Women Are Frequently Misdiagnosed When It Comes To Sleep Apnea

It is generally accepted men often suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Why doesn’t the public hear more about women who are afflicted with this same medical condition? The fact is women aren’t as apt to be diagnosed with this condition.

In past sleep studies, the ratio of male versus female patients was definitely unbalanced toward men; however, other studies reveal the true ratio is close to two to three males suffering from OSA for every one female with this condition. This is obviously a medical condition both genders endure.

When first diagnosed this circumstance was described as one plaguing overweight or obese men who were middle-aged. As a consequence, females complaining of problems were not diagnosed with OSA because it didn’t occur to the physician it was the root of the woman’s complaints. Thankfully, that perception is changing although physicians still don’t have as high of an indicator of suspicion for sleep apnea in females.


Women do not exhibit identical symptoms as men when suffering from certain medical conditions, including a heart attack and OSA. Males with OSA are often witnessed by their bed partner snoring, which wakes up the other person, as well as experiencing pauses in their breathing. Women are considered “vigilant” snoozers and are more likely to be alarmed by their bedmate’s sleep patterns whereas men sleep sounder and aren’t as apt to observe sleep abnormalities in their female partner.

Women suffering from OSA may complain of mood instability, sleeplessness, weariness and headaches in the morning pointing to other medical conditions, leading to an inadvertent misdiagnosis. Sometimes the complaints from females are vague and include restless leg syndrome and depression, which are not exclusive to OSA.

Women may report awakening during the night and feeling as if they are choking or gasping for air. Experiencing a dry mouth in the morning as well as a sense of being besieged are indicators a woman is suffering from OSA.

When OSA isn’t suspected the female patient is not sent to a sleep clinic for auxiliary assessment. Additionally, even if it is suspected women are not as likely to agree to take part in a sleep study because they are frequently the caretakers of children and cannot afford to spend the night away from home. They would prefer being armed with a prescription, hoping it will cure their ills.


A sleep study is undergone to determine whether the patient is suffering from central sleep apnea, obstructive sleep apnea or complex sleep apnea, the latter a combination of both types of apnea. The most atypical kind of apnea is central sleep apnea, which is the result of the brain’s failure to send the correct signals to the breathing muscles. This leads to pauses in breathing and is often the result of other medical conditions or certain medications that are taken. The person with central sleep apnea doesn’t necessarily sore.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is diagnosed more frequently. This condition is the result of full or limited obstruction in an individual’s upper airway that occurs during sleep. When a blockage is present the chest and diaphragm muscles must put forth more effort into opening the stymied airway and this causes snoring and snorts. When there is an obstruction this limits the amount of oxygen getting to organs and leads to an irregular heart cadence.


If you are experiencing symptoms such as weariness, depression, restless leg syndrome and are aware you are awakening during the night and gasping for air, address this with your physician. It may be you are suffering from OSA.

Alterations in lifestyle may help, including losing weight, not smoking and reducing alcohol consumption. Some victims of OSA wear a CRAP or continuous positive airway pressure mask during the night, which amps up the air pressure in the individual’s throat so it does not cave in when the person breathes in.

Another option is an oral appliance worn in the mouth which prevents the crumpling of the soft tissues in the back of the throat and tongue, keeping the airway open. There are surgical options available as well.

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New Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe

As a parent, you never stop worrying about your child’s health and well being. Fortunately, there are new medical advancements being made every day that are improving the outlook for children living with chronic medical conditions and decreasing the risk that others will fall victim. Unfortunately, children are not immune to life’s illnesses and are often more at risk because of their underdeveloped immune systems.

Here are three medical advances that have been made in recent years to protect the health of children:

Cord Blood Banking

Until the 1970s, the placenta and umbilical cord were discarded after the birth of a baby. Today, parents can opt to collect and store the blood from the umbilical cord. It can be used as effective treatment options for childhood cancer, blood disease and immune disorders because of the unique nature of the blood.

Umbilical cord blood is rich in blood-forming stem cells that are found in bone marrow. It may also have the potential to raise other cells in the body and is capable of developing all three types of mature blood cells, including red cells, white cells and platelets. While a beneficial treatment option, you must make the decision to bank your child’s blood before he or she is born.


Vaccinations may not be new, but the research surrounding them is. There has been a heightened sense of awareness – and fear – when it comes to having children vaccinated because of the supposed link between immunizations and autism. However, these studies have been discredited, and some were even found to be fraudulent.

Not only should parents follow the standard immunization schedule, but also they should take advantage of newer immunizations such as Gardasil, a vaccine for preventing the HPV virus in both boys and girls. The side effects for immunizations, most of which are rare, are far less severe than the suffering and pain children will go through if affected with a childhood disease.

BPA-Free Products

In 2011, Bisphenol-A or BPA was removed from baby bottles and many baby products. Studies show that this chemical agent may cause harm to the reproductive and nervous systems, especially in young children since they are underdeveloped. Some scientists fear that long-term exposure to BPA can cause cancer and other diseases.

Fortunately, we made headway by having BPA removed from baby bottles, but it’s still being used in other products. It’s important to evaluate the products that your children are using, including canned foods and water bottles, and opt for products that say BPA-free on their packaging.

When it comes to keeping our kids safe, you can never use too much precaution. Our jobs as parents is to keep them safe, and if that means taking the extra time to choose the right products or consider further medical options, then so be it.

What Is Lymphedema

Today I get talk a bit about lymphedema which is is a blockage of the lymph nodes — vessels that drain fluid from tissues throughout the body and allow immune cells to travel where they are needed.  I guess it appears that your lymph nodes have been expanded and it sounds like a really uncomfortable medical condition that is also known to have symptoms of chronic swelling of an arm or a leg usually.

Someone who suffers from lymphedema must have a hard time finding clothing to wear and so there is actually special lymphedema garments that are created with people suffering from this medial condition in mind. I can’t imagine anyone having this, nor do I know of anyone that I am close to having this condition.

I was curious when I first heard about lymphedema what could cause someone to be diagnosed with it.  I found out there are many causes but some include being infected with a parasite, an injury such as a traumatic injury, or a skin infection such as cellulitis. Do you know anyone infected by this medical condition? Is it something that could be genetic, sounds like probably not.

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Day 6: A Matter of Thinking

Now that my head was clear I was able to have a free mind and train my brain to take information into it and spit it out as positive or proactive thoughts/actions. For example if I were to receive a disconnect notice for a very important bill I would not sit here in tears wondering how the heck I was going to pay for it, I would actually sit here and focus on ways I could come up with the money, payment plan options the company offers, etc etc! My brain no longer allows stressful or what seem to be impossible situations seem like there’s no way out. I can honestly tell you that I do fear at times, it’s natural to get a negative response at first, the key is simply to train your mind to a point that that first instinct to fear or think negative is quickly turned around to a solution or a positive thought.

Brain Power Is All you Need

Brain Power Is All you Need

If you think about it, your thoughts can affect everything in your life from relationships to friendships to the work place. When a person starts thinking that their life sucks or that they are depressed, then they will start to feel that way.  Oh believe me, this sounds silly even to some of my family, all except my father who firmly believes your thoughts have powers. It’s all about training your mind to take over your body. If one is sick yet happy in life or in love do you notice how much longer they live? A person who has the ability to focus on what it is that’s important to them, what it is that matters may out live any disease a normally pessimistic person would wilt away from or get more sick from. It’s true, really, I am not just rambling!

It’s funny growing up I always always picked on by females, granted I was a very beautiful little girl and so my family always just said they were jealous. Now as a grown adult I can barely make any female friends and I don’t think that I am this drop dead gorgeous woman but I do feel I am beautiful both inside and out. I am beautiful because I think I am beautiful and those who pick on me are only unhappy with themselves therefore must lash out onto others. I used to feel awful when females glared at me or called me names or didn’t want to hang out with me. Due to me allowing myself to feel self pity I started to get depressed, drank alocohol at a young age, started hanging with the wrong crowds and eventually all of that stopped at age 18 when I got my underage DWI {blowing a BAC level of .05}.


My First Born

As I grew and became a mother for the first time I think that is truly when I realized that my mind process had to be changed. I had to start thinking positive for my daughter, because what if she goes through the same crap I did in school? What if she is the beautiful girl in school that all the girls envy? If she is all of those things, then I knew I wanted to be sure my mind set was that of a positive, outgoing, social person that is confident and knows I am loved and I am awesome no matter what anyone else thinks or says.

I can tell you that although my daughter has problems here and there I am amazed to see her little self think of a positive stemming from any struggle she has as a young girl. I am seeing that my new mind set, changed only about 8 years ago, has truly affect my child in a positive way. Can you imagine how your life and your children’s lives would change if you were to start training your mind to focus on the positive and become more proactive when thinking about a challenge you face? Oh the possibilities are endless and it’s all a matter of thinking!

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Keep Loved Ones Safe

Are your parents or grandparents getting older? Maybe you have a younger loved one who has a medical condition and you worry about their safety? If you answered yes, have you thought about Medical Alert before?I am sure you have seen those commercials about this product, it’s a sure way to keep your loved ones safe but still allow them the independence they want and need.

I don’t have parents that are ready for this type of product, but I know my great grandparents are getting up there and I have a grandfather who is out and about on the farm a lot who maybe could use some sort of Medical Alert device to help him should something happen while he is out in the farm yard alone. I don’t know, maybe he isn’t alone in the farm field, as my Dad and uncle are usually around somewhere.

I was surprised to read that Medical Alert actually signals an alert when you fall, which appears to be the only product that automatically does that. Just think if you have a grandparent or parent who is out doing hard work all the time but may slip up maybe they should have this type of device to signal for help. I know one of my family members who isn’t old by my definition had fallen a while back, actually I think one of her sheep rammed her and she was all bruised up. To think if she had the Medical Alert product on hand, she could have pushed a button and received help immediately rather than having to deal with the situation alone.

No matter the age, I think any person living alone should have some sort of Medical Alert device to protect them in case of an emergency. When I was a single mom and lived alone I wanted some emergency device because I was often found falling down stairs, so Medical Alert would have been a great product in case of a slip or fall when the only person around is a baby or toddler that has no clue how to call emergency services.

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