Have Movie Night in the Comfort of your Own Home

Okay so maybe you are not a movie buff and just having an adult only night works best for you to play cards, read together or do something but for my relationship, having a movie night together while the kids are asleep is a fabulous way to connect as adults. All day and most evenings we are parents, taking care of the children and making their needs come first.  When 8 o’clock rolls around and all is silent we turn to our On-Demand movie selections to get a peek at current movies. Depending upon your location you may look at Time Warner Cable for your on-demand movie selections or movie previews. It’s great to have a selection of on-demand movies so that when the kids are asleep, the parents can still have a “movie night” in the comfort of their own home.

One way my boyfriend and I stay connected is really as simple as sitting down on the couch at the end of the night, chit chatting about our day, then turning our minds off “life mode” to watch movie selections, movie trailers and reviews of the current on-demand titles available. Occasionally we get stuck on two movies, not being able to decide so we turn to looking at movie reviews or the movie trailers again and again until we can come to a decision on that perfect-for-us film. Having friends who have Time Warner Cable, I have seen that many enjoy the selections of movies for on-demand services, you should check out timewarnercableoffers.com to see what they have to offer you in your particular area.

Right now the hottest movies are out for your viewing pleasure, such as The Heat and We’re The Millers, two hilarious films worthy of an adult movie night on the couch with popcorn or a drink in hand. Time Warner Cable has a wide selection of movies at your fingertips and a variety of cable packages for your viewing pleasure. In addition to cable television Time Warner Cable also offers you internet. Package up your necessary products in a reasonably priced way after reviewing their product packaging options on site.

Whatever you choose for your cable channels, make sure to take advantage of the on-demand features because that is what makes movie night the best night in our home – whether alone or with the children.

Are You Looking to Save on Home Phone, Internet & Cable?

There are many companies out there that offer home phone, Internet and cable to consumers but did you know that you have a variety of options available to you? Connect Your Home is a website designed with the savvy consumer in mind, they know people want to save money but also need services such as cable, Internet and phone. With Connect Your Home you can insert your service address and zip code to see plans laid out side by side showing where you can start saving money with a bundled deal, their motto? Get a Bundle, Save a Bundle…Guaranteed.

There are a few companies that seem to dominate the markets in cable, phone and Internet so it’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else has or to see commercials and think that’s the plan for me, but if you take a bit more time researching each bundle you will find that in time you will pay more than you really thought you were. Surprise fees and rates that get increased after a specific time period, these are points that are rarely disclosed immediately to the consumer, sad but true. I have had this experience of not being notified of increase in rates and had that surprise bill arrive in my mailbox before, it’s not a good feeling.

As someone who has used digital home phone service, I can say that using this version of home phone is a bit more affordable than a land line phone and it’s pretty reliable as well. When you utilize a digital phone service you can bundle it with Internet service to save a bundle, seriously! The trick to real savings with bundles is to research and Connect Your Home really assists in allowing consumers to evaluate options they have for bundles that will save them a lot of money.  So before you go signing any contracts and getting stuck in a bundle that isn’t saving you money, be sure to look out there on the Internet to see what other options you may have, the time you take to research will be priceless if you learn you can save a bundle!

Still No Cable in Some Areas

As I was looking at possible places to rent I found that some of the smaller areas around here in NH still do not have cable Internet nor cable for television shows.  I thought just about everywhere was up to date on cable TV and cable Internet but nope if you try to move into a smaller town around my area you will find that you must get something like local tv satellite so that you can enjoy watching your favorite shows.

I know we looked at this really amazing house that may have had a possible rent to own option, although we haven’t made a final decision on whether we are moving and to where, this particular place was going to have satellite Internet which is something I am not used to using. If we move to a place that doesn’t have cable for TV I would have to check out the Internet to find out what packages places like localtv-satellite.com offer for packages and rates.

I don’t know when, if, and where we may or may not move to but I certainly want to make sure I know all my Internet and TV options so that I can properly run and manage my virtual business.

This post was brought to you by your friends at www.localtv-satellite.com

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Watching The Singing Bee

Thanks for the article from Maxine Taylor

My seven year old daughter loves to watch the show The Singing Bee. This is on CMT on our cable tv that we got after I decided to compare cable tv companies. We will sit down as a family to watch this show together. Different contestants get up there and try to sing the words to different songs. If they remember them correctly, they can earn points and move onto the next round. It is really funny to watch them mess up sometimes. Melissa Peterman is the host of this show. She is amazing. I used to watch her on the show Reba. I really like her a lot. We will tell my daughter she can’t cheat and look at the words on the television. She will try to sing along with them and see if she knows the words too. It is really funny because she usually doesn’t know them very well. We laugh at her trying though. This is a fun show to watch together. It is very family friendly. We always enjoy the time we spend together while this show is on our television. We even enjoy the repeats because this show is so wonderful.

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Changes To Save Money

It seems everyone is looking for ways to save money and for me I don’t over spend therefore it was real hard to focus on what I could lower and what I could get rid of.  While sitting at my house trying to determine my budget I figured out that I pay for both a house phone and a cell phone, I pay for cable but  barely watch it. I love having my news channel but reality is it wasn’t worth having if I was paying a huge bill for just one channel. My kids love their Sprout and NickJr stations but reality is Summer time is coming and there is no need to sit in front of a TV watching cartoons when we can run in the backyard and be creative with crafts.

I decided that I would save a good amount of money each month by simply removing my cable and house phone from my monthly bills. I have unlimited coverage on my cell so I can text and talk whenever, wherever and for as long as I want for the same monthly price. Since I do enjoy watching TV on occasion I signed up with Netflix and have it set up to stream live through my Wii. I still get DVD’s as well since my bedroom TV has a DVD player and so does my daughter’s TV in her bedroom. Weekends are when my daughter enjoys being able to stay up watching a movie in her bedroom so Netflix was the answer to the solution of ensuring we still have new things to watch on a rainy day or late night weekends. The price of my house phone and cable combined minus the cost of Netflix end up still saving me near $70 a month which is a big chunk of change to save.

Overall I am happy with my decision but wish I had more bills to remove from my budget. I haven’t been a big spender, ever, and the only other thing I can think to do to save money is quit smoking and so I journey to find a way to quit smoking cigarettes not only for saving money purposes but for my health as well!

Question for thought: Have you had to remove “extra” bills to save money in your family due to the economic situation of the world? How hard was it for your family to do?

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