Have Movie Night in the Comfort of your Own Home

Okay so maybe you are not a movie buff and just having an adult only night works best for you to play cards, read together or do something but for my relationship, having a movie night together while the kids are asleep is a fabulous way to connect as adults. All day and most evenings we are parents, taking care of the children and making their needs come first.  When 8 o’clock rolls around and all is silent we turn to our On-Demand movie selections to get a peek at current movies. Depending upon your location you may look at Time Warner Cable for your on-demand movie selections or movie previews. It’s great to have a selection of on-demand movies so that when the kids are asleep, the parents can still have a “movie night” in the comfort of their own home.

One way my boyfriend and I stay connected is really as simple as sitting down on the couch at the end of the night, chit chatting about our day, then turning our minds off “life mode” to watch movie selections, movie trailers and reviews of the current on-demand titles available. Occasionally we get stuck on two movies, not being able to decide so we turn to looking at movie reviews or the movie trailers again and again until we can come to a decision on that perfect-for-us film. Having friends who have Time Warner Cable, I have seen that many enjoy the selections of movies for on-demand services, you should check out timewarnercableoffers.com to see what they have to offer you in your particular area.

Right now the hottest movies are out for your viewing pleasure, such as The Heat and We’re The Millers, two hilarious films worthy of an adult movie night on the couch with popcorn or a drink in hand. Time Warner Cable has a wide selection of movies at your fingertips and a variety of cable packages for your viewing pleasure. In addition to cable television Time Warner Cable also offers you internet. Package up your necessary products in a reasonably priced way after reviewing their product packaging options on site.

Whatever you choose for your cable channels, make sure to take advantage of the on-demand features because that is what makes movie night the best night in our home – whether alone or with the children.

Still Working on Getting Back on Track Here, Slowly but Surely

I am trying to work but in all honesty this coming Wednesday will be the first day I have no kids all day without any other obligations. I had a day or so when I had no kids before but there was no way to unpack as Comcast had to come to get internet working in my master bedroom where my office is setup. My office setup is not like in my previous house as it’s an extension of the master bedroom, meaning part of the master bedroom has been set aside for me to work from, but I am thankful to have a place that is not in the main area of the home.


I will be able to focus and shut a door if need be to surround myself with just my laptop and work. Eventually I will have my ex husband build me a custom computer for my office but for now I work strictly from the laptop as it’s the only working PC I have that can handle all that I do for work.

Hoping to get back on track and share so many awesome pictures of our times with the move and our adventure in York Beach, Maine as well as other family adventures we go on soon! Have a beautiful evening my friends!

Blending Two Families in New Home

Still working on getting my office area setup, will have to wait for Comcast to come mid week to get the access for internet working in my office.

These past nine days have been spent with five children most of the days and we are working to get our things combined into one house and organized.

I hope to be back up and working with daily content and some awesome tips and stories on how to best blend a family soon, but for now I just wanted to pop in and say that I have not disappeared… more to come soon!

Smiles and hugs,


Firefox Sometimes Needs Medication!

I love when I get only the afternoons to work.  Seriously. Especially when I walk into my office to get some work done only to find out that Firefox had not taken it’s medication that day.

For instance, today I spent about an hour of my couple hours work time simply fixing Firefox and removing all of the crud Comcast tech’s put on my PC yesterday! Why do they have to install all of their Comcast crap onto my PC when you can easily access it all on their server over their internet connection when you log into there website? or whatever.

So today I fell out of love with Firefox as I had to remove and install the browser, but in all honesty I am a Firefox gal so I will give Firefox it’s pill and keep on using it because it is by far the only browser choice I have grown accustomed to being in love with.

You may now all move on with your day, I just had to share my rant with you all. Happy Wednesday, xoxo!

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Addicted to Switched at Birth On ABC Family

Last year, I believe it was, I received the first season of Switched at Birth on DVD and now I am completely addicted. Being that I rarely find a show I like that I make sure to see each week, I honestly didn’t think Switched at Birth would hook me, but it has.

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Since I do not get ABC Family channel, each new episode has to be watched On Demand with my Comcast account and that sucks because then I have to wait for it to be available but at least I have the ability to watch my favorite show, Switched at Birth each week and am able to pause it if the boys wake up mid night while I am feeding my TV show addiction.

Switched at Birth is a show about two girls who were switched at birth, both raised in very different families. One raised with rich parents where she was able to have anything she wanted and the best of everything while the other daughter got an illness as a baby and due to the low income, it seems, she ended up with hearing loss and is deaf.

This series is an amazing journey of love, life and questions about who we are within. It seems the biggest point I have found within this series is that no matter where you were raised, no matter what environment surrounded you growing up; ultimately we all become our own true self regardless of if we were raised by our biological parents or not.

If you have not caught Switched at Birth, I really think you should check it out but watching it from the middle may make you wonder where they all got to the point they are now so try to catch it from the first season through, if at all possible.

Switched at Birth airs each week on ABC Family on Mondays at 8/7c.

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