Pets of any Breed will Benefit from FlexPet for Their Joint Solutions

Pet owners who are seeing their animals lose interest in playing, having a hard time getting started in the morning or feeling uncomfortable when you try to pet them, may have an animal that is suffering from pet arthritis. Animals lose their desire
to exercise when they have join pain and end up becoming overweight and even obese.


FlexPet has a special compound known as CM8 that is an all-natural formula to help pets with joint pain. Any breed of dog, cat or other animals can benefit from taking FlexPet on a daily routine. The CM8 complex will nourish the cartilage, lubricate the joints with vital fluids and support the joints to give the animal better mobility. CM8 is only found in FlexPet and is clinically proven to help your pet with all kinds of joint disorders.

People who are giving their pets over the counter aspirin are only dampening the pain and not treating the animal’s arthritis. Steroid medications can also cause ulcers, vomiting, kidney and liver problems and excessive urination in animals. People are educating themselves as to how FlexPet can help with dog joint solution, mobility and increase the energy in their pets. FlexPet with CM8 is an all-natural supplement that will give your pet special herbs and nutrients to the tissues, bones and joints. The chewable treats have a good taste and have no side effects to the pet. The supplements will strengthen your animals bone system, boost the immune system, and remove toxins from your animals. Your pet will become more active and be able to maintain a balanced weight with the right minerals, amino acids vitamins and other nutrients for strong muscles and bones found in FlexPet.

The chewable joint health tablets have no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and are completely safe for all kinds of breeds. There are no artificial flavors, colors or harmful chemicals. The tables come in a 60 count and can be found here for more information and ordering. The major ingredient, (CM8) or Cetyl Myristoleate reduces inflammation in the entire body and helps to lubricate the muscles and joints in the animal. Dogs and cats love the chewable tablets, which makes it easy to give to the animal.

The 60 tablets will last a month or longer, depending on the size of your animal. It is recommended that the animals be given the tablets as treats for at least two months. You should see great improvement in your animal’s morning movements becoming easy to get up and they will become quicker to go out and play. The pet should show signs of walking better and being able to get up and around quicker. The dogs and cats coats will become healthier and their skin will be healthier.

TwinLab Diet Fuel For Energy and Weight Loss

TwinLab Diet Fuel pills from GNC are a great way to help give you more energy and help burn off fat too. With diet and exercise changes there are some people who want that extra supplement to help them lose weight and keep it off but still have that energy.

Taken from the website -

Diet Fuel® Forskohlii combines clinically-tested levels of three weight management nutrients to help you lose weight and gain energy.* Coleus Forskohlii: Support weight management with this traditional ayurvedicherb.* Green Tea Extract: Boost energy and focus with this powerful thermogenic.* Chromium: A critical trace mineral that helps you burn fat.* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

TwinLab Diet Fuel

Twinlab Diet Fuel is a dietary supplement that is to be taken two times per day with a meal, the bottle recommends that you decrease caffeine intake while on this pill and I must admit that is very true. I personally drink a lot of caffeine in a day, from my 16 plus ounces of coffee every morning to my mid day Dr Pepper and late day Dr Pepper. While taking Twinlab Diet Fuel, I attempted to decrease my caffeine intake but not enough.  The amount of caffeine combined with this pill was creating an irritable mood for me and I had to stop taking these pills.

That is just something for you all to note, do not have too much additional affine with Twinlab Diet Fuel. They work great, they give energy and they would really be a decent dietary supplement to someone who is looking to burn more weight and gain energy while they work on their fitness goals. Just do not drink too much caffeine with while on these pills. The label even states that it may cause irritability if you do not decrease your other caffeine intake. I didn’t listen well enough I suppose.

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You can pick up TwinLab Diet Fuel at GNC online here. 

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Week 1: Shakeology & Daily Workouts

For those who didn’t know I have been doing Shakeology for a week now, today is actually Day 8! I created two YouTube videos to document Day 1 and Day 3 but felt a blog post was needed for my first week update!

There are so many people I have met online in the past two years who are Beachbody Coaches and swear by Shakeology so when I found out it was free to join Beachbody and become a coach I hopped right on that bandwagon and became a Beachbody Coach.  Shakeology has a money back guarantee so if you don’t feel it has worked to what it says it will then you can get your money back! I must admit though, I was feeling great within just a few days and to top that off Shakeology has helped regulate me. Meaning, my bowels are working normal now, whereas they haven’t worked normal my whole life! Feeling regulated, feeling more energy and waking up feeling skinnier has been my favorite part of Shakeology!

For a week now I have also been doing daily workouts, one day I do 2 miles on my Gazelle Edge and the next day I do a 2 mile walk on Walking Away the Pounds. So you see, you don’t have to do all the workouts from Beachbody to feel a difference with Shakeology! Shakeology is a nutritional supplement so you replace one meal a day. When I first looked at the price of Shakeology I about had a heart attack, but if you think about it you will be paying under $4 a day to replace ONE meal a day and the benefits of that are even more worth the money paid!

Not to mention if you become a Beachbody Coach before December 31st for free then you will save 25% off Shakeology which I believe is about a $300 a year savings! Can’t beat that at all, now can you?

So I just wanted to give you a week 1 fitness update and let you all know that I am motivated, sticking with it and hoping you are all working out with me, even if you have no interest in Shakeology or Beachbody Coaching, I know that you will do what you need to do in order to reach your fitness goals! Let me know what you have been doing oh and if you are interested in Beachbody Coaching you can check out my website for more details, or as always contact me directly!

For Your Wellness

There are so many ways to help yourself be well, such as increasing Vitamin C which is something I do every year when Fall hits because with the change of seasons usually comes the cold season. Winter is on it’s way and I find myself wondering if I am getting enough of all the vitamins I need for my body. I know I should think of these things all the time, but I don’t.

For instance, bones can lose their funk as I like to call it and calcium along with something like Bio D-Mulsion will help with your bones. From what I researched your body needs a lot of Vitamin D and you can’t get enough of it from sun or milk alone! I feel lucky in that I am almost 29 years old and have never broken a bone. I also felt that my Great Grandmother who I call Grena never had broken a bone until her 80′s I believe. Seems as though Grena gets enough vitamin D or my family tends to have healthy bones on my mother’s side of the family. Either way, I am not risking that! No broken bones for this Mama.

What about protecting yourself from bacteria? Some research has suggested that Oregano Oil can help fight off, or be an effective treatment for drug-resistant bacteria. When I read about this all I could think of is how often pediatricians are quick to give children antibiotics which end up making some bacteria immuned to it. I have seen antiobiotics not touch my sons problems before and that’s scary. Oregano is natural so why not try some of the oil but be sure to research and take as recommended of course.

Now I am not a doctor, nor do I wish to be one, I am simply sharing some ideas with you that have crossed my mind. So what do you have for tips for natural remedies to help keep someone healthier?

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