drink heavily. Whatever your needs are as a person going on vacation, you need to make sure that you are aware of what is out there in London for you to enjoy and indulge in while visiting this fun place. From bars to low calorie snacks, this website will show you the places that are best to go while in London.

I personally would be weary of bar hopping if drinking alcohol, I am more the have a few drinks in my own home. I don’t drink and drive and I certainly wouldn’t want to pull an all nighter at a bar in a place I am not familiar with. Others that I know, on the other hand, would have no problems doing something like that as it’s out of the normal for them and when you are on vacation to a place like London you are suppose to experience various things you normally would not or could not experience when home.

I am curious how many people read this blog that have gone to London before. Do tell … so I can be completely jealous. What are some things you have seen or would like to see in London?

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Blooming Bath for the New Baby

It’s okay, I am not expecting a baby, I am totally thinking that three kids are quite enough for me, right? Well my sister, on the other hand, has yet to experience the joys of motherhood but she is closing in on being a mother soon. Within just one month my niece shall be born, Miss Olivia will be a new love of my life in addition to the family members I already have. I can not wait to meet her, and what better way to welcome the fact that I will be an auntie for the first time than to get her some much needed and totally amazing products!

Baby Shower Gift

Today I feature Blooming Bath for Babies, a totally cute way to give your newborn a bath in comfort and style. I remember when I gave my babies a bath in the sink; at times they simply were held by one of my arms as the other one worked to use soap and the spray hose on the sink. What a mess that was. Then other times I had a baby bath tub that not so easily set in the sink tub area. What an inconvenient method of bathing a newborn.

Blooming Bath for babies is a cute concept that introduces style and comfort as well as convenience in the field of washing your newborn baby. This cute product will hug into any sink and give that feeling of softness on your babies skin, nothing beats a soft blanket, right? Well think of this as a bath blanket for your baby. Hand made from soft, cuddly materials that also allow for quick and easy washing. Simply squeeze your Blooming Bath out, in the sink of course, and hang to dry. Within 10-15 minutes your Blooming Bath will be dry.

Fun Facts About Blooming Bath for Babies

  • Naturally antimicrobial foam interior and fabrics – no chemicals
  • Parent test, parent approved winner and recognition seal
  • Blooming Bath was imagined by 4 dads
  • A complete hit a baby showers! Will be the talk of your next baby event

The Blooming Bath sells for approximately $39.99 and is available for purchase on the Blooming Bath website as well as Amazon.com. Available in Turquoise, Canary Yellow, Hot Pink and Ivory.

Connect with Blooming Bath on Twitter. Connect with Blooming Babies on Facebook.

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