Wordless Wednesday Nov 21: My Weekend in Pictures

Friday Field trip …

¬†Friday Night .. kids made up a play on their own…

Saturday morning King Sized Pancake breakfast…

Saturday morning, ice smashing outside…

Sunday work out on EA Sports Active…

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Working on Weight Loss without Dieting

Whenever I start to lose weight and share the details with the world wide web, or Facebook, because you know Facebook is pretty much the Internet these days, everyone will ask if I am dieting or what diet I am using. I do not diet. Ever. Period. Point Blank. I refuse to give up pizza and coffee. I refuse to restrict what I “can” eat and “cannot” eat, I know I would fail at such an attempt.

Pictured above is my not so proud stomach, three kids later and covered in stretch marks but oh well, it is who I am. I am pictured in June weighing about 214lbs, now I am down to 208lbs and it has stayed at 208lbs for a week. Hoping that I can get that scale to tip below 200lbs soon because I have not been below 200lbs in two years. I know I can do it.

Pictured above after a nice hot EA Sports Active workout, which I haven’t been doing lately. I completed 20 workouts and just sort of stopped because I have a ton going on and have been walking a crazy amount anyways. I am constantly on the go but I do eat and I do walk more than drive. I can thank my busy kids for losing weight in all honesty and the Weight Loss Guru Program.

Currently I am doing a test drive of Weight Loss Guru and it’s really helping my brain to be on track with my fitness goals. Prior to taking part in Weight Loss Guru my brain would have all of these dang craving for fattening foods. I could seriously eat two cheeseburgers and a medium fry without blinking. That is insane, but my brain always went along with my belly saying “feed me fat now”.

Now that I have been keeping up with the videos that Pete Cohen shares on Weight Loss Guru to train your brain and motivate you, I am happy to say I am staying at 208lbs for the moment and lost that from starting at 222lbs. I was going up and down in weight for a long time, even since June and to see that my weight is staying at 208lbs for now is a huge accomplishment. I am truly fighting the cravings and eating smarter.

Holding Myself Accountable with Daily Vlogs About Workout

I am doing the 30 day challenge on EA Sports Active on my Wii yet again. I have never truly finished this challenge, I don’t believe, which is why I will be recording daily vlogs on my YouTube Chanel to keep everyone updated and to make sure I hold myself accountable to continue on in this challenge.

Not only am I updating here and on YouTube but my full inches lost, weight lost, etc can be found on Moms Vacation Land so be sure to subscribe to the various areas to get your updates, you can click Subscribe on YouTube, you can  click here to subscribe to HB and click here to subscribe to MVL, the choices are email or RSS. These subscriptions only come once a day if you subscribe via email!

Working Out Starts Yet Again … EA Sports Active on Wii

I swear I can never keep up with a regular work out routine for long. In the past I watched as inches and pounds dropped while muscle tone was built up using EA Sports Active on the Wii and each time I felt even more positive and happier than before, if that’s even possible.

So once again I hopped on the bandwagon of working out daily for the scale was tipping forward and I was all set on letting my stress get the best of me, no more tummy gain because of the amount of responsibilities I have on my shoulders. Granted I take stress very well and tend to be happily ADD-ish about it (no I am not diagnosed ADD or ADHD, it’s just how I joke about the ability of my brain to work so fast), however, my body doesn’t seem to handle it very well.

Not only is the work out great for me, it’s showing my kids that having a daily exercise routine as part of your life is a good thing to do. I am looking forward to being able to eat whatever I want and not have added weight while I watch myself get back down to 180lbs or lower, like I was a couple Summers ago when I was working out on a regular basis.

My daughter set up her own profile on EA Sports Active and decided against the 30 day challenge I am doing, rather she set up her own custom workout routine that works best for her age, height and weight!

If you really want to keep up with my journey in weight loss, check out my Pinterest Weight Loss Board where other bloggers will update their journey with me or my other blog Moms Vacation Land (start of my journey pics included).

What do you Mean I lost 4lbs???

A year ago I was down to 180 lbs, now let me tell you all; during every single one of my pregnancies I was over 200lbs, so I was happy at 180lbs but working to get to 140 or 130lbs, or be in a size 12/13 maybe would suffice. At 180lbs I was comfortably wearing a woman size 14 and honestly I felt good.

When I was down to 180lbs I was doing EA Sports Active daily, only taking one break one day a week. I could eat whatever I wanted to, I could drink whatever I wanted to and as long as I did my daily workout on the Wii I was fine. The weight started coming off, but then my Wii remotes stopped working as good, my life got hectic and the demands of my life made me quit the EA Sports Active workout.

I put on some weight, and quite a bit. When I traveled to Type-A Parent Conference last June I was around 217lbs, at some point between then and a couple of months ago I hit 224lbs. Although a number on a scale doesn’t depress me, it just gives me a bit of a reality check. You see, I have external blood clots in my left leg, I have a belly that fills out with any added stress which means not working out, shouldn’t even be an option in my world, but I am human and crap happens.

The other day I felt I had put on some major weight, for I do hibernate in the Winter time, not being as active as I am in the warmer NH months, but when I stepped on the scale while on the phone with my sister, convinced I was back up to 224lbs or higher, the scale read 213lbs. The last time I weighed myself was a couple of weeks ago and the scale said 217lbs, so somewhere in the past two weeks I have lost 4lbs!

This was exciting but leaves me wondering, how am I losing 4lbs in two weeks when I am doing nothing more than being outside more? I don’t take daily walks, I don’t have an exercise routine, I simply am being mom of two active boys and one semi-active girl. Whatever the reason is, all I can say is I am happy that I am watching the number on that scale go lower and it’s encouraging me to keep being active, even when I feel sluggish.

What keeps you moving forward to your weight goals?


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