What To do on Spring Break – Day 2

This was Saturday, which was technically the first day of Spring Break, but I am counting it as Day 2. The kids had a blast playing up in the woods and outside on this fine Saturday before Easter Sunday.

What to do on Spring Break - Day 2 Easter Weekend

My oldest and youngest went outside first, it meant I couldn’t take a shower because it was a beautiful day and there was no time for Mama to shower. I just threw some clothes on and fixed my pigtail braids and ventured outside with them. They had fun being goofy, I called it a yoga lesson.

What to do on Spring Break Day 2 Easter Weekend

My middle child, Aj, ventured outside finally and he started to plan a game of soccer. We played a bit of soccer and monkey in the middle before the kids tired of it and Aj headed back inside. Aj isn’t an outdoor kid, he enjoys it in moments rather than for full days like my oldest and youngest. So I kept the door open and windows opened for the house so Aj could go back and forth.

What to do on Spring Break Day 2 Easter Weekend

My youngest is my little actor, shown above he is jamming out with his ukelele and later his sister and him actually put on a show singing the song Demons by Imagine Dragons. It was beautiful! On this rock, my daughter also found owl pellets and so we think there’s an owl living in our woods, I would have to agree, I hear this owl every night when I am sitting out on the deck after dark.

What to do on Spring Break Day 2 Easter Weekend

Since it was Easter weekend, I planned our normal egg hunt out. Filling plastic eggs with candy and change. Then the kids stayed inside so I could hide the eggs all over the yard. Aj hid a few too, because he never gets to hide them, he said. I allowed him to hide a few to feel special.

What to do on Spring Break Day 2 Easter Weekend

And then the kids grabbed their baskets and were ready for the hunt!

What to do on Spring Break Day 2 Easter Weekend

The kids searched high and they searched low. It took us a bit to find the last three eggs, and since I bought 30 plastic eggs they were good about dividing up the eggs so all three had 10 plastic eggs each. Then the trading started to happen, each kid started to trade money for jelly beans and jelly beans for malt balls. They had a blast, my youngest ended up with like no change and all candy just the way he likes it. Oh I think the youngest did keep a few quarters, you know, for the gumball machines!

There were no meltdowns. There were no issues and I received hugs from Aj quite frequently on this day, which is not something he normally does. Another beautiful day spent enjoying family.


Spiffing Up Your Car for the Holidays

While some people like to spread holiday cheer by hanging lights and decorations at home and others head out in costume to celebrate, some car loving revelers show holiday spirit by dressing up their rides! From making your car part of an Easter egg hunt to donning lucky clovers, our do it yourself, car decorating tips will surely get you noticed for the holidays.

Fun Holidays to Make Your Car Festive

1. Valentine’s Day. Dress up your car with love and head to the streets to deliver Cupid’s messages.

What you’ll need:

  • Red heart and Cupid vinyl vehicle decals
  • Fluffy angel wings
  • An arrow and red glitter
  • Boxes of candy hearts

Tie your fluffy angel wings, glue on a red glittery arrow and voila- cupid’s signature. Have fun decorating the car with heart and cupid decals. Now, get ready to drive around town to spread the message of love.

2. Saint Patrick’s Day. Nothing says “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day” better than a leprechaun riding shotgun. Make it fun by attaching your leprechaun to the face of the car (just be sure your view is completely unobstructed) Everybody is looking for treasure at the end of the rainbow on this lucky day – get ready to greet friends around town with fun gifts from your pot of gold!

What you’ll need:

  • Fill a pot with goodies to hand out while driving around town or through a parade.
    • Novelty jewelry with shamrocks like necklaces, rings and silicone bracelets.
    • Shiny green shamrock and “gold coin” candies
    • Shamrock magnets
  • For your car
    • shamrock garland
    • green glitter leprechaun hat
    • Irish flags
    • car safe tape (check with your vehicle manufacturer)

Pick a prominent, yet visible spot, perhaps even the roof of the car to feature the leprechaun hat. People will see you coming for a mile if you display your Irish flags and shamrock garland along the front grill.

3. Easter. Ready for an adventure? How about an Easter egg hunt theme right on your car!

What you’ll need:

  • Big fluffy bunny ears
  • plastic spring flowers
  • plastic Easter eggs that open
  • goodies to fill Easter eggs such as chocolate bunnies and duckies, jelly beans, marshmallow chicks and bunnies
  • Clear fishing line

Affix bunny ears to either side of your front windows and you’ll be hopping around town in no time! After you’ve filled your eggs with treats, tie eggs to fishing line and tie on door handles, mirrors and from the windows. Let friends “hunt” for eggs when you pass through town.

Remember, go crazy when decorating your car, but be sure to stay safe.

  • Keep windows clear and free from stickers
  • Be sure all mirrors are adjusted to account for any decorations that could change your view.
  • Avoid placing anything too high to the front or back end of your car so that you always maintain visibility around other drivers and pedestrians.

Have a holiday car decorating story or tip of your own? Share with others here!


Guest post by Improv Traffic School

Throwing a Fun and Creative Easter Egg Hunt with @GradSave

Do you have an Easter Egg hunt each year for the family? We do. While I won’t have my children this weekend, they will have some form of an Easter Egg hunt with their Dad’s, I am sure. It’s a tradition for us.  There many ways one can throw an Easter Egg hunt, but here is how we throw an Easter Egg hunt ;

Colored Easter Eggs

First, the kids are not allowed outside because the best way to throw an Easter Egg hunt is to get outdoors, especially if the weather allows. The eggs need to be hidden before those sneaky kids are peeking for where we are hiding the eggs. Easter is probably the first holiday that allows for the children to get outdoors and enjoy some of that fresh air. For the little ones, try to hide eggs in obvious/easy to see places but let the older kids know not to touch those ones. We have hidden Easter Eggs under picnic table joints, behind trees, up in trees, around the railings of the two decks on the house and over the hills in the field. Simply tell the kids where you have outlined for a hunting ground and let them run. Having a basket or plastic bag to use for collection of their found eggs is best.

What should you put inside of the Easter Eggs for the Easter Egg hunt? Well that is a great question!

zoo animal eggs easter egg huntUnless you use the hard boiled eggs for the hunt, you can place items inside of the plastic Easter Eggs, they are plastic eggs that open up for a filler to be placed inside and are super affordable at your local retailer. Placing candy filler inside of the plastic eggs is something we have done here, but also money and other random treasures for the children to enjoy opening up to find.

This year GradSave is on board to help you share more with your children during the Easter Egg Hunt. You can go to the Easter Promotion page on GradSave and insert your information. New GradSave members will be able to print off up to 20 $10 coupons to place inside of the eggs for the Easter Egg hunt this weekend. These coupons are only redeemable for NEW GradSave customers only and 1 per household. This is a great thing for Teachers, Parents and anyone who is attending an Easter Egg hunt this holiday time.

I have discussed GradSave in the past, so if you wish to learn more about GradSave please visit my previous post or click on over to GradSave’s Easter Promotion Page to learn more.

Easter Day at the Happily Blended Household

I don’t know what type of traditions you all have on Easter, but we have a tradition that involves a sneaky Easter Bunny hiding all of the kids baskets every Easter. The kids wake up and must find their baskets hidden in odd places around the house. This year, the big kids found their baskets almost immediately but the little one who had a basket in plain sight couldn’t find his.  The big sis Ki was right on top of the pout face and helped K find his Easter basket so in no time, around 6am the kids were checking out their baskets.

The kids had a bunch of candy but also some coloring books, a Friendship book for Ki and puzzles just to shout out a few items.

The kids had a blast going through their baskets but it didn’t take long before most of the candy was gone and the kids were bored. So we all settled down to get dressed and ready for the day. One of our other family traditions here is to do an Easter egg hunt, so the kids got ready while I got the plastic eggs prepared and J hid them all over the yard.

The kids had so much fun running around finding all of the eggs packed full of more candy, because that’s just what these kids needed on Easter … more candy.

Baby K was the king at the egg hunt, then Ki then Aj, but they all had a wonderful time and it’s a tradition that we will continue even into their teen years that we hope they will continue to enjoy forever!

What did you do on Easter? What type of traditions does your family have?

Started Our Easter Weekend with Town Egg Hunt

Every year our local recreation department puts on an Easter egg hunt for preschool age children. I have to admit I haven’t gone every single year but when I remember to go, I do. This year I remembered only because I am on their email list so an email came through informing me that the egg hunt was going to be more of a drop & hunt this year. The recreation department teamed up with our small airport and planes would be zooming over dropping eggs.

Baby K and I got ready with basket in hand to head down to the field for the Easter egg hunt/drop with my sister, her boyfriend and my father. Grampa came with his camera, thankfully, so I was able to get some memories that day with the pics he took. First, the music was playing and Easter bunny there for pictures, next the planes zoomed over. Last, but not least, the countdown from 10 to 0 was started and then … we were off…

Image Taken by Brandy's Dad

It was a grand time for sure and a great way to start off our Easter weekend. K ended up with quite a bit of eggs and afterwards some candy. The funny thing was, all of the eggs the kids collected did not have candy in them and let me tell you what, K was not impressed about no candy inside of eggs. The trinkets were cool & he liked them but candy is what he thought would have been in the eggs.

Thankfully the recreation department employees were handing out bags of candy and K was able to get a bag of candy, which he ate all of, within an hour.

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