Chicken Soup for the Soul: Parenthood 101 Heartwarming and Humorous Stories about the Joys of Raising Children of All Ages

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Today I am sharing a Chicken Soup for the Soul book that was released in March of 2013, apologizes on the delay in getting this information to you. I suppose better late than never. As I work to move this week I wanted to make sure that I share this new book with you all because it’s a great read for you all about Parenthood. Parenthood is a tricky thing for us, you see it’s the hardest but most rewarding job I personally have ever had. I bet others may be able to relate to that feeling.


Chicken Soup for the Soul: Parenthood: 101 Heartwarming and Humorous Stories about the Joys of Raising Children of All Ages is a fun read, and as usual it’s a positive uplifting book for you to enjoy. Stories from Becoming a Family to What Goes Around Comes Around and my all time favorite topic “Love Conquers All”. Each chapter shares wonderful, personal, real life stories from others as they went through parenthood. From stories you can relate to, laugh at, shake your head at and simply enjoy, I think you should go ahead and go see if you can’t purchase this Chicken Soup for the Soul: Parenthood book today for yourself or a loved one.


Chicken Soup for the Soul Married Life & Family Caregivers

Chicken Soup for the Soul brand books are amazing and I am excited to be sharing a couple of new books of theirs with you all today!

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Chicken Soup for the Soul – Married Life! 101 Inspirational Stories about Fun, Family and Wedded Bliss

What a great book full of inspirational stories of love and married life. I am not married, but I can still enjoy these wonderful stories. I know all to well that your spouse may not be the most perfect person all of the time, who is?! BUT there are those wonderful moments that keep you all hanging tight in happily ever after together. Think of those happy, loving and silly moments with your spouse while you read aloud together this cute book full of inspirational stories of married life.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Family Caregivers 101 Stories of Love, Sacrifice and Bonding

This topic for a book idea is just wonderful and I felt it would coincide well with sharing the Married Life! book because the two can sometimes go hand in hand. Read stories from all ages of people who take care of family members, at home or in outside facilities. So much emotional and practical advice through stories of various people who want you to read their inspirational stories.

Want to know what else is coming from Chicken Soup for the Soul in 2013? Well go head over to the Chicken Soup for the Soul website where you can purchase books and see what titles are coming soon.

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Chicken Soup for the Soul Books Worth Reading & Giving

I talk about Chicken Soup for the Soul often, why? Well because they fit right in with who I am and what I believe in; inspirational, uplifting, honest and powerful stories from real people like you and me. Actually real people submit their stories to Chicken Soup for the Soul to get included, someday maybe I will submit my story for one of their books. Today I do not want to talk about the Chicken Soup for the Soul line in general nor about how my daughter and I enjoy the Mother & Daughter versions of these books, but rather a few copies of their books that will make great holiday gift giving ideas this year!

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Messages From Heaven 101 Miraculous Stories of Signs from Beyond Amazing Connections, and Love that Doesn’t Die

Death takes away the physical presence of your loved ones but not their spirit. You faith will be awakened and renewed with these inspirational stories about faith, life and death. A five year old’s story of having escorted his two year old brother to Heaven after they were in a car accident, came back to talk about it. A late mother who came back to her daughter to tell her about a potentially fatal blood clot that the doctors missed. Amazing, inspirational stories leaving you with goosebumps is what Chicken Soup for the Soul: Messages from Heaven will leave you with.  Share this with your loved ones today or purchase this book for your own self.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Food and Love 101 Stories Celebrating Special Times with Family and Friends … and Recipes too!

Enjoy the stories of food and love, what better way to spend a cold Winter day but curled up in your favorite couch, recliner or other chair and read other peoples wonderful memories around food. This is a book where Chicken Soup for the Soul has put together their most heartwarming and mouthwatering stories as well as recipes for any food lover.  Once you read this you will want to go heat up the kitchen and make your own memories with food, for sure! Check out Chicken Soup for the Soul: Food and Love on and Chicken Soup for the Soul website today!

Chicken Soup for the Soul Stay at Home Moms 101 Inspirational Stories for Mothers about Hard Work and Happy Families

Moms are the unsung heroes of our families, so they say! As a work at home Mom myself I can tell you that this was one of the hardest decisions to make myself and enjoyed reading along with others who talk about their own hard decision to be a stay at home Mom, how they learned to multi-task and have grateful husbands & children. This is not easy task, staying at home with kids, but these stories found in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Stay-at-Home Moms (Chicken Soup for the Soul (Quality Paper)) will surely have you leave with a feeling of appreciation and wow with just what is involved in being a stay at home mom!

Well, what are you y’all waiting for? Leave me a comment below telling me what Chicken Soup for the Soul book is your favorite of all time? Would love to hear who else enjoys these series!

Walking Down Memory Lane with my Daughter

There is a new thing I have been doing with my daughter to help us have more mom/daughter time and that is each night not only do I continue with our normal bedtime routine we have that involves stories out of one of our Chicken Soup for the Soul books, bedtime kisses and a song sung to her, but now she gets 10-15 minutes of unlimited ramble/talk time.

Having three kids, two of which being young boys that require a lot of my attention can make my oldest and only daughter feel as if she doesn’t ever get time with her Mom. This causes her to be sad and feel really left out of the loop and probably even feel as if I don’t care about her as much as I do her brothers. That is simply untrue, so I thought to myself one day “how can I make time for my daughter without creating a later bedtime or messing up the rest of the routine with the family life?”.

Then it dawned on me, she loves to talk as much as I do and I have noticed at her age of almost 10 simply having my full attention to ramble on and on is all that she really wants and needs. I decided to give her 10-15 minutes each night after our story time to have unlimited ramble time. I listen, she talks and we laugh and have a good old time just connecting as mother and daughter.

The other night, for her 10-15 minute ramble time, my daughter decided that she wanted me to review her scrapbook I started when she was a baby but haven’t touched since she was in Kindergarten. It was so much fun walking down memory lane with her, I was reminded of various things she had done that I didn’t even remember. Apparently she wasn’t quite the little angel child that I thought she was and did some things her brothers have done. Whereas I have always remembered her being so easy going and never doing any wrong as a little one.

I should have known better, all kids test limits at any age so why did I not think my daughter had done such things? One particular memory we ran into was a part where I wrote when she was three years old she called her Dad up and said “I am not listening to Mommy”, her Dad replied “you need to listen to your Mom” and Miss three year old Kiara replied “I don’t know how to”.

That one memory cracked us up and we were laughing about it forever. I loved walking down memory lane with my daughter; we smiled, we laughed and at one point even had tears in our eyes over the beloved memories of a mother writing about her first born child.


Chicken Soup for the Soul Medical & Healthy Lines of Books

Chicken Soup for the Soul has been busy putting out some amazing new books and today I wish to share with you three that come from their Inspirational Stories and Medical Advice line of books for a healthy you!

If you are over 50 and looking for some weight loss and fitness stories and tips then you would really enjoy Say Hello to a Better Body by Dr. Suzanne Koven of Harvard Medical School from Chicken Soup for the Soul. This book is a wonderful combination of intelligent advice as well as inspirational stories I have grown to expect and love from the Chicken Soup for the Soul books.  This book will share stories and tips on how to get started, how to manage menopause symptoms through exercise and nutrition, how to eat right without counting calories and so much more!

Chicken Soup for the Soul Say Goodbye to Stress Manage your Problems, Big and Small, Everyday is written by Dr. Jeff Brown of Harvard Medical school and shares fabulous advice on how to reduce stress and restore serenity in your own life. My kind of book! You will learn how to stop being your own worst enemy, reduce stress in the workplace even if you have a killer job, reduce stress at home where it all starts and getting in touch with your stress and change your attitude. All wonderful stories and advice to help you move forward with less stress, remember stress can kill so managing it can surely help you lead a longer, healthier life!

Chicken Soup for the Soul; Say Goodbye to Back Pain How to Handle Flare-ups, injuries and Everyday Back Health written by Dr. Julie Silver of Harvard Medical School is a fantastic read for those who need some inspiration and advice in the area of back pain. In this book you will read stories that will share with you preventative exercises to ward off problems,with easy to follow instructions and diagrams, how to think like a doctor and get the right answers, how to use your mind to reduce pain and injuries (love it), and what to expect during physical therapy, surgery and other procedures plus so much more!

I am a Chicken Soup for the Soul Blogger, which means I receive their books shortly before or after publication to share my thoughts and the details of the releases with you all. Any opinions shared are that of my own 100%.

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