Convenient Aging with the Right Adult Diaper

Growing old comes with a wealth of experience that makes us wiser and more appreciative of the simple things in life. Unfortunately, we undergo certain changes that are influenced by the declining condition of our bodies and we are left to find solutions that will make these changes as tolerable as possible.

Urinary incontinence and overactive bladder are two of the most common and distressing problems for elderly people according to the US NLM. Lack of control over bladder and bowel movements often cause problems for sufferers, their families and friends, and potentially the health professionals who take care of them. These conditions can really affect a person’s quality of life as his or her social activities are limited by fear of accidentally urinating in public.

A good quality, highly absorbent adult diaper can help patients manage their incontinence. Not only can it protect against leakage, but it can also prevent any moisture from soaking into clothing. Most adult diaper varieties come with tape tabs that can be loosened or tightened depending on a wearer’s size. Furthermore the diapers kill the odor of urine so the wearer need not be self-conscious around other people.

With the multitude of adult diaper brands on the market today, choosing the right product might not be as easy as it seems. There are several factors to consider when choosing an adult diaper. One consideration is flexibility in terms of a user’s activity level, absorbency level, size, and a choice between disposable versus reusable. Where possible, price should not be a priority since the comfort of the wearer is paramount. Going for a pricier brand may offer better comfort and coverage to the wearer and thereby reduce long-term expenses.

It is not only elderly patients who may need to wear adult diapers, according to Trauma patients who suffer from spinal injury may use adult diapers if they have no sensation in the lower half of their bodies. Some adolescents have yet to outgrow their bed wetting habits, so they can also use adult diapers to keep their beds dry.

Some post-surgery patients use adult diapers until they regain full control of their pelvic floor muscles. Comatose patients will wear adult diapers to prevent bed wetting, since they are unconscious and cannot control their bladder and bowel movements.

According to ehow, when a diaper has reached its threshold, the wearer must change into a fresh one to keep the skin clean and dry. Before a new diaper is put on, make sure a patient’s perineal area is washed with mild soap and warm water. The wet skin must be patted dry instead of rubbed. There are numerous online suppliers of absorbent products, and their unit prices may be lower than from other sources. Many also give discounts and free shipping if you buy diapers in bulk.

Spider Veins Drive me Bonkers, Getting Older is So Overrated

I remember as a teenager, I had once asked my Gram about her legs, it seems spider veins and varicose veins run in the family. I dreaded the idea that one day I will be at an age that my body would respond with spider veins or varicose veins, but it happened. Shortly after giving birth to three children my veins had enough and to this day I suffer from both spider veins and varicose veins. It’s not pretty, but in the Summer time I get out in the sun with some oil to tan so that the darker skin hides some of the spider veins.  There is treatment for spider veins but I haven’t looked too deeply into it until recently, for curiosity sake more than anything else.

The older I get, the worse my veins get, of course I have been told there are diet changes and habits to break that would help alleviate my spider vein issues but I don’t always listen. Based on research, I have found that around 80% of vein issues are genetic, this means no matter what I try to do, I would suffer from my spider veins. My elders all have them in some shape or form, it’s something I knew I would be dealing with one day. I may be 32 but in my mind, I am sometimes still 19 years old, all too often I forget how old I am until I take a look at my legs when Summertime comes and I wear shorts. Sadly, spider veins are simply a part of my world but if I really dread them, there are ways to get rid of them or at least make them less visible; sclerotherapy for example is one way my doctor has told me I could help gain more support in my veins.

This procedure isn’t risky, as far as my doctor has told me but spider vein treatment just scares me because I don’t like the idea of anyone touching my veins or going near them with a syringe. On another note, I have many older friends and peers across the United States who have successfully had spider vein treatment completed and while it left slight bruising, they said it was all worth it in the long run. Maybe I will look further into this, what say you? Would you look into getting spider vein treatment if you suffer from spider veins?


Having a Sensitive Child and Being a Sensitive Adult

Dinner was done Pajamas were on. Books were read. Boys were tucked in and Jenny the pug was placed on Aj’s bed. All was completed as normal. K-man was fast asleep. Then it happened…

Raising a Sensitive Child

Aj started having his issues that he has every so often, since he has been off of medication these occurrences are few and far between, but they still happen. Aj is a unique child with a bit of bipolar, anxiety, autistic spectrum symptoms and more all mixed into this compassionate, loving 7 year old boy. I am not sure what is the cause of my son Aj being more sensitive to energies of others, specifically mine, but I am the same way. The energy or aura that surrounds people is something I am extremely sensitive to and this is something that Aj struggles with. Being that I am 32 years old, I am better able to work with this sensitivity but a 7 year old cannot yet learn to cherish and work with such a power.

I used this sensitivity to benefit Aj the other night when he found himself, yet again, fixated on the idea that his belly hurt. Aj was very fidgety and slightly whiny over the fact that, within minutes of being tucked in, he was convinced his belly hurt. While most kids are honest when their belly hurts, it’s something for a parent to be concerned about, it’s not the case 99% of the time with my son Aj. Usually his “stomach aches” are more so to do with the fact that his mind is racing and anxiety for whatever reason has consumed his thoughts, thus bringing on a belly ache. Being that Aj fixates on things, a sudden belly ache doesn’t allow his mind to relax to sleep, instead it creates a whole bowl of stress for him and me.

I started to feel really frustrated as this was the second night in a row he was “pulling this stunt”, but I have an open mind, patient soul and loving nature so I knew there had to be a way to work with Aj to ensure he didn’t end up having to sleep on a make shift bed on my bedroom floor. I had to walk away.

I let Aj know I would be back in a few but do not be loud because I don’t want him to wake up his brother who was fast asleep on the top bunk.

After taking a moment to step away, Aj had some self control and didn’t go totally loud, but rather kept tossing and turning and whining about his belly ache while pouting. During my time that I walked away, I thought long and hard, I focused on clearning my mental clutter and freeing my own mind of any stress related topics. I essentially cleared my brain to a blank slate. I then returned to Aj’s bedside. I knelt down beside his bed with my head on his pillow and used my calm voice to relax Aj in an attempt to get his mind focused on sleep rather than the anxiety induced belly ache. Within moments Aj actually said I could lay on his bed next to him, this is something that never happens, as he has sensory issues with touch and doesn’t like people “in his space” when he is trying to sleep.

With a blank slate mind and nothing but calm, peaceful thoughts in my mind, I laid next to Aj and placed my arm just on him. Aj was laying on his side facing away from me and since he doesn’t like the weight of my arm on his body, again sensory stuff, I laid my feather light arm on his side as a way to help submit some of my calming energy to my son. Aj and I have always had this unique connection, he is the only one out of my three that really thrives on my energy, whatever energy I am giving off in my aura he feels and it affects him. Hence why I say my son is sensitive.

As weird as this may sound to those not as spiritually minded, I literally felt my thoughts transferring my calm energy through my finger tips on this side. I could feel energy being placed to him, slowly he stopped fidgeting, slowly he stopped speaking and finally within only just a few short minutes, he was breathing in his relaxed, fallen asleep state. I don’t care what you all call it, but I think in that moment, right there, I showed that I have a power of energy that I never knew existed, I had the power of using my calm aura to get my anxious son asleep without being stern while still remaining firm that he was to go to sleep and compassion for how he was feeling in that moment. I was able to use my calming energy to calm my son. This moment that happened was so spiritual for me and so magical that I felt this same feeling I had felt the first time I felt the warm sun beaming down on me after I had prayed so hard for God to give me a sign. I feel this was merely just another sign that I have more powers within than I ever realized.

First Day of School for the Older Two Kiddos

Today it started … the official first day of the 2013/2014 School Year. Last night we got our clothes ready for earlier than normal wake up and we set our alarm clocks. Then it happened … that “back to school anxiety” .. the not being able to sleep for my brain is so nervous and excited it cannot slow down. That was my two oldest last night. Aj lay wide awake attempting to sleep but just couldn’t. He was a good sport, he never kept me awake, simply lay down with eyes open while he pet our pug until he finally past out. My oldest, well she finally fell asleep only to be awoken by a nightmare so I had to tuck her back in and get some sound on for background noise.

Little one sleeping

Finally about 10:30pm we lay down to sleep and I had a tossing and turning five year old beside me so needless to say .. I did not sleep a wink. By the time my six o’clock alarm went off, I was wide awake anyways so got up and started the back to school routine. Guzzling coffee, while getting cartoons on for the little guy who woke up because I left the bed beside him. Then I had to wax my eyebrows, well I didn’t have time last night. Then made breakfast for each child and finally was able to get into the shower while still making it to school on time.

Back to school

Today was difficult for me, I have two kids in two different schools, last year was same way. Last year, though, I do not recall having to rush between the schools. This year, my oldest wanted me to be at her school which is not normal and of course I always want to ensure my middle child is settled into his new classroom because occasionally he has issues with new people. I dropped Aj off with his Dad, they ventured to school together with little brother in tow while I headed to my daughter’s school.

Tween Back to School

Finally at about 9am I returned home to get some work done but alas, sitting at a desk didn’t seem too appealing nor was I motivated without first organizing my office space a bit more. I work in the master bedroom at my desk with laptop hooked up to it, but with boxes surrounding me and a completely unorganized closet space … I had to focus on that first. So I organized and finally come 10am here I am ready to work.

For those who are curious, yes I fought back tears leaving my 7 and 10 year old at school today, next week is Kindergarten…. just wait, I will be a mess if I had to hold back tears today!

Cheers to the new school year and my first year of working full time hours from home!!

Just When I’m At That Point

All day long my sons are pretty well maintained, easy going, happy and smiling. I have proof of that on my Vine video account but come about 3pm they are done. Usually 3pm is the time my youngest starts acting wild and crazy, wrestling too roughly with his brother, off the walls hyper and cannot seem to focus. It just so happens that about 3pm is also about the time of day when I am utterly exhausted, ready to sleep. My eyes fight to stay open and my body is ready to shut down but I still have quite a few hours left before I can relax, because I am Mom.

Summer Fun (5)

I have found no trick to getting 3pm to stop being the magic time when utter chaos hits. Tried sleeping more. Tried getting the youngest to sleep more. Tried entertaining them with a late afternoon movie time, but nothing works. Nothing.

Summer Fun (4)

I just muster along feeling grumpier and grumpier until bedtime hits and then, if I am lucky, they sleep. Usually Aj goes right to sleep but that little guy of mine is just giving me a run for my money before he heads off to his first year of all day school in a couple of weeks. I just keep reminding myself, someday I will miss these times. I know I will.

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