Valentine’s Day Celebrated with Peeps

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Our family is split about the enjoyment of Peeps, you know those marshmallow sweetness that most see on Easter time? Growing up we only saw Peeps around on Easter time but these days Peeps are coming out with a wide range of holiday treats for the whole family to love. Take for instance their Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Creme Flavored Chicks.

candy cane dipped peeps

Whatever the season, you will find a Peeps that you can enjoy. My daughter, middle child and fiance are all fans of Peeps at some level. While my fiance prefers the individually wrapped Peeps Chocolate Covered Raspberry Flavored Hearts, my middle child enjoyed the Peeps Strawberry Creme Flavored Marshmallow Hearts.

covered heart

The next holiday coming up is St Patty’s day and then Easter, I cannot wait to see what Peeps will come up with next. Learn more about Peeps and their current holiday offerings by visiting The average price for each Peep variety ranges from $.79 up to $2.29, depending upon which package you purchase. Be sure to check out Peeps sugar free options as well!


Spiffing Up Your Car for the Holidays

While some people like to spread holiday cheer by hanging lights and decorations at home and others head out in costume to celebrate, some car loving revelers show holiday spirit by dressing up their rides! From making your car part of an Easter egg hunt to donning lucky clovers, our do it yourself, car decorating tips will surely get you noticed for the holidays.

Fun Holidays to Make Your Car Festive

1. Valentine’s Day. Dress up your car with love and head to the streets to deliver Cupid’s messages.

What you’ll need:

  • Red heart and Cupid vinyl vehicle decals
  • Fluffy angel wings
  • An arrow and red glitter
  • Boxes of candy hearts

Tie your fluffy angel wings, glue on a red glittery arrow and voila- cupid’s signature. Have fun decorating the car with heart and cupid decals. Now, get ready to drive around town to spread the message of love.

2. Saint Patrick’s Day. Nothing says “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day” better than a leprechaun riding shotgun. Make it fun by attaching your leprechaun to the face of the car (just be sure your view is completely unobstructed) Everybody is looking for treasure at the end of the rainbow on this lucky day – get ready to greet friends around town with fun gifts from your pot of gold!

What you’ll need:

  • Fill a pot with goodies to hand out while driving around town or through a parade.
    • Novelty jewelry with shamrocks like necklaces, rings and silicone bracelets.
    • Shiny green shamrock and “gold coin” candies
    • Shamrock magnets
  • For your car
    • shamrock garland
    • green glitter leprechaun hat
    • Irish flags
    • car safe tape (check with your vehicle manufacturer)

Pick a prominent, yet visible spot, perhaps even the roof of the car to feature the leprechaun hat. People will see you coming for a mile if you display your Irish flags and shamrock garland along the front grill.

3. Easter. Ready for an adventure? How about an Easter egg hunt theme right on your car!

What you’ll need:

  • Big fluffy bunny ears
  • plastic spring flowers
  • plastic Easter eggs that open
  • goodies to fill Easter eggs such as chocolate bunnies and duckies, jelly beans, marshmallow chicks and bunnies
  • Clear fishing line

Affix bunny ears to either side of your front windows and you’ll be hopping around town in no time! After you’ve filled your eggs with treats, tie eggs to fishing line and tie on door handles, mirrors and from the windows. Let friends “hunt” for eggs when you pass through town.

Remember, go crazy when decorating your car, but be sure to stay safe.

  • Keep windows clear and free from stickers
  • Be sure all mirrors are adjusted to account for any decorations that could change your view.
  • Avoid placing anything too high to the front or back end of your car so that you always maintain visibility around other drivers and pedestrians.

Have a holiday car decorating story or tip of your own? Share with others here!


Guest post by Improv Traffic School

A Wonderful Easter Sunday

Baby Niece

Olivia with her Daddy

Easter Sunday is normally  just another day for me, if the kids are here they wake up and find their Easter baskets that the Easter Bunny hid all over the house for them. When the kids are gone, like this past Easter, then it’s simply just another day. The Easter Bunny visits and hides the baskets but the kids do not get to find them until they return home on Monday. As most of you know that talk to me often or read my blog, I became an aunt for the first time in January and so this year a new tradition was born. Whether this is done yearly or not, I don’t know, all I do know is this – Easter Sunday this year was spent at my sisters and her husbands apartment. Sister cooked a nice ham meal for us to gobble up and I got to spend quality time with my niece and sister.

Brandy Holding Baby olivia

Me Getting Olivia Love

What a fun day it was to see my niece for the first time in forever, you see between the virus that was in my home and took a month to get over and now my sister and her family being sick with the virus, it just wasn’t smart to have all of us around each other. Since my baby niece is still sick as well as my sister and her husband I wasn’t quite sure about heading over at all anytime soon but the temptation of great company combined with great food was simply irresistible. And so I went over to the sisters house and enjoyed ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing and deviled eggs. Then for dessert we had strawberry shortcake, it was super yummy and I left super full.

I was so happy to see my sister and to get my baby fix, my youngest is four so any chance to snuggle and cuddle with a baby I am going to go for. Olivia is getting so big and she is smiling a lot now. I loved watching her lay on her back on the floor while I leaned over her talking to her and she smiled then turned her head as if she was playing shy not wanting me to see her smile. I had a lovely Easter Sunday and I hope all of you did too. Now it’s time to return back to regular work week schedule and children duty.

Throwing a Fun and Creative Easter Egg Hunt with @GradSave

Do you have an Easter Egg hunt each year for the family? We do. While I won’t have my children this weekend, they will have some form of an Easter Egg hunt with their Dad’s, I am sure. It’s a tradition for us.  There many ways one can throw an Easter Egg hunt, but here is how we throw an Easter Egg hunt ;

Colored Easter Eggs

First, the kids are not allowed outside because the best way to throw an Easter Egg hunt is to get outdoors, especially if the weather allows. The eggs need to be hidden before those sneaky kids are peeking for where we are hiding the eggs. Easter is probably the first holiday that allows for the children to get outdoors and enjoy some of that fresh air. For the little ones, try to hide eggs in obvious/easy to see places but let the older kids know not to touch those ones. We have hidden Easter Eggs under picnic table joints, behind trees, up in trees, around the railings of the two decks on the house and over the hills in the field. Simply tell the kids where you have outlined for a hunting ground and let them run. Having a basket or plastic bag to use for collection of their found eggs is best.

What should you put inside of the Easter Eggs for the Easter Egg hunt? Well that is a great question!

zoo animal eggs easter egg huntUnless you use the hard boiled eggs for the hunt, you can place items inside of the plastic Easter Eggs, they are plastic eggs that open up for a filler to be placed inside and are super affordable at your local retailer. Placing candy filler inside of the plastic eggs is something we have done here, but also money and other random treasures for the children to enjoy opening up to find.

This year GradSave is on board to help you share more with your children during the Easter Egg Hunt. You can go to the Easter Promotion page on GradSave and insert your information. New GradSave members will be able to print off up to 20 $10 coupons to place inside of the eggs for the Easter Egg hunt this weekend. These coupons are only redeemable for NEW GradSave customers only and 1 per household. This is a great thing for Teachers, Parents and anyone who is attending an Easter Egg hunt this holiday time.

I have discussed GradSave in the past, so if you wish to learn more about GradSave please visit my previous post or click on over to GradSave’s Easter Promotion Page to learn more.

Eco-Friendly Live Clean Baby Launches at Walgreens

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Live Clean Baby is an eco-friendly baby care product line that has arrived in the USA exclusively at Walgreens from the Canadian Brand Live Clean who offers eco-friendly personal care products.

Live Clean Baby

Easter is coming, right? So why not put in your order to have the Easter Bunny drop off some Live Clean Baby bath products for that newborn baby in your life. Right now, that baby is my niece and she is going to enjoy her baths with Tearless Shampoo and wash, Moisturizing Baby Bath, Moisturizing Baby Lotion, Non-Petroleum Jelly and Diaper ointment from the Live Clean Baby line.

Live Clean Baby is vegan with no animal ingredients used in their formula. These products are cruelty free, meaning none of the ingredients have been tested on animals either. Live Clean Baby is also free of phosphates. Packaging for each product is carefully created to be as earth-friendly as possible.

Soft, Natural, Perfect for my Niece

These Live Clean Baby products are perfect for my sweet newborn niece who I just found out has hit about 11lbs on her 2 month check up, crazy how fast she is growing. Live Clean Baby products are perfect for my sister to take care of her first born child without fear of putting too many chemicals on her gentle baby skin. I am happy that I was able to supply my sister with a gift package of Live Clean Baby Products and hope that my niece enjoys being pampered in her bath.

This product is exclusively available at

Check out Live Clean Baby for that little one in your life today by visiting  Like Live Clean on Facebook to keep up to date with their latest happenings as well as to engage in conversations.

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