Easy Things to do with Kids When Home

Crafty Bands

During snow days from school or even Spring break if you all have one coming up, there are times when the family needs ideas on what to do with the kids to entertain them, keep them motivated and just fill the house with laughter at times. Here are some ideas on what to do with your children during Spring Break or Summer Break .. as well as those unplanned snow days;

  • Local Library Events – All year round there is usually something happened at my local town library for the children. Be it crafts, story time or what not, check out your local town library and see if they have a children’s section with any programs being offered free to resident’s children.
  • Go Outside and Play – Whether it be snow ball fights, building a snow man or riding bicycles with the kids, get outside and get moving. During warmer weather you can play red light/green light, tag, and other pretend play. Also, a Scavenger Hunt is fun to do as well.
  • Hide & Seek – This is a fun game to do after dinner, when all is to be calmed down for the day but you still have some time left in the day for play time. Set rules, set hiding boundaries and have a blast.
  • Have Story Time – Take turns reading books to each other. Have your children pick out age appropriate books and have fun listening to them read to you while you sit and smile praising them for their wonderful reading skills.
  • Get Out Scraps, Recyclables & Craft it up – Get creative and use various items from around the house along with crayons, markers, tape and/or glue. Take old magazines and cut them up to make collages on cardboard or construction paper.

These are my tips based on things that work in my household. I am sure there are so many more ideas you all have, please share your easy things to do with kids with me so we all can help keep each other moving forward in positive parenting bliss.

Fun Time with Preschooler

It’s usually pretty easy to entertain my hyper four year old son during the mornings before preschool …

Painting with Preschooler

Being that I am and have always been a crafty sort of person, I have a huge supply of various paints, craft supplies and newspaper for times like today when the four year old requested that I paint with him.

Using Recycled Items for Crafts

I recycle my cardboard, paper and plastics. This comes in handy on days when the kids want to do any form of crafting. Seen in picture above, we were painting a cardboard box that was from our recycle bin and using the newspaper from recycle pile for protection of the dining room table. The paints are courtesy my daughter’s supply. Shhh don’t tell her.

Proud Preschooler

And when that project was all done, K-man moved onto construction paper making legs, as he called them. Taping construction paper into what is really a circle and stuffing them with crumpled up newspaper. Not quite sure what those will be used for, but he is happy so that’s all that counts!

What are some crafty ideas you have that my family can enjoy?


Design it Yourself Charm Bracelets for Kids #valentines #crafts

Crafty Bands makes charm bracelet design easy for kids to do! Your crafty child can design their own style of charms for a bracelet, interchange them because they lock into place in such an easy to remove and exchange way! Think about making Crafty Bands as a friendship bracelet or a swap n trade bracelet craft time for your kids and their friends.

Crafty Bands

Use your own paper to draw a sweet design for your snap in charm bracelet. This crafty fun design it yourself charm bracelet kit for kids really helps tweens and teens to express their own individual personality through charm bracelets, a much safer alternative to other forms of expressing their self. Allowing your tween or teen to create their own charms, using their artistic abilities will inspire them to be creative and use their imagination during an age where imagination may start to deteriorate.

Tween Loves Crafty Bands

Crafty Bands are super easy to use and create, do not like what you created the first time? Try again. The daughter made her own charm to test out the Crafty Bands system and enjoyed it so much that she wants to wait to make more charms until she has the time and focus to draw a really cool artistic design for a charm on her bracelet.  You can also use pictures from a magazine, photos and more using the easy to snap tool. Your child simply slides their design into the Crafty Bands snappy tool and places the bubble top charm into the snap machine, click down and voila you have your very first do it yourself charm for a Crafty Bands bracelet.

Crafty Bands Charm Bracelet

The Crafty Bands Starter Kit prices around $29.95 and includes the Shape Studio Tool, four crafty bands, 20 crafty shapes, 20 bubble caps and adhesive. You can also get refill kits for the Crafty Bands Starter Kit for around $6.99 each.

Crafty Bands are available to order online or by visiting Paperwishes.com or Hearthsong.com. Connect with Crafty Bands on Facebook to keep up to date with their latest news or to share your child’s crafty charm bracelet design!

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Keeping Kids Entertained Inside and Babbabox

During the NH Winter months I spend a lot of time hoping that I can hibernate, while my kids spend time wanting something fun to do. While I am usually a super creative Mom of three, there are times {cough} when I get the need to just stay inside. My outdoor children are not so keen on that idea but with the negative temperatures we have been having in NH lately, being outside is not an option. When it is below 0, at about -24 degrees F, it is not healthy to be outside at all.

Board Games Inside

We own a variety of board games and our newest edition is Mancala, a game that uses strategy as a way to win over your opponent. My six year old math kid loves this game and we enjoy playing against each other in a tournament type concept so that each kid and myself get to have a turn playing against one another in this two person game.

Imaginery Play

Another option, when we are stuck inside is to just play around being goofs, as seen above my daughter is all dressed up in her brothers hulk gloves and mask. Such fun, it seriously freaks me out when the kids dress up in costumes like this though. We also have a skeleton costume from Halloween that they kids enjoy wearing while having their “haunted walk” that they setup downstairs to have me walk through. Fun times!

Deck of Cards

If all else fails we get out a deck of cards and play a game called Spit or Go Fish together. Once in a while we play war, slap jack or higher/lower card games, but our favorites are Go Fish and this game my daughter learned how to play called Spit.  The kids and I really enjoy pretending to be super competitive and end up laughing through most of the card games. This is a fun time that even my youngest at age four can enjoy.

Then there are other times when the kids want to have the dining room table cleared off and craft time to commence. We truly love painting, crafting up silly projects using old cardboard boxes and just creating fun craft things. Bracelets, pictures, collages and more. The kids love to paint, color and create – I raised them well. Okay, so their Dad’s helped raise them too but you know what I mean!?  That is why when I was introduced to the Babbabox, I was excited. This is a cute way to cure those indoor blues. While it’s -24 degrees outside, the kids and I can enjoy fantastic fun inside with just one Babbabox of joy!




Babbbabox and Shutterly have teamed up to host a fantastic giveaway; all you have to do is sign up for the BabbaCo’s newsletter and one person who is on that list will be randomly selected to win a 1 Year Babbabox Membership {$240 value} and a $50 Gift Card from Shutterly. Click here to sign up for the newsletter that will include DIY crafts that kids will love, super fun art projects and kid friendly recipes. We like to bake here! Cure those indoor blues with the Babbaco newsletter for extra suggestions on keeping the kids busy and also have a chance to win an awesome prize package? Well that’s worth it to me, what do you think?

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Searching for new Kid Friendly Craft Ideas

The three kids and I absolutely love doing various crafts. Some of the crafts or things we have ended up doing together are; latch hook, crotchet, baking, friendship bracelets and collages. Honestly that list is small computed to what we do as a family together. Due to the fact that all three kids plus me enjoy crafting, I am constantly on the look out for things we can make or do together.

Most recently my Gram started making goat’s milk soap and that got me thinking, while the process sounds like it takes a long time for this type of soap, I knew maybe there is a kind of soap my kids and I can make from home. That is when I happened upon an article that tells me how to make fruit soap;  http://wikitalks.com/2013/01/how-to-make-fruit-soap-2/.

While reviewing the how to make fruit soap article, I realized that making your own fruit soap would really be easy to do. There are supplies required that I don’t have on hand, sure, but there is nothing hard about getting a supply of the products needed on hand and working to create pretty bars of soap that the kids can use during bath and shower time. There is something amazing about that sense of pride you see on someone’s face after they have hand crafted an item that they can fully use as part of their every day life, that is always a proud Mama moment for me.

I fully enjoy creating and finding new ways for us to use our creative minds and imagination. After all, I am a big kid too, who fully enjoys hands-on projects.

What types of crafts/projects do you do with your family? Ever make soap?

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