Keeping Kids Entertained Inside and Babbabox

During the NH Winter months I spend a lot of time hoping that I can hibernate, while my kids spend time wanting something fun to do. While I am usually a super creative Mom of three, there are times {cough} when I get the need to just stay inside. My outdoor children are not so keen on that idea but with the negative temperatures we have been having in NH lately, being outside is not an option. When it is below 0, at about -24 degrees F, it is not healthy to be outside at all.

Board Games Inside

We own a variety of board games and our newest edition is Mancala, a game that uses strategy as a way to win over your opponent. My six year old math kid loves this game and we enjoy playing against each other in a tournament type concept so that each kid and myself get to have a turn playing against one another in this two person game.

Imaginery Play

Another option, when we are stuck inside is to just play around being goofs, as seen above my daughter is all dressed up in her brothers hulk gloves and mask. Such fun, it seriously freaks me out when the kids dress up in costumes like this though. We also have a skeleton costume from Halloween that they kids enjoy wearing while having their “haunted walk” that they setup downstairs to have me walk through. Fun times!

Deck of Cards

If all else fails we get out a deck of cards and play a game called Spit or Go Fish together. Once in a while we play war, slap jack or higher/lower card games, but our favorites are Go Fish and this game my daughter learned how to play called Spit.  The kids and I really enjoy pretending to be super competitive and end up laughing through most of the card games. This is a fun time that even my youngest at age four can enjoy.

Then there are other times when the kids want to have the dining room table cleared off and craft time to commence. We truly love painting, crafting up silly projects using old cardboard boxes and just creating fun craft things. Bracelets, pictures, collages and more. The kids love to paint, color and create – I raised them well. Okay, so their Dad’s helped raise them too but you know what I mean!?  That is why when I was introduced to the Babbabox, I was excited. This is a cute way to cure those indoor blues. While it’s -24 degrees outside, the kids and I can enjoy fantastic fun inside with just one Babbabox of joy!




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A Game of Go Fish

A deck of cards in this house goes a long way, even the four year old can enjoy a good card game. One week my six year old was being left out as the ten and four year old were playing with their blanket fort in the bedroom and my six year old just wanted to play ninjas or something physical like that.

Go Fish with the kids

Since he was so super bummed that no one would play with him, I pulled out the deck of cards ventured downstairs so we were near the other two kids and we played a good game of Go Fish. The cool thing about this game was that even though I totally won Go Fish, my son didn’t freak out. Normally he isn’t so great at losing a game but he took it really well and I got some cute pictures during our game to make into a collage.

The joys of being a parent, it’s more rewarding than any other job I have held.

I Miss Card Games Before Bed Without Mood Switches

I have always been big on everyone sitting down to dinner together, it gives us time to discuss our days and really learn to communicate as a family but what do I do during bedtime routine when J is putting K down to sleep? Well that’s easy, Ki, Aj and I get together to play a game of cards. Recently we learned how to play Crazy Eights instead of our normal card games.

For some reason, a card game has become one of the few things that Aj can play with us all that doesn’t send him into a throw down fit. He has major mood fluctuations and card games have always seem to go over pretty well, with little to no mood issues, until recently when a new psychiatrist increased his current medication and now? I find myself missing our old card playing partner, the one who smiled like in this picture while playing cards. The child who didn’t care if he won or loss really, but simply enjoyed the competition and smiles we had while playing together.

I miss our old card games, but on a positive note, when Aj gets back to a steady mood again with whatever medication they end up trying, we will be able to play Crazy Eights for one of my daughter’s friends reminded us of this game. I had forgotten about Crazy Eights, Old Maid and other card games for we always just played Slap Jack, War and/or Go Fish because those were the ones in my immediate memory!

What other kid friendly card games can we enjoy together once Aj’s moods are more stable again?

Hasbro Card Games For Family Game Night

National Family Game night is coming up on Wednesday, September 29, 2010! I can’t wait to have some fun and games with my kids but why wait until then to have family game night? Why not make once a week or once a month family game night in your house? We do that here, we have fun playing a variety of games and to be honest as I look in our game closet I see that most of them are Hasbro Games products!

Family Game Night

Ki in PJ's Ready To Pick a Card Game To Play

Our family is a huge on spending time together and Hasbro provided my family with a few card times to test drive on our family game night. The card games we received were Yahtzee Hands Down, Sorry Revenge and Mille Bornes. Our family is made of my husband, myself and our two sons with my one daughter. Age ranges are mid 30′s down to age 1. These particular cards games we reviewed were recommended for ages 8+ and Sorry Revenge is for ages 6+. Luckily  my almost four year old was able to play Sorry Revenge with us, just needed some help on reading the cards!

Interesting Points:

  • According to a recent Hasbro survey, 42% of Americans said that they’ve laughed so hard when playing a board game that they’ve snorted! And 25% of Americans have even celebrated a big win with a flashy victory dance.
  • For the second year in a row, Hasbro is introducing a new layer of excitement to traditional card game play. Hasbro’s newest games, Sorry! Revenge and Yahtzee Hands Down, offer fast-paced fun for just $6.99.
  • You can indulge your inner genius with Who’s Smarter Than Who right online by checking out the Trivial Pursuit Experiment website.
  • Hasbro will encourage families all over to shut off their televisions and sit down to play on Family Game Night this year on the official date of Wednesday, September 29, 2010.

If you are on Facebook I would highly recommend you “like” Family Game Night on Facebook.

Disclosure: I received all three card games referenced above for free from Hunter Public Relations. All opinions and personal stories are that of my own 100%.

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