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One day I had just my sons and we figured we would get out to the library for a fun event on the side common after cashing in their reading charts for tokens and prizes. After this show we felt it would be a great idea to visit Friendly Farm in Dublin, NH. We have gone to Friendly Farm nearly every year and this would be the first time I would venture that way alone with my sons.

Friendly Farm (2)

After paying the admission to get into the Friendly Farm and purchasing some grain to feed the goats, the boys spent a majority of their time in the baby goat pen. These little guys were so adorable and much easier for the boys to feed than the older goats, who will jump all over you trying to snag your paper bag of food right from your hands.

Friendly Farm (9)

 You can see my “play it safe” son, Mister Aj was staying outside of the gates during our visit with the older goats. These goats are super friendly, but if you have food they seriously cannot help themselves but to act a little bit too “food happy”.

Friendly Farm (6)

I believe that we spent more time with these older goats and the baby goats than we did in any other area of Friendly Farm on this particular day. It was such a nice day for me to spend time with just the boys, there was nothing else important going on, no tasks needed to be done… a simple Mom and Sons day that was well enjoyed.

Friendly Farm (8)

When You Give a Pug a Bone

The life of a pug seems pretty easy. This pug in particular has a pretty great life, she is loved by all of the kids and has become like another child to me. Never in a million years would I have thought that one day I would call a dog my “other kid” but that is how I truly feel about Jenny the Pug.  She even calls me Mama, okay maybe not for real, but I bet she does think it.

The life of Jenny the Pug is pretty simple and straight forward. Mostly she enjoys eating and napping but on occasion we can get her 7 year old body riled all up to play a bit with us while she smiles and nips at us jumping around having a blast. Jenny the pug sleeps, eats, pees and poops. Sounds much like a newborn baby really and Jenny the Pug usually is quite the baby in the household.

One day my daughter pleaded with me to get our sweet Jenny the Pug a treat and so this is what happens when you give a dog a bone … or an ice cream doggie sundae that is….

Purebred Pug LIfe (4)

What is that in your hand? Is it for me? Gimme Gimme … please?

Purebred Pug LIfe (2)

What is that? Is that some delicious treat that you brought home for me because you love me so much? I see biscuits!!

Purebred Pug LIfe (3)

OH my yummy goodness. This is delicious. No. Do not take that bowl away. I must savior every last drop of ice cream and biscuit dropping in this bowl…..

Purebred Pug LIfe (1)

Okay that was certainly the most delicious treat you have ever given me. I love you so much. Now it’s time for a nap … zzzzzzzz!

Jenny the Pug and her Silly-ness

I really never, ever thought that I would love a dog as much as I love my sweet Jenny the Pug. Sure I always wanted a pug, certainly preferred a black pug over the fawn but this sweet dog at age six is such the perfect fit for my family. Jenny the Pug has been getting fed by my four year old son, and it’s making her a somewhat naughty dog.

Not so naughty that she will be on Santa’s naughty list, but naughty enough to the point where I can not eat at my recliner without her begging. As you can see in the image above, she is staring me down. I decided to stare back at her with a stern look and she just had to look away ….

She is so funny, seriously! She kept looking at me out of the corner of her eye but wouldn’t look at me again, until I was done eating my snack and then she pouted….

Yup, she fits right in with us. She acts like a fourth child and she is treated like a fourth child. If she gets locked out of my room she whines and pouts because she is used to sleeping next to someone, but one night/early morning she jumped on my face at 2:30am and anyone who knows me well, knows you do not wake me up startled like that. It doesn’t’ go over well. I had to remove her from my room and finally fall back asleep. Jenny the Pug is a brat at times, but a cute brat!



Jenny the Pug and her Dog Cuisine

By now everyone should realize that my sweet Jenny the Pug is 100% spoiled, just as spoiled as my kids with love. This sweet dog has just been a joy ever since she entered our family lives. I discussed dog beds and supplies previously but today I am going to talk about the glutinous dog and her eating habits. This pug thinks she is starved to death; some who see her wonder why she is so thin too, for most pugs around here tend to be overweight. Jenny the Pug is not overweight and that is due to her healthy Dog Cuisine diet.

No, my pug is not on a diet, however, she is strictly allowed 1/3 cup of food in morning and another 1/3 of her Savory Dog Dinner in the evening for her Dog Cuisine. Due to the strictness of Jenny the Pug’s diet, she has been able to maintain a healthy weight and enjoys a healthy lifestyle. Jenny the Pug can run with the kids without getting all out of breath, unlike this Dog Mama who gets out of breath way too fast. Can we say out of shape?

Having your dog be served the best in food and the correct amount can really assist in the long life of your loved family pet. I was thankful that Jenny the Pug’s previous owners served her so well and that she was properly taken care of in the feeding area of her dog life.

Kisses from an English Mastiff named Spencer

During the celebration of my Mom’s marriage, my son K man decided to get some kisses of his own ….

From my Mom’s dog, an English Mastiff named Spencer. This is the sweetest dog ever, yet he is huge.  K man was loving Spencer all up and even reached over to try to hug him …

After the hug was given, Spencer leaned over and gave K man a big ole kiss right on his face ….

And if any of you have ever been around an English Mastiff than you know that kiss came with some big slobber … eeewwww!

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