Valentine’s Day Celebrated with Peeps

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Our family is split about the enjoyment of Peeps, you know those marshmallow sweetness that most see on Easter time? Growing up we only saw Peeps around on Easter time but these days Peeps are coming out with a wide range of holiday treats for the whole family to love. Take for instance their Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Creme Flavored Chicks.

candy cane dipped peeps

Whatever the season, you will find a Peeps that you can enjoy. My daughter, middle child and fiance are all fans of Peeps at some level. While my fiance prefers the individually wrapped Peeps Chocolate Covered Raspberry Flavored Hearts, my middle child enjoyed the Peeps Strawberry Creme Flavored Marshmallow Hearts.

covered heart

The next holiday coming up is St Patty’s day and then Easter, I cannot wait to see what Peeps will come up with next. Learn more about Peeps and their current holiday offerings by visiting The average price for each Peep variety ranges from $.79 up to $2.29, depending upon which package you purchase. Be sure to check out Peeps sugar free options as well!


All you Saw was Sugar?

I never really look at a picture of someone else kids and only see whatever food or drink items they are holding. I just don’t work that way. When I see a picture on Facebook or online with someone’s happy children, I just see the smiles and happiness within the picture. Apparently when I posted this picture…

cover photo FB

All everyone saw was sugar? Are you freaking serious? My 4, 6 and 10 year old just walked about 1.5 miles¬† in preparation to walk another 1.5 miles back home and all you are going to do is say they shouldn’t have sugar. Yeah, you are right, maybe a long walk like that deserved a better energy type snack but the story behind the WHY we even walked to the store would make sense as to why they are holding their slushies {previously called Slush Puppies when I was young} and their choice of candy snack.

For one, I don’t buy candy on a regular basis. I am not a health freak but there are certain snacks that come on occasion. I have not had a ton of money lately so my kids get what they can get at this time, and not getting the fruits I would normally purchase because we basically will probably be living off of pasta for a month during our transition to a new place. That is just how it is.

I have lived this way before and I will do it again. I have zero issues allowing my daughter to spend her own money on her snack after taking such a long walk with me, who cares. It’s not like that zebra cake in her face is something I buy all of the time and even if I did, it’s my choice. Remember #strongmomsempower That means back off, and just share the happiness of my proud Mom moment showing off that my kids walked such a length, together, happily with their Mom and followed all safety rules during the walk.

I would much rather allow my kids to have sweets from time to time than let them grow up with having no sweets. Do you realize that once I hit 18 I spent near $300 on little debbie snacks because they were not something I could even have the luxury of fully enjoying as a kid? I know other adults that as a child were never, ever allowed to have any sweets and they became sweet aholics as adults. So to me, if I let the kids have their own little piece of the sweet world from time to time, then they will never really have that feeling of indulgence on them because I am teaching them that such food is okay in moderation.

Besides, you are only a kid once. My sons hate walking, so for them to walk near 3 miles without complaint? I personally feel that deserves a nice treat. The whole reason we walked anyways was because when I went to start my car to drive down there, it had no gas in it, so the kids decided let’s walk to get our slushy then. The store is about 1.5 miles down the road. So we walked down, took quick break and walked back.

Happily. Merrily. And yes, I let them have a sugar treat alongside a slushy and we even had my 24oz water bottle that we sucked down on way down to the store. It’s all good. I don’t raise my kids to make you happy, but please next time you want to post something that can be attempted to be judging or telling another parent what to do, think twice before you hit that little enter key. There is no need, just be happy that someone else is happy, thanks!

Making Smores by Campfire

If you are a fan of graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate then you must make a habit of making your very own smores by campfire.

First you need to collect one roasting marshmallow stick per person.

Next you have to have a person equipped to handle fire, start a campfire.  Laying the wood in such a way as shown in image, make sure to roll up balls of newspaper in the center to assist in making the fire start easily.

Since the sticks have been collected and the marshmallows are ready to be melted, all you can do now is stand around watching for the fire to start. Be sure to keep little ones far away from the fire, for the heat is immense and may burn them.

Once the fire has started and its’ safe for everyone to start roasting marshmallows you can place one marshmallow per stick and let the roasting begin.

Next you take the marshmallow, still on the stick, out of the fire and put it on top of a graham cracker. Make sure you have already placed a block of chocolate on the graham cracker to ensure the roasted marshmallow melts the chocolate.

The next step is to place another graham cracker square on top of the marshmallow. Be sure to have someone else assist you in pulling the stick out of the roasted marshmallow once the smore is created. Note: this particular marshmallow is burnt to a crisp for that is how my daughter likes it. There is no need to roast your marshmallow to blackness in order for the smore creation to work!

Last but certainly not least, do not forget to thank the chef for putting together your smore!

Or in this particular case, beg the chef to make you another for you do have TWO hands you know!

Jell-O Temptations: Make Them At Home

I am a huge JELL-O brand fan – oh yeah I am and lately I have been able to work with the brand through a PR agency which means I have been ultra satisfied by the new Temptations line. I recently reviewed their individual cups in a variety of flavors but today I get to show you a new option, making Jell-O temptations from your home, and yes I have pictures to share with you during our journey of making these at the Happily Blended household.

I wasn’t able to get the two older children, ages 4 and 8 involved because they were playing alone leaving my 2 year old out of the game. It was just Baby K and me making this special JELL-O treat, although as you can see in the pictures, my older children enjoyed eating the treat after Baby K and I made it!

This is a really easy to make at home dessert, the only problem I had is that I do not own any JELL-O type of cups, the directions do recommend you place the mixed batter into little cups and then pour the chocolate glaze (that hardens) on top of each cup. The kids had no complaints and neither did I using a big bowl and serving the children their own little bowl.

About Jell-O temptations Make it at Home

There are three flavors to choose from; Boston Creme Pie, Chocolate Mousse Decadence and Chocolate Truffle Indulgence. The mixes are about $2.79 per mix. 150 calories or less per serving. Easy to make with the kids, minus using the mixer, which as you can see in the images above I used the mixer.

This was a fast and easy way to have a nice dessert with my children and I would honestly recommend this for any family.


Disclosure: Product provided for free, but all opinions are based on my own experiences with said product.

Tis the Season For … Chocolate

I am not a super huge chocolate addict, but when I am craving chocolate I best have some. Which is why I enjoy stocking up on my favorite chocolate items from chocolate chips to munch on to Butterfingers, I enjoy keeping a hidden stash of chocolate around.

It is now that time of year where families are getting together, eating sweets, treats and meals. Sitting down and giving thanks and talking about Christmas being just around the corner. I love Christmas, more so than Thanksgiving. It’s pretty, there are lights lit up everywhere, you can visit Santa Claus’ home in a nearby town here and you get chocolate in your stocking! Santa treats me good with that stuff!

I enjoy the holidays and love sleeping all day really, but I don’t get to sleep all day tomorrow. My mother in law is on her way as I write this and she will be spending a couple nights here. My mother in law will also be doing a majority of the cooking, that is her speciality, I am certainly not a bad cook but I will let her do her specials! I would probably over cook the turkey and burn the side dishes, she’s way more creative and I love her cooking!

So enjoy your time together as a family, the holidays are a coming and so is … chocolate! Delicious, yummy, heavenly … chocolate!

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