A Dining Room After Youngest Gets Older

I often think about home decor I would like to have when the littlest of my crew gets older. You see, I would love to have a nice end table that is actually a chess set table, I used to want that in glass but I am thinking a nice oak or wood of some sort chess table set for the living room would be ideal. Beyond that, I think about a comfortable sectional sofa that leaves room to sprawl out while watching television and having movie night. There is one piece of furniture in my home that I am really looking forward to replacing once the little one gets older, and that is my dining room table.

Brandy Ellen's Dining Table

My current dining room table is a decent size and was handed to me by my mother because she no longer needed it and her English Mastiffs had chewed the chairs alongside some of the table top. This current dining room table works fantastic for my family and I love it, but it’s been painted on by accident, drawn on and much more due to using it for our craft time. As a Mom, I do not want a home that is full of furniture or other items that I have to constantly worry about the kids ruining or having to not be happy children around.

This is why when the youngest of my crew gets older I plan to get an upgrade on furniture and home decor, the first item being one of the fine Oak Dining Sets I have seen around. A nice wooden dining room table, wooden chess set and a natural colored sectional for the living room. While I am having a wonderful time raising my kids with the furniture I have, after they are grown I know that it will be my time to focus my extra moments on various things within my home to keep my mind busy.

Thinking about Changing up the House

Making changes to your home is a great way to make it feel fresh and new. Whether you want to add value to the house for re-sell purposes or you’re looking for a way to add a little interest and comfort for yourself, you have lots of options.

From Colors to Floors

Some of the basic changes begin with color schemes and furniture. A neutral color can be brought to life with splashes of bold colors. This can be accomplished with inexpensive accessory items like throw pillows and accent rugs.

Adding a single piece of furniture in a striking color tends to add interest in any space. For instance, a brightly colored chair in a living room with beige walls, a brown sofa, and hardwood flooring looks gorgeous. The bright chair color is ‘unexpected’, and therefore it is an appreciated design element.

The flooring in your home makes a huge difference in the way the home ‘feels’. The modern trend is toward wood flooring. Most people believe it is cleaner and more hygienic than carpet. Therefore, if you plan to sell your home in the near future wood flooring is the best option. However, carpet offers a softer, more luxurious appeal.

Making Things Comfortable

A comfortable home is a wonderful place to be. That’s why it’s important to always choose furniture that is as comfortable as it is functional. That’s one of the reasons that sectional sofas and recliners are so popular.

Simple details that can add comfort to your home include accessorizing with things like throw blankets and decorative pillows. These items can serve double duties. They can also be used to keep you warm and cozy when you’re watching TV.

Convenience Features

There are lots of ways to add convenience features to your home. You can start with simple things like accent tables that can be used in any room of the house. These are perfect for everything from serving snacks to working puzzles and doing craft projects on. But if you want to take the convenience factor up a notch or two you can add some great home automation into the mix. Nearly every device in your home can be automated.

With home automation you can program electronics to come on and go off at preset times. This can effectively save you time and money, not to mention how convenient it is.

Making a few changes to your home is the perfect way to personalize it. The changes you make don’t have to be expensive to make a big impact. Just put some thought into what really matters to you. The important thing is to create a home environment that ‘speaks’ to you, and that you are comfortable in.


Looking for Sofa Sets

I may be moving in the next few weeks, it’s not too far of a move – same town different location, but it reminds me that I don’t have a sofa that I can actually sit on comfortably. Oh sure we have the twin sized pull out sofa bed, so it’s a little people couch, you know … for the little ones in the house!

Well as you can see the cat fully enjoys this couch. In all honesty I do think this is a great couch and why shouldn’t I? It was free. However, I do require the normal sized sofa because I like to lounge after a long day of running around with kids before I find the energy to get online and complete my work at home. I had been looking around for Sofa Sets for years but when I move, I do get to have my mother’s sofa so all will be good.

I found a site, everysofa.com that has a fantastic collection of sofa sets and the one that sticks out in my mind has a recliner on the sofa with matching reclining chair. Oh that would be my special treat gift for my birthday this year. Come on, I am turning 30 a girl should be able to get whatever she wishes for her 30th birthday. Right?

Either way, I know I won’t be getting a sofa set for my birthday, I will however be receiving a free sofa from my mother which is just like purchasing one of those Discount sofas and I am just peachy with that!

I seriously would like to have a sofa set, but I am extremely thankful that after looking for years, I now will have a sofa {from my Mama} that I can lay on before logging online to work.

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Futon or Couch?

The article written by Frances Blevins

I am having a little bit of trouble deciding whether I should get a futon or a couch. I’m putting this in an extra bedroom that I spend little time in. A couch is much nicer but it’s also much more expensive. A futon is cheaper but if I ever got a larger living room I wouldn’t want to move it there because it wouldn’t look nice with the other items. There’s also the assembly and transportation to consider. A futon will come in a box with pieces that I will somehow manage to put together. I’m not very talented in this department so I hope I don’t break something or set it up in a dangerous way. A couch will come all in one piece but it’s going to have to be delivered and hopefully they bring it up the stairs because there is no way I can do that living by myself.

I suppose I’m going to be staying in my apartment for at least another year and would prefer something a little on the cheaper side. Soon I will be a college graduate and then hopefully I’ll have a higher paying job and will be able to afford a couch also for the living room. For now I think I will put my high grade point average to the test and see how well I do putting a futon together. All I really need it for right now is to lay down and watch the satellite from http://www.cannonsatellite.com/page.html on when I get home. I suppose it doesn’t have to be too stable for that simple function.

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Mama Needs a Sectional For This Big Family

I am constantly on the look out for new items for my house, obviously it’s more window shopping at the moment but hey you never know when a girl may happen upon a great deal on some hot sectional sofas. With three children in the house we are often found sitting on top of each other because quite frankly my couch isn’t cutting it. I recently brought in my matching chair so that maybe, just maybe we could have more room to sit but apparently my sweet little children like to sit on top of me no matter where I sit.

Image from CSNsofas.com

Image from CSNsofas.com

I love furniture and have always wanted a sectional sofa. I want one of those sectional sofas that has a cute little table in the center and recliner on the end. While I am at it I wonder if they made sectional sofas that have a massage option? That would be totally awesome after a long days work of being Mama to relax a bit before putting on my work at home mom hat for the late night hours.

Image from CSNsofas.com

Image from CSNsofas.com

My house is rather small so I do know that if I were to get my dream sectional sofa I would probably also have to get a flat panel television and have most of my accessories for the television up off the floor and have them higher on the wall some how using those products companies make to allow you shelving for DVD players and similar. A sectional sofa, and brand new at that would so totally make me smile for many, many years!

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