What Products Interest My Family

I have been really wracking my brain as to what type of products my family really “gets into” and what brands would be worth working with in this new year. In the past four years of blogging I never really pitched a whole lot of companies to work with them, I simply let people come to me and use my contact form to pitch me their product and/or services. The issue with just writing and accepting pitches from brands to me directly is that I do not really end up with pitches for products or brands that my family may truly use on a day to day basis or thrive on having in our lives.

Scholastic Books

As part of my mission in 2013 to have better content and more detailed as well as passionate product reviews, I want to start pitching brands and accepting product reviews from those who really strike it big with me. In order to really ensure I am having a passion behind every last detail for content and reviews written on this site, I have to start from the beginning; with a list of things/products/brands my family truly could or does currently benefit from.

My immediate family here consists of myself plus three children. I have a daughter who is 10 years old going on 30, and two sons who are 6 & 4.  We enjoy playing board games, Wii games that allow 2-4 players, playing hide n seek and imaginary play such as with pretend food in our pretend kitchen area, trains, trucks and so much more. On a more technical note, my youngest up to the oldest, including me, are able to fully enjoy the Kindle Fire, the laptop and the computer with ease. Each person in my home, even the 4 year old knows how to properly use electronics and can navigate a tablet as well as computer easily.

Saturday Play in Ice

We have a love of electronics, baking, toys, imaginary play items such as costumes, dress up and similar. My kids and I truly enjoy the outdoors in warmer weather but they do get out in Winter to slide and make snow men.  We love to hike, take nature trail walks and we all usually work together with household clean up too.

It’s so awesome that my children and I have a wide range of likes in our lives and I am happy that even the four year old can enjoy the things my ten year old does. Hopefully this year I can share more of our loved products we have here in home as well as any new ones that may come along in 2013.

Searching for the Perfect For You Vehicle

When you are ready to purchase a new vehicle it is best to research the various models of vehicles in addition to the make of the vehicle. There are many loyal Jeep Dealer customers, who will only purchase Jeep vehicles for their future car needs. You see as we are raised from young children into adults it seems not only are our parents personalities instilled in us but their love for a particular vehicle make can be sometimes instilled upon us.

Many locals in NH seem to have a love for Ford or Chevy, it seems difficult to find a particular person who has been truly raised to have an addiction to a Chrysler Dealer or similar make of vehicle. I personally drive many different makes and models and have no real affiliation with a particular brand of vehicle.

I have to laugh when I find that many prefer to shop at a Dodge Dealer because they are just 100% in love with that make of vehicle. When I find someone has an undying love for a particular brand of vehicle I always ask them the question my three year old often asks me, why? Most times people who have a love for a particular brand of car will reply stating that they were raised with this brand or that they simply have always purchased this brand and refuse to try anything else.

Why change something that already works for them?

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Ovaltine Breakfast At Type-A Parent Conference #ovalmom

As most of you know I was an Ovaltine Mom for Type-A Parent Conference. Ovaltine is not a new brand, I have been drinking Ovaltine since I was a little kid but they are fairly new to the online social media and blogging world! I must admit I am excited to be a part of their online presence with a few other bloggers. To be one of the first few to work with Ovaltine is an honor.

The PR firm that works for the Ovaltine brand is awesome to work for! I am excited that I will be hosting a backyard party here in my home town with 10 local guests and their children to learn more about the Ovaltine brand soon, which means more news and pictures to share with you all!

Breakfast went awesome at Type-A Parent Conference. I still say that @reallifesarah cheated because she put coffee in hers and who doesn’t want a nice smoothy that has coffee in it in the morning?! Haha!  Also @superjennblogs totally won with some chocolate, I love chocolate! My recipe was great but it was more of a tropical blend with mango and pineapple. I found that not everyone likes a coconut, mango, pineapple type flavor. It’s okay though, I had an awesome time with these ladies and really enjoyed chatting with the guests at Type-A Parent Conference about the Ovaltine brand.

I hope everyone who had a smoothy enjoyed it, because I know this was a great start to my early morning on Friday at Type-A Parent Conference.

Disclosure: I am an Ovaltine Mom which means I may have received compensation and/or product for sharing my thoughts about this brand. All opinions are that of my own.

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Marketing For Success

I have been working endless hours on writing up a 6 week e-course called Marketing for Success and I am so excited that the course is finally available and after announcing this course to my newsletter subscribers I wanted to announce it to you, my blog readers too!

So what is Marketing for Success? It’s a 6 week e-course that delivers weekly tasks and tips to show you how to market your brand. Whether you are a blogger or a business owner this course is designed to be friendly for whatever brand you are trying to market!

Covering social media, basic search engine optimization and much more! You also get one free consultation/question with me each week should you have any questions about the course materials.

Why Marketing for Success in a 6 week e-course?
Just like you I am a very busy Mom, business owner and blogger. I wanted a way to help you boost your brand exposure without having to commit to weekly meetings with a huge group of people held within a Skype conference call or chat. I wanted a way to share with you my knowledge gained from marketing my own brand and many client’s brands without taking up too much of your time. We all work at our own pace and this 6 week e-course will allow you to work at your own pace and with the once a week free consultation/question with me, what do you have to lose?

If you are ready to take the lunge and start Marketing for Success then visit Brandy Ellen’s Business Solutions and sign up today!

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