What’s with the Early mornings?

I have tried various bedtimes with my two sons in the past, never having been able to get them to wake up much later than 8am. That was nice, but it only happens on some rare occasion. Regardless of what time my sons go to bed, you can count on them rolling out of bed between 4am and 6am every day, seven days a week.

Now I don’t know about you but when the weekend comes I want to stay up a bit later, watching a movie, hanging out or writing on my blogs but then I pay for it come morning time. K-man has been waking up a couple of hours, if not as soon as I fall asleep, for the past few nights. He then ends up in my bed to sleep for the night, waking up for the day around 5am when his brother is whining and wide awake demanding breakfast.

I have no clue what to do to deter this early morning wake up, now if you think about it the boys sometimes pass out between 7pm and 8pm, waking up at 5am puts them sleeping somewhere between 9 and 10 hours. I don’t know if that’s enough sleep for a 4 & 6 year old or not. The boys used to sleep closer to 11-12 hours per night and then they were in better moods, so I can only assume they are boys who need 11-12 hours of sleep for a steady mood through out the day.

Lately I can forget about doing much past mid day because their moods are so horrible from being over tired that I can barely tolerate them. I want so badly to enjoy my sons but lately with them not getting enough sleep, which is what Aj used to do all of his life up until about a year ago, I just can’t function as well or have as much patience. I hate watching as Aj is having troubles sleeping as much as he needs to again, after all I thought he finally had a proper mood disorder diagnosis and was on the right medication. Maybe due to weight gain and growing taller it’s time for the dosage change, but I am not sure that’s the answer quite yet. I happen to like that he is on the lowest dose of the Risperidone.

Whatever the reason, whatever the diagnosis; the fact of the matter is my two sons need to sleep more and how do I force them to sleep more? Trying to force them to stay in their bedrooms is like asking to have a tornado of screaming, crying and sometimes aggressive behavior in your home. I decided to do what I do best; reach out to my blog readers and community for help on how to get the boys to go back to sleep, stay in bed longer or even take a mid day nap??

Tired Eyes, Yawning Mouth and Added Weight


It all starts at about 6:00pm … you start to get the little ones ready for bed. Dinner is done and now bath time has begun. You hope that they have lost some energy from the full day of outdoor play. You hope that tonight will be the night that you get more than two hours of sleep at a time or two hours of work done at a time. Tonight needs to be the night that these two boys sleep all night long because you fear if they don’t sleep tonight all night long, that you may not make it through another long day of lack of sleep symptoms, tired eyes, yawning mouth and added weight.

The pressure is on. The boys sleep for three hours and you have hope, hope that they will sleep all night long in their own room, in their own beds because after all your queen size bed has become too small to have two children added to it during the warmer than usual nights.

It started with the now four year old who never really slept through a night all of his life. He started to sleep through the night just fine and something happened, making it impossible for him to sleep longer than just a few hours at a time. Next came the youngest child, and he always slept great even though he was a light sleeper. Once the youngest turned age two it seems all heck broke loose in the house and sleep became something we have forgotten about.

Sleep is truly something no one in my household knows much about. We do not get it and if we do it’s at the expense of someone else not getting enough. Taking turns sleeping in only works so often when you have one in school and activities and appointments to get to early in the morning. Life as we know it has been this way for four years, tearing at our hearts, our minds and taking its toll on our bodies and mind.

How can one think straight and work and be positive when their brain is barely reminding them to eat? This life needs to change because as much as she holds onto the hope that tomorrow the boys will sleep through the night, she also knows that realistically it will take a lot longer than just one more night to turn this situation around. Four years has been enough, enough is enough and no matter how frustrated and tired she is, she refuses to give up hope, she knows that one day these lack of sleep nights will be missed because her boys will be grown men and no longer even sleep in the same house as their Mama.

Something needs to change, but how will it change?

Dream Essentials Luxury Sleep Mask Review

My family tested out the Dream Essentials Luxury Sleep Mask to help with restless nights! My daughter always wears an eye mask to bed at night for whatever reason it has become a habit to do so when sleeping at my house. I used to have two sleep masks but since Princess Ki started using sleep masks I have lost my two I own and so Dream Essentials Luxury Sleep Mask was a great thing for me to receive for review.

This sleep mask is amazing in quality, soft with indents for your eyes to not have it so tight on your eyes. Velcro closing to allow you to adjust for just the right fit at night! I personally have loved using this product for a couple weeks now and it does help so that no light gets into my eyes when the kids use my bathroom {instead of their own} in the middle of the night. I love the sleep I get with this sleep mask because I get very little. It’s great to know I get a restful slumber with this luxury eye mask.

Key Features:

  • 100% light blocking for effective sleep and relaxation.
  • Ultra comfortable using natural cotton for sensitive facial skin.
  • Eye cavity – your eyes don’t touch the inside of the mask.
  • Fully adjustable strap.
  • Available in six wonderful plush colors.

Purchase Dream Essentials Luxury Sleep Mask

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