Sharing the Tradition of Cutting Down a Real Christmas Tree 2013 #happilyblended #family

Christmas has come and gone so quickly, even the 12 days of vacation from school that my children had just flew by too fast. I wanted to share our Christmas Tree story because, well it’s a bit late but a fun story to share.

Oh Christmas Tree

For years my children and I, up until last year, my ex husband was included too – we go and cut down our Christmas Tree. It’s a family tradition. Last Christmas (of 2012) was the first year my ex husband and I did things separately, as our youngest was starting to have issues realizing Mommy and Daddy are not together even though we do a lot together as a “family unit”. The traditions of our prior family had to stop being shared together as adults, but separately with our sons for each household. It was important for us to do that for our sons to move forward.

So this Christmas, 2013, was the first year we celebrated with my fiance and his children. The kids and I really want to make the fiance and his kids realize that they are a full part of our family here, the children of my fiance now have two homes – one with their Mom and one here with their Dad and me. It’s important to everyone here that the children feel at home while they visit every other weekend. Sharing our picking out and cutting down of the family Christmas Tree was important.

Little Human Christmas Tree

We all headed out in two vehicles to the place just near our house to get a tree. Basically this place cuts the tree down for you and the five kids and us walked around until we found a tree that we wanted.

Human Christmas Tree

You see picking out a tree was half the battle, getting it into the house and on that little human tree stand was another story. The boys and my step daughter had a fun time being all cute pretending to be the real Christmas Tree.  We did finally get that tree up on our tree stand and it was ready for the annual tradition of Brandy and Kiara to go at it while attempting to put garland and lights on the tree… now that was entertainment for the remainder of our family.

Christmas Tree 2013

It all started when Kiara felt the need to report that I totally suck with winding of the garland and/or lights. Each time I attempt to wrap anything like she does in the picture above, I end up with tangles and knots. She is great at this  …. I am not. I am simply a pawn waiting for Kiara’s next command, or idle threat of hoping the garland is around my neck as she pulls to wrap it around her arm. She’s a sweet child, I promise!

Happily Blended Tree Cutting

Then the arguing commences over who wants what where and why. This is ridiculous to me, but the five children placed various decorations on our first time Blended Family Christmas Tree with little mishaps. Us adults, had the job of cleaning the decorations because my over 10 year old candy canes melted and got all over the decor leaving us with no candy canes on tree this year.

Christmas Tree Tradition

Finally our first Christmas tree together as a family was complete and we enjoyed looking at it every night until about 2 days after Christmas when I had enough and took it all down! It’s important as we plan for a 2015 wedding that we remind our children that all 5 of them are our family, together always. They are all to be included, loved and made to feel a part of our lives whether with us or the other parent. We love our five combined children and would do anything for them! I was a merry, happy evening this particular evening and it’s a memory I will hang onto for years.

Glitzi Globes for The Girl in your Life #art #crafts

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Glitzi Globes Art

Glitzi Globes are the coolest creation yet by Moose Toys! I am just loving the creative activities that Moose Toys have been coming out with to keep my children busy working together and using their imagination. Today I am sharing Glitzi Globes with you and as a person who loves collecting snow globes, I think these things ROCK.

Glitzi Globes have an approximate retail value of $7.99 to $19.99 depending upon which kit you purchase and are all rated for ages 5+. As much as I would like to say this is a great girls gift, it can be for that boy who loves being creative too. My daughter and my boyfriend’s daughter got to work creating their Glitzi Globes a couple of weekends ago and this is their creations:

Glitzi Globes Creation

As said to me the process is really simple;

  • choose a bottom you want
  • choose a character you want
  • place the globe into a dock and insert your glitter, water and little charm of choice.
  • Connect them together with a snap
  • Voila! You have your very own Glitzi Globe.

Not only are these something that would be a great hit under the Christmas tree this holiday season but they are something great to purchase ahead of time and have your children create a Glitzi Globe as a family gift giving item. I know many in my family who would love to receive a sweet, hand crafted gift from my children.

Glitzi Globes, Glitzi Globes Starter Kits and Glitzi Globes Glitzi Showcase are available now for purchase from many retailers including Toys R Us and Walmart.

Happy Faces, Happy Moments

I love looking back on pictures that make me smile… my boys and me in one shot, all happy —

Mama Bear Fights for her Kids

The Dad at my house on Christmas Eve —

Grampa spending Christmas Eve with Grandkids

Getting a pic of all three of my kids and me, just to find out the little one was showing his chewed up food —

My three kids and me

And our first year of getting our Christmas tree without help from anyone else –

Christmas Tree Cut Down

I love that when I look back at so many pictures I have taken that each time we all seem so happy. The kids sort of went through a funk for a bit, due to situations that arose, but now they seem to be super happy again and I just had to look back to cherish some of those happy moments today as I prepare to have them gone with their Dads for the weekend.

I love my family so much!


Dial Complete Foaming Hand Wash is Dressed Up

There’s a new hand soap in town, okay well it isn’t a new hand soap per say, it’s Dial Complete Foaming Hand wash but it’s all decked out for the holiday season with snowman, Christmas Trees, Santa Claus and even a peppermint looking design.


Tis the season to be decorating your household and why not decorate your house with hand soap that is festive? Dial Complete Foaming Hand wash has the perfect smell and makes my kids wash their hands way more than they ever did before.

This is the #1 doctor recommended antibacterial foaming hand wash. Dial Complete Foaming Hand wash kills 99.99% of germs encountered in the household setting while still being gentle on the skin. I have witness first hand how soft my hands feel after using this, I don’t feel as if I just washed my hands with a sticky, uncomfortable hand wash. Call me spoiled, but I love the soft feeling of this hand wash.

The kids wash their hands more. My hands feel smooth. I am a happy Mama who is happy to share Dial Complete Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash with you all. Connect with Dial on Facebook and visit their foaming hand soap website today.

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Weekend Reflection: Fun Filled Kid Weekend

This weekend was fun, I was a tad bit nervous taking my three kids to do so much but they ended up surprising me, having a blast and being well behaved. We had so much fun that I had to share ….

First things first, we had a few people over for a pizza party, which you will read all about later on this week, sister and brother in law were part of the guests so we had some family around on Saturday morning for pizza with guests…

Family over for PIzza Party with Guests

Next we got ready and headed out to get our tree. Normally we cut our own down for $10, but this year we went to a different place locally where they cut it for you. The kids had fun walking all over the tree farm until they finally agreed upon their tree.

Christmas Tree Cut Down

The tree was taller but Kiara had the guy cut it down this short. We have a short, fat Christmas tree that was brought into the house and downstairs by Kiara and myself. Then Kiara helped me place the Christmas tree in the stand and voila, we had our Christmas tree up ready and ready.

My three kids and me

The kids and I took a shot of all of us before we headed out to see Santa, it’s the Home of Christmas Spirit in Cornish, NH where we travel to each year to see all of the Christmas lights and see Santa too. Prior to this picture and trip, my aunt and uncle stopped by to deliver some chocolate peanut butter balls, delicious Christmas present, as seen in picture, K-man loved them so much he had to show you all his already been chewed one.

Home of Christmas Spirit Cornish NH

Gifts and Hot Cocoa from Santa

Since we spent most of Saturday being busy little bees, Sunday was suppose to be reserved for more of a relaxed day. We all stayed in our pajamas all day, but we did brush teeth, hair, etc.I even showered but put my pajamas back on and we just hung out at home. We decorated the Christmas tree first thing …

Kids Decorated Christmas Tree

Last but not least we spent the remainder of our lazy Sunday doing laundry, dishes, cleaning and crafting.

Pirate Puppets

While I had a great weekend with my kids, please note that I am aware of the tragedy at a Connecticut School where many innocent lives were lost and children who will not be doing things like this with their families anymore. I send my thoughts, prayers and hugs to those families who have lost their loved ones and I only hope that you can cherish and hang onto those happy times you had with your loved ones while they were here. It was a horrible, no excuse for it crime that best be punished … and my heart aches for everyone who has lost someone.


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