Announcing Winners for a Contest – Moms Night Out & Pearl Necklace

Giveaway WinnerS Announced

Today I am announcing winners for a contest hosted earlier on in October as well as one that just ended. Moms Night out DVD Winner is … Pearl Necklace Winner is …   Congrats and please complete THIS FORM so that I can send your details to the sponsor. PLEASE remember to submit the color pearls you would like, if you are the person who won that contest.

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Get the Project Runway Look: Graphic Eyes & Playful Pink Lips with Mary Kay

I received an email a while back about a look that was featured on Project Runway: Graphic Eyes and Playful Pink Lips using Mary Kay products. Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Luis Casco was backstage finishing designers’ runway looks in the Mary Kay Color Design Studio, and with Luis step by step tutorial, and a cute video created by my daughters, you can see this Project Runway look come to life! How to Create the Graphic Eyes Look Sweep Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color in Moonstone across lids from lash line to brow bone, then blend Mary Kay® Mineral Eye […]

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Mineral Sea Salt Soak from Bath Path Giveaway

Today I am sharing with you a great product for the Holiday Gift Giving Season and letting you have a chance to enter to win your own 3 jars of Bath Path’s Lavender Bath Salts. Every woman wants radiant skin, right? One area in life I struggle is with my skin, it doesn’t much care for the cold, dry winter air and each Winter season here in NH, I am often looking for ways to soften up my skin to make it blemish free and smoother looking. Mineral Sea Salt Soak from Bath Path has been specially formulated for maximum […]

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Ageless Skin Through Science

Sunlight.  Pollution.  Stress.  Worry.  Time.  Whatever the cause, it all takes its toll on our skin, manifesting as wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots. Ageless Derma is the product line developed based on scientific research and effective ingredients coming together to fight the signs of aging.  The products are the brainchildren of Dr. Farid Mostamand, a leading skin care expert.  He is the author of hundreds of articles and a book titled Ageless Skin Obsession, all about providing great skin care and preventing early aging.  He is the founder of the Focus Medical Spa in Anaheim, California, and the website […]

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Beauty is Only Skin Deep, Beauty Balm Discounts

Beauty may only be skin deep but who doesn’t want healthy skin alongside that shocking personality? I know I want better looking skin, with all I drink and eat it’s no wonder my skin is paying a toll as I get older and near 32 years of age.  Beauty Balms are not just another face moisturizer, they tend to be lighter than your foundation, cover up or even the normal moisturizers. Many Beauty Balms carry anti-aging elements, just because your age is a certain number doesn’t mean your skin has to carry that age as well. Getting older doesn’t bother […]

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Dial Coconut Body Wash Review and Coupon Giveaway

I have three coupons for one free Dial Coconut Body Wash and I want to give them to one lucky person, but first I want to share with you my personal experience with this amazingly smooth body wash. About Dial Coconut Water Body Wash Dial Coconut Water Body Wash is the first of it’s kinda to contain coconut water. The scent is not overbearing and the feel of this Dial body wash is that of clean, smooth and fresh. Coconut water is found in young, green coconuts and know to be rich in antioxidants and electrolytes that provided replenishing.  Leaves […]

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Beauty and Body Products for the Holidays

When Christmas comes around I really, really do not care if I get presents under the tree. After all, I am a mom of three so the presents under the tree should be 100% for my children from myself and the big jolly red coat man.  With that being said, I have to have a stocking, if I don’t get a nice stocking filled from the jolly red coat man then I am rather sad. It’s the stocking that counts to me and the best type of products to put in my stocking, if you are reading this Santa, are […]

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Face Wrinkle Cream Options

I turned 30 years old in October and with that aging comes unwanted lines on my face.  When looking into the mirror I certainly do see extra lines appearing and my skin is clearly starting to age. The fact that my skin is aging doesn’t upset me all that much, after all your body takes on many changes as you get older, have children, stay in sunlight too much and do other things that are no good for your skin and body. I have looked for the best wrinkle cream in the past just to see what was out there […]

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Promoting Inner Beauty

It is so difficult as a mother to a nine year old girl because it seems our girls are growing up faster than they did back when I was a kid or even when my parents were kids. The media has all sorts of push for how a tween should look, what girls should do to “get boys attention” and oh don’t forget they push make up instead of inner beauty. I think that my daughter is lucky in many ways because I rarely wear makeup which means she has learned that makeup isn’t part of a daily routine. Of […]

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I recently checked out the site which is a more than just a shopping website, it’s a social community for shoppers. If you are looking to find the best price of a product you are shopping for you can go search on for this. LED-LEC televisions, wireless printers and Pampers wipes are just a few items listed under Hot Deals that caught my eye. On you could even get Musicians Friend coupons where you can hot gear for musicians.  Find audio equipment and musical instruments for the music lover in your household. You can get clothes, shoes, […]

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