Five Ways to Use Your Child’s Halloween Costume Year Round

I have three kids, they like to play dress up on occasion. Mind you, two of my three children are boys, this means dress up to them is more about some doctor, fire man or military dress up type scenario whereas my daughter would prefer a princess or witch type costume. The kids really do enjoy pretend play, every day my home is full with laughter of children giggling while they play pretend MineCraft or other pretend games. Playing dress up with last years Halloween costumes really make for a fun, creative, imaginary play date and that is just what […]

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If I Had a Genie in a Bottle

I would ask this Genie to grant a few simple wishes … First I would like to know that every time I upgrade my WordPress site that my theme does not become broken, whether functioning or not, my upgrades always lead to behind the scenes work to fix whatever issue arises. Second I would ask that I am allowed peace and quiet for my few hours of writing work I do each day so that I don’t feel like a bad mom for taking time to work in my office so the kids can hang with Dad. Third I would […]

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Get ready to be the life of the party with’s costumes! Whether you are looking to get into couple costumes for some fun times with your loved one or you are looking to have your children play dress up, has what you seek! With Summer coming it means times for parties and I know many families do theme parties.  I love the idea of a Patriotic costume party for the fourth of July because it’s a great way to be festive while having fun! There are a variety of Patriotic themed costumes for all ages and sizes, my […]

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KidFresh Foods for Children that are Healthy & Tasty

I was recently introduced to KidFresh Meals;  Nowadays, which family doesn’t have a busy life? We all have moments when there is simply no time to cook a nutritious meal for the kids… In these occasions, it’s nice to have a back up option we can feel good about when serving our children! That’s why Kidfresh is introducing its new healthy frozen meals for kids – 100% natural, packed with hidden veggies and ready in 4 minutes! Now when you are a mom of three kids and have one in cheer & soccer then another in soccer you can surely […]

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Dora The Explorer: Dora’s Halloween Parade On DVD Now

I am so excited, okay well Baby K is so excited, that Dora the Explorer has another new DVD release! Today Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Halloween Parade was released for all to buy. Baby K is now three so not so much a baby, but we still call him that. He is in love with Dora so much and has enjoyed watching this cute new DVD from Nickelodeon. I have been all Dora The Explorered out lately with all her new releases coming on DVD which I will be sharing with you all as soon as possible! Dora the Explorer: […]

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K Monster, Fighter Pilot and a Princess

You know I couldn’t get one good picture of all three kids, I mean I guess that’s how it goes being a Mom of three completely different children … This was my sons first year going trick or treating. K Monster is two and Fighter Pilot AJ is four years of age. My daughter is eight years of age but since I never really got into taking her, she always went with her father who dresses up and everything! They always had fun. This year Princess Ki wanted to go with AJ because it was his first year, they have […]

Continue Reading Halloween Costume Center is the one-stop, online shop for kids and adults looking for the best deals on Halloween accessories, decorations and most importantly, costume selections, in its new Halloween Costume Store. With something for everyone – and every budget – visitors can browse through nearly 35,000 offerings by category, themes, age range, gender, sizes and price – making the perfect costume just a click away. I have always wanted to throw a Halloween Party but alas I haven’t done that yet. I know once my kids are teens I will be that kind of parent who hosts all sorts of […]

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Dracula Will Not Get His Costume From My House

The Author of this post is Rolando Dickerson Vampire Season Having begun in earnest to look for this year’s attire for the Halloween Fest, I decided that this year was going to be slightly different than the previous years of donning an old t-shirt and jeans ripped up, in exchange for a hired or bought Vampire Costume. The usual ritual of daubing my face full of grey, black and red face paint will also be slightly different this time round as to suit the fine materials of my slightly less than intimidating Nosferatu, minus the bald head of course. Maybe […]

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Giveaway Winners Announced

Oh my goodness, giveaways ending everywhere! I am moving so I won’t really be online much in the upcoming week but here are the latest giveaway winners: Kitten Party DVD: # 18 entry – Congrats to Geri Nyland Clinere Ear Cleaners: # 38 entry – Congrats to Melissa R. Taking the Scary out of Halloween Kit: # 5 entry  – Congrats to Joanne ATTN WINNERS: Please complete this form if you are the winner so that I may forward your information along to the sponsors! Click here to check out my most recent and current giveaways

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@princesstimetoy Little Adventures Doll Clothing & Matching Child’s Costume

Princess Time Toys has shared with my family matching doll and child clothing costumes and guess what? Miss Ki received the pink princess which was perfect for her. Miss Ki is my princess and she loves pink! This clothing can be worn as dress play and Ki is actually going to wear it during her school Halloween parade this year! I can’t wait to see my princess walking down the side of the street in her cute pink princess dress and if the school lets her she is going to bring her baby doll with matching outfit! The matching outfit […]

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