Home Security: Alarm Monitoring Service

An integral part of a home security system is an alarm monitoring service. Without such a service, the security system is useless. Alarm monitoring services are designed to monitor homes and businesses 24/7 and contact the appropriate parties if an emergency occurs. Some individuals desire the security that an alarm monitoring service offers; however, they may be reluctant to make the investment because they feel the service is too expensive. The good news is that discounted alarm monitoring services are available and can easily be found if consumers know how to look for them.

Find a Company That Does Not Outsource Monitoring Services

Unfortunately, a large number of alarm monitoring companies are in the business of outsourcing their monitoring services. When outsourcing is a part of the business model, customers are forced to pay higher prices. Customers shoulder the cost so these companies can still make a profit while outsourcing. When the monitoring is kept in-house, costs are much lower because a third party does not have to be paid.

Look for Companies Offering Promotions and Incentives

Because the economy is not in the best of shape, companies are eager to get business. Those in the alarm monitoring industry are no exception. In order to attract customers, these businesses will offer incentives and promotions. It’s a good idea for consumers to check to see which companies are offering the best incentives and promotions and sign up with the one that offers the best deal.

Sign a Contract

While contracts do not sound ideal, they offer consumers a chance to receive services at a much cheaper rate. Signing a contract does mean that the customer is agreeing to stay committed to a company for a specified period of time; however, the discounted security makes the decision worth it.

Find a Company That Is Not Forcing the Purchase of a System

Consumers will need to steer clear of companies that are adamant about making them purchase one of their systems. When companies are insistent that customers purchase a system, this usually means that they want to hike up the price. Companies that allow customers to use a system that they already have are the best options.

When individuals find discounted monitoring services, they can stay safe without hurting their bank accounts. What’s more, people can enjoy peace of mind and a heightened sense of security with a good, discounted monitoring system.

How to be more efficient at your reception desk!

A receptionist is often a customer’s first port of call when dealing with a business. It is essential that they provide a positive first impression and deal with customers, clients and representatives of other organisations in a friendly, efficient and professional manner.

The exact requirements may vary depending on the company and the receptionist’s role within it, but these general tips should help any receptionist fulfil that role to the best of their abilities.

Think about your appearance

As the first person most visitors will see, the receptionist should be well presented. Some work environments are more formal than others and a receptionist at a firm of solicitors may be expected to dress differently than one at the office of a cutting edge fashion designer. However, receptionists should at least be clean and well groomed regardless of what the precise nature of the business is.


Most receptionists will be used to keeping several plates spinning at once, but the reception desk or area should be neat and well organised. A chaotic and cluttered reception area does not present a good first impression.

Keep yourself occupied

There’s usually something to do within most work environments. Even if you are enjoying a brief lull it can look terribly unprofessional if a customer arrives to find the receptionist filing their nails, making a personal call or playing games on their phone.

Be friendly

Even if you’re feeling under the weather or have had a blazing row at home, you should present a friendly, business-like face to the world. Your problems are not the problems of your customers, so deal with everyone in a friendly but efficient manner.

Perfect a good telephone manner

If your company has protocols for answering the telephone, make sure you stick to them. In general, you should always state the company name so that people know they have come through to the right place. Be friendly but deal with telephone queries as efficiently as you possibly can. If you cannot answer a query or resolve an issue yourself, you should have a clear idea of who to direct the customer to. Make sure that you take note of messages and make appointments accurately.

Keep accurate records

Whether you use a computerised system or log visitors in a book, most receptionists will be required to record information. This may simply be the amount of people dealt with, their names and contact numbers or more detailed information. Record the relevant information accurately on whichever system is appropriate.

Keep calm

Many receptionists will have times when they have to deal with a full waiting room or irate or upset customers. It’s important to maintain a professional demeanour at all times, even if you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed yourself. You should not have to take abuse but never escalate a situation by getting angry and shouting back at a customer. Try to remain calm and defuse the situation.

My name is Richard Deeley and I work for Randstad UK as a part time PR consultant. Jobs in reception are tougher than people often think but research carried out by Randstad illustrates that they are one of the most satisfying jobs to work in.

The In’s and Out’s of Family Insurance

It is a question that always gives families pause for concern, as there is never really a right time or a wrong time.

When is a good time to buy insurance?

You may think you don’t need health insurance if you are young and strong, with no known medical problems. Should you get it anyway?

This is only one of the questions facing people as they navigate a complicated insurance maze. Here are some other tips to think about when deciding whether or not to buy insurance.

1. Always Think About Life

If you have reached adult age and are no longer on your parents’ policy, you should think about life insurance of your own. However, single people without dependents may want to hold off. Once you get married, settle down and start thinking about children, that is the perfect time to consider life insurance.

How much life insurance you buy depends on how much you make. If you have arrived at a job where you know you will have a guaranteed salary that goes higher, then you will need to buy a policy that has roughly 20 times the value of a year’s salary. So if you make $100,000 a year, carry a policy worth two million dollars.

Likewise, if you have reached retirement age and do not have any need for assistance – let’s say you either hit the lottery or you invested wisely enough to live comfortably for the rest of your days – then having a life insurance policy would be redundant. Should you pass away, your money, should you choose, will go to your beneficiaries.

2. There’s No Place Like Home

Having a home policy is an important part of owning your own house. You need to insure against terrible acts such as fire, earthquake or tornado affecting your property and tearing it to shreds. However, think about what you need in terms of home insurance. If you have an option built into your mortgage payment where part of your payment goes to taxes and insurance, then you do not need to go any further.

If you have important valuables in your house, check with your company to see if they are covered underneath that policy. If not, then you may want to think about a little extra payment to cover those, or even a small separate policy should take care of the valuables. It is best to play things safe.

3. You Can Drive My Car

Most states require you to have auto insurance before you purchase a car. For items such as deductibles in personal injury and property damage, calculate a deductible you will be able to pay should an accident be your fault and then buy your insurance at that rate. Do not go for just minimum coverage. Buy enough to cover the cost of a car.

Your insurance provider will be truthful to you about what is and is not necessary to purchase for the type of car you own. Check with a company like 21st for a selection of insurance policies at affordable rates.

4. To Your Health

The Affordable Care Act is meant to make sure everyone has some form of health insurance, in order to make rates go down. A potential problem exists here, however. The Internal Revenue Service can force you to pay a penalty if you do not have health insurance. That penalty, even in later years, will be much less than the cost of a health policy.

Many people may choose to simply pay the penalty instead of buying insurance, simply because it is much less expensive. This means, although it wasn’t the government’s intent, it may be in your interest not to buy health insurance if you don’t work for a company that offers it. Time will tell if rates come down or this mandate will be adjusted, but for now it is a viable idea.

Tips like these should help you save money or spend it where you need to do so wisely.

It is the perfect way to insure a good future.

How Do I Export Saved Passwords in Firefox?

My computer hardware decided to die on me over the weekend, RIP my sweet computer.  Although it was able to be rebuilt in no time due to the computer dude residing with me who is also known as my sons’ father.  The computer didn’t actually “die” per say, I was still able to get online and do things from my computer but after a little while the networking card was not being seen by the computer, which meant, no Internet nor network access.

Thankfully I was prepping my computer for a reformat when all of the parts inside of my beautiful computer case decided to go on vacation. The only thing I was uncertain of while working to get my files, pictures and such transferred to our server was how do I export saved passwords in FireFox? This is one thing I always lose during a reformat, saved passwords.  I refused to go through losing my passwords yet again and knew there had to be a solution.

As with most everything in FireFox, I knew there must be an add-on I could use to save my passwords from being lost in thin air during the rebuild and reformat of my computer. I searched online to find the Password Exporter add-on for Firefox and let me tell you what, this is an easy add-on to use if you are looking to save your passwords or transfer passwords from one computer to the next using your home or office network.

Simply install the Password Exporter add-on in FireFox, you probably will be prompted to restart FireFox so that the add-on is available. From there go to Tools –> Options –> Security. You will now see under the saved passwords area in this tab an option to import/export passwords. Click the button to export passwords, but remember to save the file as .csv file so that you may open it in Excel or notepad documents. Then click to export passwords. A file will be saved on your computer, my advice is to save this file somewhere on your secure home network prior to reformatting a computer or trying to transfer it to another computer.

Once you are ready to access the saved passwords again, simply use the Password Exporter add-on in FireFox and use the import option. It’s a couple of clicks and you never have to worry about losing a password again. I would recommend keeping a back up of your passwords every so often on a secure server just in case the unthinkable happens and your computer crashes before you can export the passwords safely.


How I Used Debt Consolidation Services to Free Myself of Credit Card Debt

It was the summer of 2000… I had graduated high school, and was excited to continue on working in a fabulous office for who knows how long. My resume had been built up, money was great, and then it happened… Credit cards starting arriving in the mail! I must have received a total of five credit cards without even applying for them. Visa, MasterCard, Fashion Bug, you name it! The card would arrive, and instead of cutting it up, as I would do these days, I used them all. At age 18 I maxed out five credit cards and after losing my office job for other reasons, I was in a position where I needed to get out of credit card debt.

I sat on that credit card debt for about three years while it destroyed my credit rating and made it near impossible for me to have a normal, good, credit adult life. Finally, after getting a decent tax refund one year, I decided to look into debt help companies. After reviewing contract after contract, and trying to determine if utilizing a debt consolidation service was appropriate for my financial freedom, I finally was able to locate a company that I thought worked well for my situation.

My decision to work with a debt consolidation company was determined through detailed reviews of how the contracts worked, which company had a great rate to work with, and if my total debt was considerable enough to work with a debt consolidation company. I wanted to be able to pay off bills faster than I would have been able to living paycheck to paycheck.  The end result when using the debt consolidation company was that I paid off my credit card debt at a financial rate that worked for my specific needs at that time in my life. The contract I had was open enough so that I was able to cancel the contract, should my need for the service no longer be valid. However, I stuck by the contract, and paid off all of my credit card debt within just a few short years.

Merging my credit card debt into one consolidation plan really helped me to move forward in my adult life in a positive financial way.


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