Have you Gone Digital?

These days it seems everything has gone digital, can you imagine what the world will be like when my children are grown? I am slightly worried that even coloring books will have gone completely digital, no more sitting around to color with crayons in hand working those fine motor skills and enjoying family down time. Nope. All digital, I swear.

Coloring Books Go Digital?

With the ease of access to use digital publishing software and the many companies out there for you to utilize, becoming a digital publisher is rather easy so to speak. Just think about the book my daughter and I wrote, Positive Girl – The Power of your Thoughts. We were able to not only publish this on paperback but have it available for the Kindle Tablet without an issue. Quick and easy for the most part.

I can not say that getting a paperback style book format into the digital format is always an easy process. For example, you must ensure the page is setup for proper viewing on a tablet. Much like that of a blog being read online or on a tablet, some websites and blogs look better than others in digital format because the website owner has taken the time to work with digital publishing options to ensure their sites and information being put out there is easily accessible by all forms their readers may use to view the site.

Getting your information out there in a digital format is obviously the first step, next you want to ensure that your site and/or magazine or book is listed on a virtual newsstand to ensure that people are being shown your digital version. With a paper back option, there are real newsstands all over the world but with the digital world you must realize it’s the same concept you just cannot touch nor feel that newsstand.  Leaping into the digital world is a great idea to further your business, information you have to share and to just be up with the current times.

Do you use digital publishing for your business, book, magazine or blog?

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FREE EBOOK DOWNLOAD TODAY ONLY Adventures at Walnut Grove: A lesson About Teasing

Today the author of Adventures at Walnut Grove: A lesson About Teasing and other loved books here at my house, is offering everyone a free ebook download of this fantastic book.

Pictured above is another one of Dana Lehman’s book that my daughter has signed in her bedroom.  Today the free ebook download is fro Adventures at Walnut Grove: A lesson About Teasing. So head on over to Amazon.com to download your free copy of this book in ebook format today (December 1, 2012)

Leave a comment below telling me if you downloaded this, I want to know! (no I am not being compensated to share this with y’all, I am simply sharing as a supporter of Dana’s books)

My Son Has His First Library Card

The day has arrived, Mister Aj knows how to write his name and this means he is old enough to get a town library card. To receive a town library card is really exciting for my five year old son, because he has watched as his sister has used hers through out the years. You see, Miss Ki has had her library card since age five and she’s now nine years old. Due to parking restrictions at the school, meaning parking spots completely full, I had to park at the town library one day then walk up to pick the kids up from school. I realized two things this particular day 1) I miss walking to get the kids from school and 2) I could use getting a library card as a reason for a fun walk {Aj hates walking}.

After walking to the school and getting Mister Aj we walked back to the town library where we dropped off his school backpack and headed into the library to say hello to the children’s librarian {our long time friend & my old babysitter from when I was a kid} and then proceeded to find out if Aj could indeed get his town library card finally. The person at the desk stated Aj needs to write his first and last name, I was bummed. I knew Aj was aware of letters but never has he written his last name down, so I took a piece of scrap paper and had Aj write his first name, then I proceeded to tell him the letters of his last name; then it happened – my son wrote his first and last name for the first time together perfectly!

Aj was soooo excited and proud of himself, we did the paperwork and he received his official town library card. By this time my three year old was done and so ready to go home but you can’t get your first library card and not check out a book or two. The boys and I headed over the children’s library area and I let Aj search for the perfect book and he picked two; one from a local writer in town and another called I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato. More to come about that tomato book soon.

This was a proud moment but yet another moment that reminds me my children are growing up way too fast.

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My Poem Compliation

Are you ready to get inside of the mind of a younger, lost, not so positive Brandy? Well I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the poems I wrote as a young child, so I have my e-book ready and I would love you to check it out.

Simply visit My Ebooks page and click on A Young Girl’s Mixed Up Mind of Poetry to learn more about my compilation of poems written only by me.

Make it a Happy Day!

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Thank You To Linda and Dana

My daughter was lucky to receive not one but two books from two authors who have fantastic writing skills!

  1. Ki was able to open a book she received in the mail just in time for her Thursday birthday and I allowed her to open the mail. You would imagine her surprise when she opened a signed copy of I DOUBLE Dare You! (Mom’s Choice Awards Recipient), that even had her birthday date and Happy Birthday wishes inside the front cover.
  2. Ki was able to open a book earlier today at her birthday party from Linda who writes Katie & Kimble books who also signed her book cover as well. Ki read Linda’s first story and since she loved it so much Linda took the time to actually send her second book for Ki to review again.

This post was written specifically as a public thank you and was not required. Both Linda and Dana wanted to send my daughter these as a gift because we have developed a friendship with them that goes beyond blogger/business relations and they truly enjoy hearing Ki’s feedback on the books. If you haven’t had a chance to meet Dana or Linda online you really should visit their websites and get to know them.

Thank you again to Linda and Dana as you both truly know what it means to keep children reading and happy! I am sure Ki will let you know how she feels about these two books either by writing something up or video review just because I can’t get keep that girl away from my Flip nor my blog!

Make it a Happy Day!

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