Shout Wants You to Have More Fun: Partnering with The Color Run {Giveaway}

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Shout® is on a mission for Americans to Shout it Out and have fun this 2014. The mission is simple; get out and have fun with the family and yourself even if that means making mess! You know Shout® will have your back with those messes, no joke! I have been a customer for Shout® products since I became an adult, it works amazingly at getting those tough to clean stains out of my kids clothing. That is why I am never fearful to have some messy fun with these kiddos of mine!

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Shout® has partnered with The Color Run at races across the country and launched a Fun Finder that allows users to find new and fun activities in their neighborhood, found at

Spills and stains are bound to happen when having fun, but with the stain-fighting power and versatility of Shout®, stains can be treated wherever and whenever they happen, making it easy for families to get the most out of life while still looking their best.

Today, Americans are overscheduled, overly uptight and under their fun quota with nearly 75 percent citing their responsibilities get in the way of being able to have fun. I am so glad I am in that 25%, I found a good balance of work and life in my world. I really hope that you reading this, will assist you to let go and remember life is no fun if you are coupe up working all of the time – having a solid work/life balance makes people happier, healthier and the world a fun place!

At select races (The Color Run) across the country, runners will have a special experience with the Shout® Color Mister and 360 Color Cam.

Participants will run through the orange color zone, courtesy of Shout®.

Post-race, runners can stop by the Shout® tent where there will be a misting station to lock in their color.

The 360 Color Cam will blast runners with even more color and capture the fun with a camera that will produce a 360 video so they can share their messy moments with their friends.

These special activities will take place in:

  • May 31: Queens, NY
  • June 8: Chicago, IL
  • June 21: Los Angeles, CA
  • July 19: Philadelphia, PA
  • Aug 23: Salt Lake City, UT
  • Sept 6: Portland, OR

My daughter and I participated in a color run type 5K walk/run, I do not believe it was called The Color Run though. It was such a blast to experience, it was to raise funds for our local Library Arts Center events. We walked it, and along the way you could stop to color various things. It was such a blast.

ColorSplash 5k For Community Arts

Will any of you be attending one of The Color Run events? They are located all over the United States it seems one must get close to you at some point.

The Chicago Bears Drumline along with the Ray Graham Drumline, a local youth drumline made up of special needs youths from Chicago’s south side, will perform together at the Chicago race on June 8, with a high-energy performace to rally and motivate the runners.

Shout® will be partnering with Mel B, best known as a famed Spice Girl, who will be at the Los Angeles race on June 21 to help motivate and inspire Americans to let loose and find their fun again this year.

I am calling You TO Action:

From May 5-September 30, 2014, Americans can enter to win a fun-filled, dream vacation to experience a Color Run in New Zealand by posting a photo on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ShoutItOut #enter

To help Americans find family-friendly, messy fun right in their own neighborhood, Shout® has worked in partnership with Yelp to launch the Shout It Out Fun Finder found on, enabling fun for everyone. Check out Shout® Fun Finder at

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American Heart Month and Quaker #QuakerHearts #spon

Kids Riding BikesDuring American Heart Month, Quaker is teaming up with heart-throb chef Fabio Viviani to energize and inspire women to take action for their hearts.  I must admit I am always on my kids about how staying fit, trying to eat healthy and making good decisions in your lifestyle is what can help keep your heart healthy. I have a Grampa who has had bypass surgery of some sort, I am not fully educated on what happened but from what I *think* is true is that the pipes leading all to his heart and such are no longer the real arteries, they have been replaced. The strong willed farm man, my Grampa, is close to or right at 90 years old and still working on the farm to this day. He is a fighter but having had this come up about heart health really reminded me of him.

Each time I catch my kids begging for junk fast food meals or not being more active I harp on them how it’s not heart healthy to be inactive. During the Winter months we are famous for letting things go; from lack of outdoor activities to the laziness factor that comes with lack in sunlight, shorter days and cold weather. I try my best to educate all of my kids, who like me, struggle with keeping weight off, the importance of being heart healthy. This is why I try to partake in campaigns such as this one with Quaker, to help bring awareness to others on the topic of heart health. What you eat, your fitness level and your overall health not only affects your body image and your moods, but it affects ultimately your heart health!




Quaker’s Epic Hot Breakfast Sweepstakes

Another way Quaker is helping encourage heart health this American Heart Month is to host a sweepstakes. The sweepstakes is super easy to enter, simply watch the Quaker’s Epic Hot Breakfast video on YouTube and share this on Twitter using the hashtag #QuakerLove between 10am Central Time February 14, 2013 through 11:59pm Central Time February 28, 2013.

One Grand Prize

One lucky person will be randomly chosen to win a chance to enjoy a spa treatment, and dine at Siena Tavern in Chicago with a guest of their choice.

Runner Up Prize

At the end of the month, 15 participants will also be chosen at random to receive an “Ultimate Hot Breakfast” prize pack complete with Quaker Oats, signed items from Fabio Viviani, and additional items to help start your day.

How Can you Learn more about Keeping Heart Healthy?

Join in the fun conversation Friday, February 15, 2013 during the Twitter party. You may RSVP over at Resourceful Mommy for your chance to win awesome prizes and partake in a conversation around Quaker and American Heart Month. There will be 4 $50 Visa Gift Cards given away during this Twitter party.

Connect with Quaker on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

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HomeTeam App Making Sports Parents & Coaches Lives Easier

This year when Kiara had cheerleading the coach used a program to have a way for all players, coaches and parents to be able to easily communicate. It was awesome to have that luxury of being in touch so quickly with everyone involved in cheerleading, I wish all sports had something that organized. Going forward, teams, coaches and parents can use an app called HomeTeam, it’s $1.99 and I am going to tell you a bit about it today!

Those parents with children in sports can enjoy the quick access to team roster, easy place for all children’s sports schedules at the touch of your fingertips and contact information for other parents to assist with carpooling or anything else that may come up. Easy access to all that one would need as a parent to a little sports star.

Those who coach children sports can maintain rosters for all of their teams, maintain the team calendar, and have the quick ability to send emails and texts to the team players and their parents.

Those who play the sports can maintain access to photos and the roster of your team, automatically add games to your device calender and have contact with the coaches and other players as well as their parents with text and/or email.  Receive quick up to date information from your coach and managers of team.

This HomeTeam app costs $1.99, which is an introductory price through December 2012. I have three children, two of which are in sports every Fall season. I know that had this been an app I had handy it would have saved loads of time for me. I love that I have two sports players in the Fall but man, when the third one is ready for his Fall sports next school year I will be in trouble trying to track down the calender of games and practices.

With the HomeTeam app I would totally be in control more and enjoy the one touch, quick access to parents, coaches and players for my children’s teams. Check out the HomeTeam Website and like HomeTeam on Facebook to stay up to date with their latest news.

Download HomeTeam today at the iTunes store for current introductory price of $1.99 {price valid through December 2012}.

A Four-Year-Old’s Birthday Done Right

I’m sorry, but spending $32,000 on a child’s birthday is downright ridiculous.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my son, Reid. He’s the greatest three-year-old I’ve ever met. But, I wouldn’t spend 30k on his birthday party, even if I had that much to spend.

Why? Because there’s no need to.

Maybe I’m just too cheap, but I think it’s entirely possible to have an amazing party for less than $100. Maybe even less than $50. Throwing a lavish party doesn’t necessarily mean everyone will have a great time. Often, the pressure to have a great time at an expensive party outweighs the possibly of even having fun at all.

With that being said, I’m planning a cost-effective, but exciting party for my son’s birthday next month. Check out these tips for ways to throw an awesome party without having to open a new credit card in the process.

1)      Visit Family: If you have family nearby, paying them a visit to celebrate your little one’s birthday is a great idea. Reid has a few cousins that he loves playing with, but doesn’t get to see much! Taking your birthday boy or girl to visit the cousins is always a great way to spend a birthday. Even better, as I was checking Chicago hotels in the area, my sister-in-law called and offered us her guest bedroom! Visiting family means that you’ll likely get to stay with them as well, saving you money on lodging and possibly food! Be sure to chip in your fair share, whether that means cooking everyone a meal, bringing groceries or doing the dishes afterwards. Do your research about the location, find coupons, ask family what they enjoy and plan an outing or two while you’re there. We’re taking the kids to the Shedd Aquarium and the Museum of Science and Industry!

2)      Create a To-Do Wish List: You know how your kids are always asking you to do things? Things you don’t have time to do like taking them to the park, walking the dog together, riding bikes, going to McDonald’s or having a sleepover? Use your child’s birthday as an opportunity to let them pack their day full of everything they’ve been asking to do! Sit down a few days or weeks before and make a list of all those little things they’ve been asking for! Set a schedule, invite a few friends and get revved up for the big day!


3)      “Potluck”: Kids always seem to want the most random food combinations for meals. Reid recently asked me if he could have yogurt and cheese cubes for dinner. Being a fitness and nutrition expert, I’m pretty strict about sweets and fast food, but special treats are a great way to celebrate a birthday just once a year! While I would never let Reid choose his own ‘creative’ meals everyday, I use his birthday as a chance to let him eat whatever he wants. Plan a potluck-style lunch or dinner and let your child choose the menu. Be clear that they will not have this privilege everyday, and set a number of foods they can choose. I usually let Reid choose three items, one of which is typically a sweet like birthday cake or cookies. They’ll get a lot of gratification from their special meal!

See? Planning a party on a budget is entirely possible! You can also buy decorations and games beforehand, so you won’t have to spend quite so much when the time draws nearer. Start early, give yourself time to make plans and be prepared to tell friends and family how you threw a great party for cheap!

Who Says A Three Year Old Doesn’t Know It All?

A short moment in my life with the three year old, Baby K. Baby K is a three year old boy and the baby of the family who has an answer for everything. I find it rather amusing at times then frustrating at other times, although I try to keep a straight face because I have to remind him I am still Mama and in control.

Scenario One:

Baby K was causing trouble as usual and my reply to him was “if you do that again I am going to find the duct tape and tape you to the wall and let you hang out there for chill out time”

Baby K’s reply “no, duct tape does not stick to people, it sticks to walls.”

Scenario Two:

Baby K was being rotten at the dinner table and I told him he would have  a time out if he didn’t stop.

Baby K’s reply “I will just get out of the corner”.

Scenario Three:

I cooked chicken alfredo for dinner with french style green beans. The boys refused to take a bite, I knew that if I could get them to just take a bite they would love it, as they have in the past, but this particular night both boys were being stubborn. My rule is you try it and if you don’t at least try it then no dinner, I am not a restaurant, this is what’s for dinner.

Baby K’s reply to me? He attempted to lift his end of the dining room table while food plates slowly slid towards my end of the table, I put table down and he had a time out. I still can’t get over the fact that he grinned, an evil grin, while LIFTING the table at age 3.

So you see, if someone tells you that a three year old doesn’t know it all then they were wrong. My three year old believes the world revolves around him and that he can get out of anything. Baby K also believes that glue or tape can fix anything that he breaks.

What did or does your three year old do that baffles you?

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