Happy Sunday my Friends

PicsArt Collage Kids

I love using the PicsArt app on my Android based smartphone so that I can capture the fun moments and today I wanted to share some happy moment collages.

PicsArt Collage Kids 2

Sunday is nearing an end and Monday will be here before you know it, so enjoy today and make it the best day possible.


Remember that your kids are only kids once and to never take a day like today for granted. Hug them. Kiss them. Love them unconditionally.


And tomorrow is a new day so never regret a moment. Everyone makes simple mistakes, that is okay, let’s learn from today so that tomorrow can be even better.

Enjoy the day my friends and keep smiling! Happiness is a state of mind.

You Can Make Money On YouTube

I was in Walmart during a grocery shopping trip when this worker thought he was in my way, he was overly polite and forgiving while I said it was fine and that I didn’t know which way was up nor down at this moment. I was just spacing out at the freezer section while K-man in the cart was babbling about something and A-man was stomping around laughing.

The worker, apparently impressed by my dramatic boys, said I should record them and put the video up on YouTube, because I would seriously make some money. I had to laugh because I do make some revenue on YouTube with my YouTube Channel. The worker was so insistent upon me recording my sons and putting them up on YouTube, convinced they were amusing enough to get crazy views.

Little does this worker know, I already upload frequent videos, more frequently vlogs of me babbling so I said “yea I know, I already make money on YouTube” and he gave me the ole thumbs up with a smile saying “serious? Way to go!”

Thank goodness he didn’t try to get into a conversation with who I am what I do and all that because them boys o’mine only have a short attention spam in the grocery store so I am not super chatty with strangers if they are running along side of me shopping.  I guess even random people at grocery stores “get” the concept of making money online!

Wordless Wednesday 07/11 – Scavenger Hunt in Backyard

We made our own list …

Then we ventured outside…

To see what we could find on our list …

Then we wrote down what we found …

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Link up below & please leave me a comment …

Entertaining Videos

I have been capturing some video footage on my Flip for a long time now and finally am starting to upload them to my YouTube channel! It’s taken me a while as I edit them and clip the videos to ensure they are not too long but capture the moments for us to keep as family memories! Hope you enjoy ….

Family times are the best, these videos are simple reminders as to why I work from home no matter how often I struggle with working from home and trying to pay bills it is these times I capture in video that make it all worth my time!

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Men Of A Certain Age

Men Of A Certain Age

I was able to see a sneak peek of a new series coming out on TNT December 7th called Men of a Certain Age which features Ray Romano, Scott Bakula and Andre Braugher.  First I must say the music from the movie is awesome and includes Creedence Clearwater Revival , which I LOVE!

Aside from the music, the show overall wasn’t what I expected from Raymond. I have seen him on other shows such as Everybody Loves Raymond and thought he was quite funny. Men of a Certain age sneak peek was overall a great peek and has intrigued me enough to want to check it out on TNT, December 7th but overall I wasn’t sure if the show is going for comedy, drama or another theme.

I did find myself smiling and giggling at some points of the sneak peeks and can completely see how this could be a  hilarious series if I follow along with it a bit more. If you have TNT, tune in on Monday, December 7th at 10pm EST to see Men of a Certain age featuring Ray Romano, Scott Bakula and Andre Braugher and come back to tell me what you thought of the show! Can’t wait until Monday? Check out a preview of Men of a Certain Age on TNT whenever you want!

Make it a Happy Day!

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