Let’s Give this Dress Idea a Try

I happened upon a rack at Ocean State Job Lot that held a bunch of cute dresses. Usually, as a woman with wide hips, it’s difficult for me to find a dress that suits my body type.

Trying to Dress Up

I picked out two dresses, each I felt may end up looking odd on a girl with curves, but I actually adore this first dress I wore. Never mind my double chin, most of us who have given birth or not end up with one as we get older. I have learned to embrace this double chin even if I do hope it goes away as I work to lose my Winter weight.

photo 2(2)

This is the pattern of the dress, one day I will have a full length mirror that allows me to take a full body picture, but for now, you get the idea. I am excited to start challenging myself with new colors and wearing dresses more.

Related Funny Story: My youngest child had never seen me in a dress before, this was a couple of years back, and we were at a local store purchasing some snack items when he lifted up my dress as a means to find my pockets. I was so embarrassed. I handled it well though, with five shades of red upon my cheeks, I explained that Mommy was wearing a dress and this dress does not have pockets, if you lift my dress, you will be giving the store a show that Mommy doesn’t want to experience.

The Homecoming Dance Decision and a Dress?

When I was in high school I had to make that decision to either go to the homecoming dance or not, well it was a no brainer for someone like me who had mostly older friends outside of high school, I chose not to go to the homecoming dance. Even though I am perfectly fine with the decision to have not gone to homecoming, I shall only hope that my three kids will eventually go and not that far out, my second children {the boyfriend’s kiddos} may be entering into the year of homecoming years. I know with the girls it’s all about finding that perfect homecoming dress and with the parents it’s usually, at least will be for me, finding that selection of cheap homecoming dresses to ensure we don’t go broke on a one time wear dress.

A LinePrincess Square Neckline >

I honestly love looking at all of the homecoming dresses that are available, it will be fun to find out what my daughter’s style will be once she nears that age of homecoming years. I personally would have preferred a simple, yet cute homecoming dress such as one like the A-line Square Neckline Princess dress When choosing a dress for homecoming I firmly believe that you need to encourage your daughter to pick a dress that accents her amazing figure and parts of her body that rock.

Let’s say your daughter ends up with wide hips, such as the lovely wide hips that run in my family, then you want to ensure that her homecoming dress really helps make those hips flow nicely and do not like all awkward in the homecoming dress. Usually having a sales person who has been trained in such areas will really allow you to ensure your daughter ends up with a picture perfect, affordable homecoming dress.

When I am an Adult, In a Couple Days

I call the youngest of the family “Baby K”, why? Well because no matter how much he argues with me, he is the baby of the family and will forever be. At least I don’t plan on having any more munchkins running around, although I am capable of giving birth again it’s not really something that interests me at all.

The Baby K insists that he will be an adult in a couple of days, this is something he says on a daily basis which means I can honestly say the three year old boy has not grasp the concept of time but he’s working on it.  When my Baby K is an adult he is going to be buy me a cool car and himself a fire truck.  With the fire truck he will purchase, in a couple of days, when he is an adult he will run over his brother’s race car and anyone or anything else that gets in his way.

When Baby K is an adult, in a couple of days he will buy a boat that can seat all of us comfortably and as cool as that sounded to me, he really only wishes to drive it on the pond we have in the yard, not the ocean or lake.

When Baby K is an adult he will buy all of the food he wants and all of the food he wants, this translates to pizza. The kid only likes pizza, sometimes hotdogs oh and if he could he would live on ketchup as a vegetable addition to any meal.

When Baby K is an adult, I just hope that he knows I will not allow him to take care of me. I would much rather have my oldest, and only daughter, take care of me for I fear he would have me wrapped up in duct tape because after all duct tape fixes everything, sickness, broken bones, etc etc. So when this child is an adult the world should watch out for I know what he’s capable of at age three and God only knows what more creative ideas he will have when he’s grown up … in a couple of days!

I Rocked This Fresh Produce Dress at Sisters Wedding @freshproducenow

My sister was married on June 2nd and it was a rainy day so I showed up at my sisters wedding with this beautiful pink dress from Fresh Produce but had to wear a sweater over it most of the wedding due to the rainy, cold day. This was the perfect option of their casual outfits for my sisters casual wedding.

This is one of the pictures taken a couple of days after the wedding to share what the dress looked like as a whole. As you can see in the below picture, I had a black and white sweater over it due to the rainy cold day on June 2nd, but since then have worn this dress a few times casually for every day wear!

Now that the wedding event is over and I have a casual dress to wear every day when the Summer weather is slightly cool, I am on the lookout for beach dresses so that when we venture out to York Beach, ME for our traditional visit to the Atlantic Ocean with the kids I have a cute dress to wear when walking along the sands on the beach.

Another great clothing line that is perfect this Summer for someone like me who lives in a bathing suit almost daily with the kids is the beach cover-ups! My favorite pick is the Platinum Flip Flops Pockets O’Plenty Tank Dress that would work well right over my bathing suit this year! Love the idea of a dress having inset pockets, I usually have to find a place to hide my keys so I have two hands free to hold my two son’s hands while walking along the beach!

Fresh Produce is a company I had worked with previously on some Spring clothing lines and since then I have learned that they ship to 200 countries so that many places can take advantage of the comfortable and stylish selections offered at Fresh Produce!

Don’t forget to check out Fresh Produce Blog, their Twitter and Facebook streams as well to keep up to date with their latest news!

I received the dress pictured on me above for free. All opinions are based on my own personal style selections and that of my own 100%!

Getting Summer Clothing Style Ideas from Spiegel

Have you ever shopped at Spiegel.com before? I have not as of yet but as Summer approaches I have seen that my wardrobe has not been kept up to par with the person I am today. I would love to get some clothing for Summer that is more “me”. Right now my Summer clothes consist of one pair of jean shorts that are of decent length and two pairs of knee length shorts. I have plenty of t-shirts and few tank tops but none of them really shout ME.

One thing I have noticed about myself through out this past year is the fact that I am starting to really enjoy wearing dresses. I honestly have not been into wearing dresses since my high school years when I worked as a bank teller. For some reason I am in love with putting dresses on and just love new colors. Blues, pinks and purples are some of my favorites which shout out more of a Summer tone than the black and natural colors I normally go for.

This Summer I would love to get some of the Summer dresses that Spiegel offers because they have the perfect bright colors I am looking for with a selection that makes my mind think of warm days on the beach!

Walking along the ocean in York Beach, ME with a pretty blue dress while my kids are running ahead of me chasing the waves and collecting seashells is such a lovely image stuck inside of my head. I love feeling free and comfortable, Spiegel dresses seem to really appeal to my sense of mom fashion! With Spiegel I will be able to try out new styles that I feel are more me and not spend a fortune, you see the dress I love the most is the Long Asymmetrical Dress and it is only $39 right now!

So happy that I have been able to find out that Spiegel offers a wide variety for my Summer clothing wardrobe while keeping prices at a lower than expected rate!

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