October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Each year since I have started blogging my mind starts to think about October, I know it’s only the end of February but in all honesty my favorite month is October. The weather is not too hot nor cold. October is also breast cancer awareness month where a lot of bloggers and brands work together to spread awareness and find some way to give back to the cause. One year I had thought that I would do what some bloggers do, share their revenues with the cause by donating all ad profits or something similar. The thing is, I need the money I earn to support the kids, so each year I try to wrote posts and spread awareness in any way I can as my way to support breast cancer education.

This year, I am hoping that I can do more than just blog about breast cancer awareness, I am hoping that maybe I can do more to give back or partake in 5K’s to help raise funds for the cause. A 5K walk would be a fantastic way to raise funds while getting exercise and it’s something that my daughter and I could do together.  Our last ColorSplash 5K walk was amazing because we completed the whole thing and raised funds to help the local Library Arts Center arts programs for the community.

Breast cancer does not just happen to females either, it’s a male issue too. What ways do you think I could take part in spreading more awareness and possibly raising funds to donate for breast cancer cures and awareness this coming October 2013? Would love to hear some suggestions.

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Breast Cancer Awareness, Funds Raised For Cure and Treatment

Most people bring full on awareness of breast cancer closer to October, that is the month of breast cancer awareness, but honestly we should be aware all year long. cureLauncher.com is a community that raises money for cancer treatments and medical research. There are various clinical trials that you can partake in with cureLauncher.com as well as ways to donate on their site.  When 90% of all funds donated go directly towards the cause, research and funding to help find a cure, you can rest assured that if you are not taking part in their trials that your money is being placed close to 100% towards what you are donating it for.

There are many trials going on now with cureLauncher.com such as one trial to help find treatment for pre-clinical heart failure and another for Pacemaker/Defibrillator after Heart Attack. I personally have only known one person with cancer, that was my uncle. They found the cancer so late that there was no cure, no trials, no nothing but letting him rest until he passed away. That was sad. I think that everyone should be more aware of their bodies, get annual physicals and take part in helping to fund research for breast cancer cures and other cancers. This is such an important medical necessity, do not let cancer take over, fight back. At least if you know you fought back all you could, brought more awareness to everyone about various forms of cancer and verbalized your story with the world, then you did all you could do to help save another life from cancer.

Right now, my daughter is dealing with a very close relative of hers being diagnosed with cancer, so this topic is very close to my heart.

October Photo a Day Fun with YesVideo @yesvideo #YesMemory

October is like my favorite month of the year, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Fire Safety/Prevention month and it’s my own birthday as well as my daughters. If you want me to be the most happy, check on me in October when Fall is here and leaves are changing colors in NH & falling all over the place! I just love October and so when YesVideo said they were doing a fun #PhotoaDay Challenge in October, I hopped right on that bandwagon and have been sharing photos on Instagram based on their photo a day word.

I thought since I was having so much fun participating that I would share this with you all because it seems everyone loves a good photo, or two! All you do is look at the image above, check which day it is and make sure when you upload to Instagram that you tag the following @yesvideo #YesMemory and #PhotoaDay from there you will see interaction and shares from YesVideo as they check out everyone’s photo a day share!

Tiffany’s Story

I wanted to share this story with you because I read about it over on one of my fave blog sites and well this is very important information to share! This story and details are all taken from Tiffany’s own story website and are not something I have personally adjusted in anyway.

Tiffany was diagnosed in August 2009 with a rare form of cancer called Ocular Melanoma. This is a very rare type of cancer of the eye. Doctors told her at the time that due to the size of the tumor the best course of action was enucleation, or removal of the eye. Tiffany handled all of this with amazing grace and strength. She had a prosthetic eye made and adapted amazingly quickly. Her insurance would not cover the cost of the eye, as it was deemed to be “cosmetic”, and she had to pay out-of-pocket for this. However, scans revealed no signs of cancer anywhere else in her body and she was deemed to be “cancer free”, and was told she just needed follow-up CAT scans every 6 months for the first 3 years.

She had a beautiful baby boy Dylan in January 2011. During her pregnancy she was unable to have the CT scans completed. She had her most recent scan March 2011. It showed the cancer had returned to her liver and spleen. To make matters worse, she lost her health insurance the day after she learned of this diagnosis. Thankfully, Tiffany has been able to secure insurance from the “high risk pool” in Texas,  and her coverage will be effective as of May 1st. However, the premiums and deductible are extremely high. In addition, treatment options are very limited. We are in the process of trying to research the best options quickly. It appears very likely that she will have to travel out-of-state to receive at least some of her treatments. There is a doctor in Pennsylvania that has some potentially promising treatments. We are not sure at this time what all treatment is going to consist of, it is constantly evolving.

Tiffany is dealing with all of this with an amazing attitude of perseverance. She is a fighter. She has a loving husband and three children to care for. Please help Tiffany in her fight against this horrible disease.

How you can help:

  • Make a donation to Tiffany on this site.
  • Attend the fundraiser we are having for her on May 21st at DRV Diesel Performance, 14402 Mary Jane Lane, Tomball, TX

For more information you can visit the facebook site

I will let you know that this post is not asking for donations, this is simply a way to share this information with you, her story and hopes that you will pray for her, if you don’t pray, send positive thoughts to the family!

I am simply sharing this information, I was not paid to share this with you, I simply saw the story on a blog, asked Tiffany’s friend to contact me and then shared this information with you all from the website directly.

The Many Moods, Hormonal?

So my daughter is eight years old, she will be nine in October and I find myself wondering if she is hormonal. This girl is totally happy one moment and totally upset and emotional the next. My daughter has always been a bit of a Drama Queen but this is getting way worse.

She was hiding, because someone was picking on her, so she says. Although the story was everyone was playing like they always play and she just took it personal, which seems to be the deal lately with her. Poor girl is so hormonal is all I can think.

I tried so hard to get a smile, I climbed the tower she was in and poked a picture shot from above, she refused to look, she refused to grin.

I think that is a half eye roll and maybe getting ready to yell at her brothers? I am not sure but no matter how many times I snapped the camera on my Droid I was unable to get this girl to smile in this moment, like at all. Seriously.

I think that is her yelling, what do you think? Well … I am lost as to what to do with this girl. Is it too early for hormone changes? She is 8 almost 9 but I swear her body is looking like the whole puberty change is coming on and wow, I am nervous because we are already starting to butt heads which is not common for us.

When did your daughter start “the change”?

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