A Happy Halloween it Was #halloween

We were all prepared, Mama had zero clue what her kids would look like in their Halloween costumes because Kiara picked hers up with her Dad and the boys ended up getting theirs last weekend with their Dad too. So it was a fun surprise to have this in my house on Halloween night …

The boys and their Dad were all dressed up ready to meet up with Miss Kiara and her Dad to go trick or treating together. It was planned to be a fun evening with three kiddos walking together while my two ex’s and I walked along watching the kiddos having a blast.

What the night ended up being was a bowl full of fun, drama and ended with a screaming four year old. Although the trick or treating itself went awesome, the boys are too young and hate walking so much so that they only lasted a short period of time while my daughter was lucky to be able to continue along on the walk of trick or treating because she was in her Dad’s hands that evening. Meaning it was his evening to have her overnight.

The boys, on the other hand, were done. They were dropping to the ground, so tired they were complaining they couldn’t walk any longer and so the walk back to the car was painfully patience trying and the ride home with a screaming four year old really nearly put me in tears but seriously put me with a massive headache. The good thing was? The four year old passed out within just a few moments of being laid down to bed, because he was that exhausted.

The kids ended up with a ton of candy that¬† I am now seeking hiding spots for …

Easter Day at the Happily Blended Household

I don’t know what type of traditions you all have on Easter, but we have a tradition that involves a sneaky Easter Bunny hiding all of the kids baskets every Easter. The kids wake up and must find their baskets hidden in odd places around the house. This year, the big kids found their baskets almost immediately but the little one who had a basket in plain sight couldn’t find his.¬† The big sis Ki was right on top of the pout face and helped K find his Easter basket so in no time, around 6am the kids were checking out their baskets.

The kids had a bunch of candy but also some coloring books, a Friendship book for Ki and puzzles just to shout out a few items.

The kids had a blast going through their baskets but it didn’t take long before most of the candy was gone and the kids were bored. So we all settled down to get dressed and ready for the day. One of our other family traditions here is to do an Easter egg hunt, so the kids got ready while I got the plastic eggs prepared and J hid them all over the yard.

The kids had so much fun running around finding all of the eggs packed full of more candy, because that’s just what these kids needed on Easter … more candy.

Baby K was the king at the egg hunt, then Ki then Aj, but they all had a wonderful time and it’s a tradition that we will continue even into their teen years that we hope they will continue to enjoy forever!

What did you do on Easter? What type of traditions does your family have?

K Monster, Fighter Pilot and a Princess

You know I couldn’t get one good picture of all three kids, I mean I guess that’s how it goes being a Mom of three completely different children …

This was my sons first year going trick or treating. K Monster is two and Fighter Pilot AJ is four years of age. My daughter is eight years of age but since I never really got into taking her, she always went with her father who dresses up and everything! They always had fun. This year Princess Ki wanted to go with AJ because it was his first year, they have become pretty close.

So as the time neared Daddy worked on the costume for K Monster, because we didn’t get him a real costume yet, and had only tossed around a couple of ideas …. the monster idea stuck. We were all to meet up with Princess Ki & her father at my Mom’s house so she could get a pic of all three grandkids before we went out. Again, the kids didn’t really corporate, I will have to see what she got for pics of the munchkins soon!

I finally had the boys ready with the help from their father, wow, that was not fun! AJ was mad because K was a monster and we had to put some make up on his face, but of course AJ told me he doesn’t like pictures and he refused to stand still for one…. hence the reason they are running away and hiding from me here …

Finally we headed out to the car to get our trick or treating groove on!

Oh the boys had a blast! I mean a blast! Of course Baby K was right into the K Monster outfit with the growl and everything with it! It was hilarious and he even was so funny that this older couple started taking pictures of him growling at them! We died of laughter all night long! That kid is a RIOT!

After a few houses of people letting you have unlimited candy for your candy bag we started getting to houses that were only allowing you to have one piece of candy. That didn’t go over too well with the already tired K Monster. He is two years old so he also forgets his manners often and when a lady or two or three told him he could pick ONE CANDY out of a HUGE BOWL of CANDY well he had to say something about it … he proceeded to stomp once and make a LOUD mean growl sound as he gave the lady a glare! I died of laughter again, but also explained Baby K, dude, seriously, it’s okay. Say thank you and let’s go.

The first night of trick or treating with my sons was COLD but I laughed so hard that I completely forgot about the cold air. How did your trick or treating night go?

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