Milk-Bone Brushing Chews™ for your Doggy {Review}

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I am not the only one who benefits from being a blogger, Jenny the Pug is also being able to benefit from the product samplings this month! Recently we received a box of Milk-Bone Brushing Chews™ for the sweet Pug in our life.

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When we adopted Jenny the Pug a couple of years back, we found out that her teeth were not taken care of very well. Right now it’s a choice of keeping up the best we can with her teeth because dental hygiene is important for your pets. Luckily, Jenny’s teeth issues are not anything negatively affecting her health and we have been lucky to find products like these to assist in dental upkeep. This is why when I was pitched to test out Milk-Bone Brushing Chews™, I said YES PLEASE.

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These boxes for storage of the Milk-Bone Brushing Chews™ are perfect, you can buy them in these boxes based on what size dog you have, for us we have received both options of the mini and the small/medium sizes. Jenny is more under the mini sized because she weighs about 17lbs.  I love that the bags inside of these boxes pictured above have a Velcro closure rather than any other options I have seen with various dog treats in the past, I am resting easy knowing that the Milk-Bone Brushing Chews™ are staying fresh in the box.

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Jenny the Pug will sit for any treat, usually. Shown above she is not-so-patiently seated and waiting for me to release her the Milk-Bone Brushing Chews™, which I did. I just had to tease her for a moment with a treat to picture for you all what she looks like when she is ready for her yummies! Jenny quickly grabbed the treat as soon as I let her know she could and away she ran into her human sisters bedroom to munch on her Milk-Bone Brushing Chews™.

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I say the dog gives Milk-Bone Brushing Chews™ two paws up, what do you think?

Milk-Bone Brushing Chews™ have a twist & nub design clinically proven as effective as brushing your dogs teeth, please use these daily to ensure they truly help with dental hygiene. Milk-Bone Brushing Chews™ dental treats come in a package designed to be reminiscent of a toothpaste box. Each product package features a recommendation for annual veterinary dental check-ups and the VOHC’s recommendation of daily brushing for optimal effectiveness, as well as the support of the VOHC Seal of Acceptance. There are currently two sizes of these available for sale in your local grocery store pet aisle; Mini, for dogs 5-24 pounds; and Small/Medium, for dogs 25-74 pounds, as well as a value size box. The suggested retail price is between $4 and $5 per box.

 To learn more about Milk-Bone Brushing Chews™, please visit Milk-Bone’s Official Website.

Teeth Straightening Options for Children

Having an attractive smile may mean getting crooked teeth straightened. Fortunately, orthodontists have several choices available for your child.

Braces are the oldest method available for aligning teeth. Traditional braces are applied by an orthodontist and are small brackets that are cemented to the teeth and connected by a wire. The wire is gradually tightened, and this applies pressure to slowly move the teeth into a better position. And you don’t have to worry about your child being called “metal mouth.” Modern braces can be tooth colored, or in some cases, even placed behind the teeth.

These appliances are often associated with braces because they’re usually used to help keep teeth from shifting after the braces are removed. However, if your child only needs a minor adjustment (for example, closing a gap between teeth) wearing a retainer for a while may be all that’s needed. Retainers are generally made of metal and plastic, and would be custom fit to your child’s mouth.

These “invisible braces” are a high tech method of tooth alignment, but all your child’s baby teeth must be gone and their second molars should becoming in. Aligners are made using a computer analysis of a 3D image of the teeth. Your child would be given a series of clear plastic aligners, each one to be worn for two weeks. Each successive aligner would gradually push the teeth further into their proper position, as determined by the computer analysis. Aligners can also be removed for brushing and flossing, but they’re more expensive than braces and mostly used only for mild to moderate problems.

This may seem like a surprising way to straighten out teeth, but may work for children whose baby teeth are still in place. If the orthodontist thinks your child may develop alignment problems, she may consider pulling one or more baby teeth to make enough space for the new teeth to properly drop into place.

When extra force is needed to move the teeth, your child’s orthodontist may recommend a night brace. This consists of a headpiece that is anchored to a brace that applies external pressure to the teeth. Headgear is usually worn about 12 hours per day.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children have an orthodontic evaluation by age seven. Solving problems early will help ensure they have that great looking smile.


About this Article: This article has been provided by East Coast Orthodontics, an orthodontic practice that was established in Dublin, Ireland in 1997. They offer a range of various treatments including traditional braces and 6 month braces. For more information visit the website

How Win The Battle of Teeth Brushing with Children

Each evening, when the sky has turned dark and it’s time to start the ever lasting bedtime routine with the kiddos, it seems there is more than one argument going on about bedtime routine but the most important task that needs to be completed seems to be the worse battle of my day as a parent; teeth brushing. What’s more worse? The morning battle to get the kids to brush their teeth before school.

Image courtesy of Naypong /

If you have children who battle you about teeth brushing, then maybe my tips will help you get your kids to start brushing their teeth twice a day {at least} to ensure they don’t suffer from tooth decay. Here are my tips on what not to do and what to do, based on personal experience with my three kiddos:

**Kids DO not Care About Having Black Teeth

When I first started trying to win this battle of teeth brushing, I told my sons that their teeth may turn black if they do not brush twice a day. I went on to show them my silver cavity fillings and explained that a needle goes into your mouth to numb you and then they fill your tooth after drilling it out. This attempt at a scare tactic did not work. The boys were more interested in rotting teeth now because they could have a cool silver filling in their tooth. Sigh.

**Brush Your Teeth Together as a Family

Making teeth brushing part of a family activity each morning and night may really help to boost your child’s awareness that it’s not only important for them to brush their teeth but also for adults. They will have fun seeing who can brush the longest, aka win the race of teeth brushing while watching you brush your teeth with white tooth paste film all over the place. Making chores of any sort a family activity really helps unite the family bond too.

**Do Not Compare Siblings Skills of Teeth Brushing

I sometimes make the mistake of saying “so and so brushed their teeth soooo good, now can’t you do that too?”. One thing siblings do not like is being compared to or having the pressure of living up to, one of their siblings. Try to refrain from comparative comments and just stick with encouraging sentences that will help your child brush their teeth twice a day without having to nag them.

**Make Teeth Brushing Twice a Day part of the Little Ones Chore Chart

If your children are as argumentive as my sons were in the beginning with brushing teeth twice a day, you may wish to consider adding it on a chore chart as part of their daily tasks to get done. Once my sons knew they would get a check mark on the chore chart for brushing both morning and night, they were all about brushing their teeth.  Although, I would normally not recommend daily tasks being considered “chores”, it really helped to get my sons on track with brushing twice a day.

Overall, teeth brushing has become less of a battle these days, after I followed my own advice listed above. The boys will now, usually, brush their teeth in the morning with me as well as night. My daughter is also more inclined to brush her teeth regularly again, after getting her spacer put in, she seemed to start declining interest in teeth brushing because her “mouth always smells anyways from the spacer”.

Each tip above worked for all three kids who are ages 9 and below, what tips do you have for older children?

Oraline for Promoting Good Dental Health in Children

This post is brought to you by Maggie Clubs and Oraline. This is written by me and is 100% that of my own opinions.

I have shared information about Cross Contamination and then another post about how much my kids love the Oraline products and now is my final blog post summarizing everything to do with good oral health in kids and Oraline products!

Something I learned while being a part of this campaign is that those who left me comments really provided some fun feedback and facts about Cross Contamination, did you know that one of my readers said that when you flush the toilet it gives off chemicals of some sort in the air and so she keeps her toothbrush in a drawer away from any cross contaminates that may enter the bathroom air; good idea!

I do not keep our toothbrushes in a drawer, we have them on the side of the sink in a cup, this is what we did growing up and it just fits for me. I am lazy when it comes to tooth brushing, which means if that toothbrush is not right in site I may forget completely to brush my teeth at night. I always remember in the morning for right now I am trying to get these boys of mine to brush two times a day – the morning is the hardest for them to remember to brush.

It’s important to teach good oral health, the reason being? One of my ex’s had talked to me about his growing up years and how he had wished his parents were more strict on oral care. Now as an adult he has to deal with bad teeth and had to get some root canals and teeth pulled. The dental care for him may never end and he really makes sure to encourage good dental health in his own kids because he knows all too personally what poor dental health can do.

There are myths and there are truths out there so make sure to do your own research and start creating good habits now with your children to encourage a love of clean mouths before it’s too late and they have fallen victim to poor routines. The Oraline products really have helped encourage my kids to have a love of oral health care; they brush their teeth often and do it very well. They love to place their toothbrushes into the Oraline Sanitizer to ensure they have clean toothbrushes too.

As a family we are working together with the Oraline products sent over to ensure we hold each other accountable for good oral health and great teeth brushing habits!


Ordering Oraline Products is very easy. Simply go to the Oraline website and go through the process of choosing which products you want. The Oraline Toothbrush sanitizer is certainly worth trying out, it’s easy to use and helps eliminate the issues with cross contamination. Also with each Oraline Kit order you will receive a free Maggies Club Gift Bag. The gift bags will go to the first 100 people who order using this link to order the Oraline Kit.

CLOSED Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser, Flosser for Kids Review with Travel Flosser Giveaway

I am only giving away the Travel Flosser from Waterpik so please don’t mind the title – I am reviewing the Waterpik Ultra Flosser and the Waterpik Water Flosser for Kids only.

The Waterpik® Ultra Water Flosser, is perfect for those who do not like to floss – it is easy to use and only takes about a minute a day to start improving gum health. It utilizes pulsating water to clean deep between teeth and below the gumline where traditional brushing and flossing can’t reach, and it’s been clinically proven to be even more effective than traditional string floss.

New this year, is the Waterpik® Water Flosser For Kids, specially designed for kids ages 6-12. It is the newest tool to help parents ensure that their children are taking good care of their teeth. It features the technology of a traditional Water Flosser unit, and recent studies have shown that it removes 99.9% of plaque from treated areas and is more than three times as effective as string floss for cleaning around braces.




The new Waterpik® Traveler is perfect for on-the-go oral care. It is smaller in size compared to the Waterpik® Ultra Water Flosser countertop unit, but features the same pulsating water technology that cleans deep between teeth and below the gumline where traditional brushing and flossing cannot reach. The Traveler also features an automatic voltage switching power supply and extra pin adapter for international use and easily compacts to fit into a premium soft sided travel case.

My daughter really enjoys the water flosser over the traditional floss because it’s fun for her and now I am excited that she has a kids version to use all by herself!

Get your own WaterPik Travel Flosser! Yes, I said it, one person will be randomly selected to win their very own  WaterPik Travel Flosser kit!


1 WaterPik Travel Flosser Kit

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11:59pm EST On December 7, 2011 – any comments left after this date and time will be considered invalid entries.

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