Taking one Step at a Time

My brain cannot function if it is held up with multiple worries and concerns. I have to focus on one piece of the pie at a time. Meaning, if life tosses me multiple things that I have to resolve, I cannot just sit back and think about this one and that one then the next one all at once. The reason is that I have three kids, two of which are extremely active boys, on top of everything that goes on in the adult world living as a responsible adult. My brain works best when I take one piece of the puzzle at a time and work efficiently but with this rhythm that ends up solving all of the situations that have come up.

With that being said, I essentially need to focus on a solution rather than the problem or concern. My brain will shut down immediately upon having been tossed a ton of worries or being around someone who is citing all of their concerns in some mumbled paragraph. I have to take one step at a time and have faith it will all work out. This process has worked amazingly for me as a work from home mother because I can find the solutions easier and don’t get too overwhelmed about things.

If I allow myself to become consumed or overwhelmed with anything then I end up basically going into a slow depression zone where I will only have the function and energy to sleep. I am not kidding, there have been times where my brain got so cramped up that I slept the one full day I had to work because that is all it could handle.

Taking one step at a time just makes sense. Less stress. Healthier heart. And the solution to things come better if you have true faith and a belief that everything will work out. I promise you it will work out, even if you don’t always understand in the present day, there will be a future day when you nod your head and say “oh yeah, that is why that happened that way”.

Thinking About My Ramblings on Here

Sometimes I wonder if my ADD blogger brain shows in my writing here on site. I must admit it probably does because this blog is truly 100% who I am. One who reads my blog daily and then meets me in person can totally say “yup that is you”. Am I right or am I right? {asking those who have met me in real life}

I honestly cannot stay on topic for long, I go off on all sorts of tangents, even in the middle of a sentence. Here is how my brain works —

  • Earlier today K-man was running around and …
  • What?
  • No seriously. Look squirrel, outside! Look
  • … saying that he is Optimus Prime and that is what I am to call him today or else he …
  • Oh wow …. did you paint in class today? Because you have paint on your hands.
  • …. else he would not respond and listen to me.
  • Oh remember the other day when I asked you to fix that thing I bought? Well I fixed it.

Now, did you keep up with that? It’s difficult to type it out in an example but that is seriously how I talk. The thing is that my brain can only handle so much at once and due to my many years of multi-tasking {even when I worked outside of the home}, I have sadly lost my short term memory.

Brandy Ellen and Daughter

Sometimes I interrupt people while they are talking simply because unless I blurt out what is in my mind at that moment, I will forget never to get that memory back. I just can not seem to focus . Ever. I do great working. I get things done and am a successful work from home mother of three, but my memory is failing.

Seems my brain is failing me more lately than ever. I have to use a calendar to write down what is all planned for family things and important agenda items for myself are on a post-it note on my desk because without the post-it note and calender — I would never, ever be on time for anything and miss a lot of deadlines and appointments.

Can we say “vacation”? I think I am ready to have one.

Ever Have One Of those Days?

I have been having one of those months, it seems every time I turn around something hasn’t been sent to me that should have, the kids need me and meanwhile I am on the verge of a total breakdown. I could bang my head against a wall, something I often say I just may do if the kids don’t settle down. I always say it with a smile, so I assume that makes it sound less awful?

I could run around crying and screaming. I could climb back into bed and shut out the world. I could do a whole lot of stuff that wouldn’t solve a freaking thing. Instead, my darn brain refuses to let me break down for more than a few moments. I allow myself time to feel as if I am going to cry, breath in air while sitting on the deck and just remember that I have faith and a great attitude. Good things come to good people, even if they have to walk a rocky road to get there.

It’s so difficult to work from home, it’s easy in some ways because I get to do what I absolutely love – writing – and get paid for it, but in some ways when people pay by check instead of PayPal for example, it sucks. It really truly sucks. Contracts with various vendors have an agreement to send you payment from 30 days all the way up to 90 days. I get it, it’s business, but even when I worked outside of the home at an office – when times got tough and something came up I would be able to get some form of a cash advance from my employer.

They trusted me, they knew me as a person in person, not as some virtual person who seems to be legit but who ever knows in this Internet world who is real and who is being fake real. I am real real, a human being who has the fight of her life ahead of her, who has been fighting a serious battle for probably about a year now. Someone who feels like she can’t bear this fight any longer but knows she has to keep moving forward or else all can fall apart for someone special and close to her heart.

It’s so difficult some days, but when I am having one of those days, I am thankful for my brain that refuses to let me get down. My brain is wired differently it seems, even differently than it was a few years ago, it doesn’t allow me to break down more than humanly acceptable. My brain won’t let me sink into some deep state of depression so that nothing gets accomplished and for that reason alone, I thank my brain today, I thank my positive mindset and I thank that I have faith to lead me through the days of hardships because without all of that? I would be curled up in bed right now not writing this blog post.

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How Can I Boost Memory?

I have a serious problem with my memory and it’s been going away for many years now. It seems I can barely remember yesterday let alone earlier today. The memory problems I am having now started happening only during pregnancy but then they started sticking with me and I am getting concerned. Everyone says it is because I do so much and have so much on my mind that it’s inevitable that my brain is going to toss out those little memories like “why did I go to Walmart today” so that it can save room for the more important memories such as “what is that clients login”. I think this is true, because I can remember almost all of my clients information yet I can barely remember what I did yesterday in any detailed form.

I am big on herbs and foods as a way to help make you healthier and so it only made sense I would look up ways to increase memory with food or herbs. Apparently if you boost yourself with omega-3s then you are good but if you are not a fish type of person then you can actually take this in an oil form. Limit saturated fat, uh oh, I am sure I have a lot of that in my daily diet. Apparently saturated fat not only clogs the arteries but it also impairs your concentration and memory. Increasing those veggies and fruits is always a great way to help increase memory because they are packed full of antioxidants which protect your brain cells from damage. Wine or grape juice consumption in moderation can actually improve memory, however,¬† don’t over indulge in alcohol as it does kill brain cells when you have too much at once.

A few other ways to increase memory are some of my favorites and I have seen them work when I am practicing them as often as possible; exercise, laughter and fun with friends. Allowing yourself to have a daily exercise routine keeps your mind moving and having fun time with friends laughing while relaxing is a great stress reducer and stress can cause memory failure.

There you have it, live happier  and be healthier, even in your brain!

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Work on Increasing Your Cognitive Skills, Including Memory

I have written many times about my lack of memory, I can’t remember much of anything. My memory is so bad that my daughter actually informs people that she is my memory. Everyone laughs but in all reality it is kind of concerning that my memory is failing me so soon, I am only 29 years old.

As the economy keeps sinking and people start having to work later in life it seems memory is something that people are going to have to start focusing on increasing. I think the older we get our brain just can’t handle all of the information we have placed within it and so in order to keep our cognitive skills, including memory, sharp is to focus on fitness for the brain.

Yes, you heard me right, I want you to start focusing on fitness for your brain in addition to fitness for your body! I know, like you needed one more thing to work on. I certainly don’t need another fitness task added to my day but I think keeping your cognitive skills is extremely important in this day and age.

I look at my grandmother who actually retired at her retirement age and think “will this be me”, but in all reality it won’t be. My retirement age isn’t going to be as young as it was for her and if I do get to retire it’s only going to be from my hard work and savings account by the sounds of the sloping economy. If I have to base retirement on my own savings account I will be working until I hit the grave because I am self employed, anyone who is self employed knows when it’s good it’s good and when it’s bad it’s bad.

Whether you are self employed or an employee at a company, please be aware that the more years that go by, the more financially status changes and the later in life we will be forced to work before being able to retire so please work on exercises to increase your cognitive skills before it’s too late!

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