Date Night – ‘The Other Woman’ Playing in Theaters

The last kid free weekend I decided that I wanted to watch a movie, The Other Woman was playing in our local theater and I just could not resist heading in to see this movie. I picked the 3:50pm showing because I don’t like to be out late in the movie theaters when they tend to be packed full. The Other Woman is a hilarious film about a woman who finds out her husband may be cheating on her. It’s a laugh out loud film that follows the wife of one man on a journey to find what her life is truly about. I feel this film shines a light on finding who we are and to remember not to judge a book by it’s cover; sometimes friendship trumps all other areas of life.

If you watch this film, I hope you find humor in it like I did. I honestly had to refrain from laughing out loud in the theater! What a fun date night that allowed the remainder of my kid free night be a blast, laughter is medicine for the soul.

Have you seen this movie yet? What did you think about it?

Personalized Jewelry Trends Through the Years

If you like to stay abreast of the latest fashion trends and wear what all the celebs are wearing, you definitely need to look at initial necklaces. These beauties are being worn by dozens of stars this year including such celebrities as Rachel Bilson, Cameron Diaz, Katie Holmes and Nicole Richie among others. The newest version of the charms are modernized to reflect an updated style. Yet the trendy, cool design give them a timeless, comfortable feel that makes them enjoyable to wear.
Many of the celebrities wearing these trendy accessories are probably too young to remember when charm bracelets were all the rage. Mainly in silver, though some came in gold, the chain link bracelets were filled with charms memorializing events and locations in a girl’s life. Typically, the charm bracelet was purchased alone, maybe with one or two charms attached. Then, charms were added to commemorate various events and special occasions. These might include birthdays, vacations, school achievements, getting a car, and anything else of interest to a teen of the earlier decades.
The next trendy style that revived similar jewelry was the mother’s charm necklaces so fashionable for awhile. These were either gold or silver and typically carried a charm for each child, in either a boy or girl shape, and most often with a gemstone birthstone for each. Moms everywhere were proud to wear these necklaces that were most often given as gifts, though some moms didn’t wait for someone else to buy them, they went out and bought their own!
There was a phase where dog tags where popular as well, often engraved with a couple’s names and anniversary date, or some other important information. These were much more than military-style identity tags, though some of them resembled that entirely. But many such necklaces were jewel encrusted or made of a shinier metal than the Army issues. Still, they were comfortable and creative, which is probably one reason they were so popular for a time.
Today, the initial necklaces come in any number of styles and designs. They can be extremely affordable, or priced for the rich and famous. But whatever the look, the detailing, or the design, these beauties are back for awhile giving even the youngest celebrity and girl-next-door the opportunity to enjoy their novelty and the fun of wearing an initial around your neck or on your arm.

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