What Mama Wanted But Didn’t Get

Christmas has come and gone, now is the time for cleaning the mess up and organizing our rooms as well as my office space. It is, after all, about to be a New Year. I need to work on tax preparations and get all of my business files in gear for tax purposes. I need to get the kids bedrooms organized, after a long winded argument over getting it done because you know they don’t just do it for the fun of it!

With that being said, here are some items that I need and/or want to help stay better organized this season …..

file cabinet

I really, really need a file cabinet badly! Right now I am thankful for the one I have – it’s a two drawer wooden one that my Mom let me keep because it’s falling apart and she really didn’t “need” it back when I was living at her home while she lived with her husband in his home. While I am thankful for the file cabinet I do have, it’s falling apart to the point I can’t really use it and access files the way I need to. I need a new file cabinet so that is the first item on my What Mama Wanted but Didn’t Get List.

personal computer

I really could use a personal computer for my office desk, why? Well because working from a laptop is a great secondary option, which I am totally grateful for, nothing beats working from a real personal computer setup on my desk that the children DO NOT ever touch. Sadly, the laptop is my MAIN business computer but it’s also the only thing the children can use for their electronic time and that worries me. If laptop dies, I am screwed … no personal computer really sucks and I hope to someday have one again soon! Mine died last year.

bill rack

A bill rack or letter rack would be perfect to have in my office space in master bedroom for many reasons; holding our current household bills, holding invoices for clients that are overdue or due later on. The bill rack could also hold the check payment receipts for later accounting purposes. All too often I am looking for a way to better serve my bills, letters and statements as well as accounting documents to be prepared all year round for household and business responsibilities. I like to be organized and on top of things. My Post-it brand letter holders work great for my PR letters but not for the whole kit and caboodle of documents I need to organize.

happy light

I certainly wanted and need a “happy light” for the NH winter Season. You see, last Winter in NH I had a really hard time keeping my emotions in check. Lack of sunlight really is starting to pay a toll on my spirits and I have heard great things from people who use happy lights all winter long. I need that natural sunlight all year round to keep my optimistic attitude on track and keep my happy. So last but not least, I wanted but did not receive, a happy light! With a happy light I would have stable moods in the winter season here in NH thus being more productive, organized and able to move forward in a positive direction without having down days!

What did you want for the holidays or a birthday that you didn’t get? I would love to hear in the comments what you wanted but didn’t get as well as what you wanted and did get!


Sharing Big Files Virtually

There are times in my job as a virtual assistant that I have to share large files with clients but sometimes those large files will not go through on my normal email account. This means I search out ways to Send large files free, and usually there are some awesome sites out there that are quick and easy to use. These sites have made my work at home career so much easier!

File sharing has become easier and easier with advancing software and technology, making life as a virtual assistant so much more convenient for businesses. Without a file sharing program it would be rather difficult for some larger companies to work with or hire a virtual assistant.

I know that on a weekly basis I have to send or receive at least 3 large files and that means using a free program, because why pay for something when you can get it for free, right?! No matter what you do for work, sometimes you may want to send Grandpa updated pictures of your little one or a cute document that your little one created for their grandparent. What better way to send a large file like that than a program that offers ways to send it out for free. Grandpa will be happy and so will you!

There are many reasons to use send large files for free online but whether it personal or business related you can know that there is a solution to send large files without paying high prices.

Do you ever have a reason to send large files online?


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RIP Black and Purple PC

Custom Personal Computer Desktop

It is official the PC that my husband built me back in 2006 finally died last night.  Three years ago my husband built me a custom desktop that was painted purple with LED fans that lit up purple, the case was black. My favorite colors are black and purple and so this was my favorite PC in the whole wide world. About a year ago my husband upgraded my black and purple PC and so it was running faster and we became closer than we had previously been.

I woke up to the announcement yesterday that my husband had tried to revive my black and purple PC to no avail. My black and purple PC wasn’t giving any signs of poor health, but now that I think back it was occasionally having a heart beat almost with the lights going on and off but nothing more than that – no errors, no blue screen of death (as my husband calls it) no signs really, yesterday it beat it’s last flashing LED beat to me and so it is now sitting on my husband’s work bench to be built again. My black and purple PC will still be in the same case but it will be a whole new computer, new motherboard, faster processor and I hope it will treat me good for a long time.

Customized Desktop by Justin

Losing my black and purple PC yesterday made me realize just how important it is to back up your computer files! I am lucky in that we run our computers from a server, which means all of our important files are backed up on a server. Luckily late Sunday night I had moved all of my last minute images saved on my desktop to my picture file in the server which means losing my PC didn’t mean losing my files or important pictures! This is not the case for everyone.

Most of us who work from home have important files and images on our computer and it’s very vital to our business survival that we back up our client and business information as often as possible. Based on my research there are multiple ways you can back up and here are some ideas:

There are so many ways you can back up and many are quite affordable! I highly recommend setting in place a back up system that works best for your personal and business needs as soon as possible. Can you imagine if I had lost everything with my black and purple’s unexpected death? I would have gone crazy trying to determine what I had lost and how I was going to explain to my clients I lost their files! Backing up your files and your clients information is a vital part of success and happiness in business life!

Are you backing up? How often and what do you use for back up?

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