What Does the Mama Say

My five year old son enjoys being goofy, like all of the time. I always say he is my little comedian. It’s hard work to capture K-man’s comedian side with a sense of getting an education and actually staying focused. While K-man is doing well in school this year, his first year in school all day, he does tend to exhibit the side of a “class comedian”. Thankfully we all are working together to get his attention focused on school work and being silly at recess or at home instead.

As of late, the What did the Fox Say song is my five year old son’s favorite tune to mock. Shown in the above video, my five year old son is singing “What does the Mama Say” to the tune of What Does the Fox Say.

Yes. I live with this daily. Always that amount of energy and excitement with this child. Always.

So what is your kids favorite tune to sing these days?

Christian Fiction Books

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Easter is Coming

SO what do you all do for Easter? Do you have any travel plans?

As Easter nears I realize more and more that our family never really has done anything. I want to say that some of my older relatives get together for a nice dinner, usually a ham dinner but really all we do here at our house is search for the Easter baskets that the Easter bunny left behind and hid through out the house.

The day is just another day for us, even though I am aware of what Easter truly is, we just haven’t ever done much more than that. Every year our local rec center does an Easter egg hunt and we go attend that together but it’s just my youngest kids and myself because it’s during a week day while my oldest is in school.

I am excited to say that after I wrote this blog post & Scheduled it to go live on site I was invited to dinner at my Mom’s house for Easter and so that is what we will be doing this year!

So as Easter nears, I ask the question …. how do you all celebrate and acknowledge this day? Looking forward to hearing what traditions you have.

The Santa Cause from Santa Paws

“Someone once told me that the spirit of Christmas is embodied in the hearts of children, untouched as of yet by the doubts, fears and disappointments of the adult world.”

–Santa Claus in “The Search for Santa Paws”

Whether you’re nine or ninety-nine, Santa Claus likely still holds a special place in your heart. Maybe you remember sitting on his knee at your local mall as a child or writing—and re-writing—him a letter asking for a dollhouse or red wagon. Many of us remember staying up past midnight in hopes of catching a glimpse of him as he came down your chimney.

As parents, we pass down the stories and traditions of Santa Claus. Even if we can’t think of a logical explanation as to how he visits every home on one night or why there are so many Santa look-alikes all around town each December, it is important that we support the true meaning of Christmas and the Santa Cause. Kids ask us tough questions all the time, and this one, like many others, is one that doesn’t come with a clear-cut answer. The simplest thing is to tell your children to have faith and to just believe. Children love magic, so if you just explain that Santa is magical, that should hopefully help them understand the underlying spirit of Christmas.

Santa Claus is a wonderful tradition, and establishing traditions in your family that get passed down from generation to generation—such as baking cookies for Santa and his elves each Christmas Eve or leaving carrots out for his reindeer—helps create a bond between you and your children. It also makes the holiday more meaningful, memorable and fun for kids, who otherwise might complain about wearing a coat and tie to Christmas Eve dinner at grandma’s. So despite the fact that logic may tell you otherwise, make a point of teaching your children about Santa Claus, his 8 tiny reindeer, his sleigh, his workshop and of course, his best friend, Paws.

Oh yes this has been shared with you because The Search For Santa Paws is going to be available on November 23rd and I have my hands on a copy! I have watched it not once, not twice but three plus times now with my children! I can not wait to share our thoughts about this fantastic movie! I am a Christmas movie fanatic and glad The Search for Santa Paws has been added to my family’s collection of DVD’s.

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I Confess I am Ditsy

I must confess to you all that I am ditsy, spacey, lost at times. I don’t know why or what has gotten into me but I have done things such as drop off an empty disposable camera at Walmart photo lab, walked out of a store to find out I don’t remember where I parked the car and must ask my 7 year old where the car was parked. I am so ditsy and lost sometimes that my daughter knows she is my memory. I seriously use post-it notes all over my house when something is coming up. I have reminder alarms set in my Blackberry Curve so that I do not forget to do things that must be done on a daily basis.

I don’t know why all of a sudden I developed this lost, spacey attitude that my sister often says is just me being ditsy, but it is here and I am working on getting rid of it. My sister informs me that being ditsy isn’t attractive, but I get a laugh out of it, so figure someone else may too?!

I have tried to blame it on having three kids, I have blamed it on lack of sleep, I have blamed it on everything I can think of but apparently all those excuses are just that … excuses … and have no real valid logical reasoning behind them. My father tells me the memory loss is hereditary?! I hope not because I am still hoping my brain will return when the kids get a bit older and I am not going in so many directions!

Question for thought: What’s your confession? Are you spacey at times? I would love to hear your comments on my post and if you can relate at all!

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