An eHarmony Love Story

The series I Met My Love Online is coming along nicely, today I get to share my first story about a couple who met on eHarmony, the love story of Bill and Liz.

I was living in Nashville, TN and Liz was living in Connecticut.  We were both apprehensive at first to change our profile settings to open ourselves up for long distance matches, but our dates with local matches were not very productive or successful.   For each of us, it was our last attempt to meet someone before canceling our membership.  Once we were matched, together we went through 4 stages of protective communication before we began to email each other.  After that, we talked by telephone for several months.  Everything about Liz seemed perfect, so I knew that the next step was to take her out on a date in person.  Over the next several months, I traveled up to CT to spend time with her and I also flew her down to Nashville to spend time with me.

Tell me, what is the most romantic thing your true love did for you?

The most romantic thing that Liz did for me was that she sang “The Broken Road” at our wedding ceremony, complete with instrumental tracks and a backup singer.  The most romantic thing that Liz would tell you, that I did for her was to surprise her with a horse-drawn carriage ride through town on the night I asked her to marry me.  After dinner, I took her to an old historic New England hotel so we could walk the grounds.  While we were on the walk, I had arranged for the carriage to approach us at a certain location and surprise her.  While on the ride, I presented the ring and asked her to marry me.

Thoughts Regarding Online Dating with eHarmony

We believe that the personality surveys we filled out on the eHarmony site were very accurate.  We see similar behaviors in each other, resulting in us being more understanding of each other.  Together we have blended our spiritual beliefs for an awesome life together.  I always dreamed of starting a business that would help parents across the globe.  Thanks to the love and support that Liz gives to me, I’ve been able to make that dream come through by completing my degree in psychology, writing a series of parenting books, and launching the CREATING COOPERATIVE KIDS TV show.  You can see all of these accomplishments that could not have done without her help, at

I Met My Love Online: Gus and Brina’s Story

My husband Gus and I met online in 2005 a couple of months after my
ex-husband and I separated. We emailed back and forth for a few weeks and then he disappeared – only to resurface again in October of 2006. I was
dating someone else. I contacted him in March of 2007 and we met. He had
been dating online for about 4 years and I was into my second year. We were
happy to have finally found a match.

Happily Blended asked Brina, what was the most romantic thing Gus did?

Gus cried his eyes out when he read aloud our wedding vows and had the entire wedding in tears. It was beautiful.

Happily Blended asked Brina, how long have you been together?

We married in 2008 and had our first child in 2009. Our second was born last September.

Brina wanted to share some tips for those looking for their true love online:

  1. It’s a numbers game. You need to meet lots and lots of men before you find a match. Most people, whether you meet them online or off, have issues. It is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. But, the beauty of dating online is that you can meet much more singles in a shorter period of time than relying on being set up or randomly.
  2. Never meet someone without speaking on the phone first. If you can have a nice phone conversation, it will be a pleasant evening, even if there is no chemistry.
  3. But, don’t allow yourself to fall in love over the phone. You need to meet face to face before you know if there is a real connection.
  4. Be positive, be courteous, be punctual. Let the other person know if you are interested in seeing them again.

Brina is the CEO and owner of The Younique Boutique, an ecommerce store that sells personalized gifts.

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