Do Not Ever Include a But in an Apology

An apology has unmeasurable power in the ability to move forward from negative situations. I firmly believe a good apology is second best to forgiveness. One may say that you can only forgive a person when a good apology is included, but that is not actually true, forgiveness is something that comes within you and doesn’t always mean the other person has felt apologetic for their actions. A true apology is something that builds a bond between people and forgiveness doesn’t always build a stronger bond.

How to Apologize Correctly

All too often I have been caught in the cross fires of a heated battle regarding a variety of topics, when people are passionate about topics they tend to let their fiery side come out and mean things can be spoken or typed. I talk a lot about “living the example I want my kids to be” and this theory holds true with apologies. One of my biggest pet peeves is that one cannot apologize if they include a but in the sentence, here’s an example of an apology gone wrong;

I’m really sorry I called you those names but you were being unreasonable and you just made me so angry. You shouldn’t have made me that angry and I wouldn’t have called you those names.

Can you see how an apology like that one would not leave the person feeling as if that friend is genuinely sorry for their actions? When you make the decision to apologize to someone it means that you are truly sorry for your actions and you can see the wrong doing on your part, when you include a but in that sentence that simply turns the blame back onto the person you were supposedly trying to apologize to.  Passing the blame or making excuses is not proper etiquette for apologizing.

Follow these simple rules when apologizing and you will find stronger bonds between yourself & your kids, as well as yourself and other adults;

  • Only apologize for actions you are truly sorry for.
  • Accept that you were wrong for having done whatever it is you did and that you will try harder next time.
  • Be kind, use a tone of voice that has an apologetic ring to it; tone of voice & body language says a lot.
  • Try not to make the same mistake twice; once you have truly apologized work to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

There are times when I am off my rocker stressed out and in crazy Mama Bear mode, I am not a perfect parent nor am I a perfect human being. I admit my faults and I do my best to apologize when wrong. One area that I personally am working on as a parent is to apologize for my wrong actions without blaming the situation that caused my reaction. For example, if I were to yell at my kids because I was just at my point of “had enough” but they didn’t really deserve having their Mom raise her voice, I will simply apologize like this – “I am sorry for my reaction, I shouldn’t have yelled, that wasn’t the proper way to handle the situation. I love you guys and I will try harder to use a better tone of voice next time”. Then when next time rolls around, I work to ensure that my tone of voice is proper for the scenario.  My kids have learned to respect me because they know I respect them. My kids have learned to apology correctly and take blame for their own actions because I do the same.

I am sure others may have good tips on how to properly apologize, what would you add to my list of items to share with others on how to apologize in a proper way?

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Call Center Outsourcing, Great Job Option for Moms

When I first starting thinking about ways to work from home, working for a customer service call center was certainly one of my first thoughts. Being a customer service call center employee is a great way for many to start their working ventures. Many call centers do hire people to work from their home office, as long as they have the requirements on their computer and a land line telephone.

When you work for a call center, most places will allow you the option to do inbound or outbound calls. Inbound calls means that you will have a schedule where you accept incoming phone calls from customers of various companies. You will be trained to handle the customer service for each company so that you are prepared for each customer service call that comes into your office line.

Outbound calls are something I would personally prefer when working for a call center from my home office or even at the call center location, this is because you are already aware of what you are calling the customer for and have little surprises. Outbound calls are great for people who are better prepared for a customer service issue by knowing the problem prior to being in direct contact with the customer.

Whatever method you think works best for you, most call centers have their customer service call center agents working specific hours and some call centers do hire work from home parents as long as they have all of the requirements set forth, one being a land line phone and the other factor is whether you have privacy or not. A company does not want their customers calling with a screaming child in the background for that is not professional in any way.


HostGator Black Friday Sale, 50% off all Hosting #blackfriday

I have been using HostGator as my hosting company for all websites and blogs since 2008. I have had to use their customer service a couple of times and it was a pleasure. HostGator has impressed me for sure which is why I never, ever switch my hosting account while other people I know tend to switch hosting accounts.

Since I love my hosting company so much I decided to sign up as an affiliate to earn commissions on any sales. Why not make some extra commissions on a service that I use and love? So since I am an affiliate for HostGator I just had to share the fabulous Black Friday deal with you all. I speak to people daily about starting a self-hosted blog and this is the time to save BIG money on HostGator accounts.

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I believe I have the shared hosting account and have had no major issues with their hosting nor customer service. I think this is a great service to even just start with to test out for a year to see why I love them so much.

If you want to check out HostGator’s Black Friday deal then head on over to and see which plan would suit your needs and budget constraints best!

Happy Black Friday friends!

Company Must Have Great Customer Service

I am a sucker for great customer service. I am so bad that if a company, online or brick n mortar, doesn’t have good customer service I won’t go there again regardless of whether they are the cheapest to buy from or not. I would prefer to spend a little more for great customer service!

The best way to create a good customer service base for your company would start with customer management software, having the right software to work with makes all of the difference in the world. Being able to manage customer experiences in an efficient way is what will put your company at an advantage in one area that most customers care most about; customer service. Making sure you know who your customers are allows for you to offer more of what they want and need.

When a business is looking for customers the best way to start is to use customer acquisition strategy. This is a business model that allows the business to be more strategic about finding the best customers possible for whatever it is they may be selling.

There you have it, if you want to make sure you have the best customer service you will need to ensure you are strategically finding customers that want your product or service and keeping details on who your customers are to ensure that you are always meeting or exceeding their desires.

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A Sucker for Customer Service

I am an absolute sucker for customer service, whether I love or don’t love a product, service or similar I expect great customer service. Justin and I have been looking for a rental for a while now and we have been able to work with some awesome Realtor’s who work with rental properties, yet we have had a couple people who apparently don’t feel replying is professional. I dislike non-responsive people. I personally would rather have someone tell me they would rather not work with us than let us sit here and send multiple emails and phone messages.

I get it, they are busy, I am busy too and run a virtual business as well as multiple blogs. I usually can take 2-3 days to reply to a person if I am busy with client work. I think 2-3 days can be acceptable in most situations, especially in ours when we are simply looking for a rental. What I don’t like is when the person finally emails us back and is clearly not interested in working with us and seems to have known this for some time yet didn’t have the decency to actually email or call us to inform us of that.

When you upset me with poor customer service, I sure as heck am not going to give you good common courtesy back because you couldn’t have the common courtesy to contact me back. Instead they let us email and message them, really? I personally would rather state in a professional manner that I can not work with a person than look like a fool and snob with no reply what so ever.

Honestly I don’t like the idea of moving but I also don’t like the idea of dealing with the place we currently live in. There is so much going on that a new place is a most certain necessity and if I have to deal with one more person who doesn’t know how to do good customer service then quite frankly I don’t want to deal with them! I will find my own place for rent or rent to buy! When I put my mind to something, I succeed so if I have to hear or not hear from one more person who feels I am just a measly no body worthy of working with on a rental I will find my own place.

Customer service makes or breaks a situation for me and this particular person lost me as a future home buyer and rental commission.

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