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 Ever have tilapia? I have not. That is until the other night when I decided to use some of my Gorton’s coupons to pick up fish sticks for the kiddos and garlic & herb tilapia for the man of the house and me.

Gorton's Seafood

I have to be honest, when I don’t have the funds I don’t buy fish sticks. Why? Well because even the children can tell the difference between store brand fish sticks and Gorton’s. Something about Gorton’s fish sticks really make them taste better and they settle in my stomach unlike those store brands I have tried in the past. There is a better crunch and taste to Gorton’s fish sticks, even without me putting them in ketchup like the kiddos do.


For some reason the garlic & herb tilapia had a taste that made me want to put it in buffalo sauce. The boyfriend made his own tartar sauce to go with his tilapia but when he saw me with the buffalo sauce he also gave that a try and said it was delicious! Right now I am testing out these products by Gorton’s as a way to show you all about their Wicked Good Seafood online sweepstakes where you can enter to win a Wicked Good Family Trip to Boston, click over to Gorton’s Seafood Facebook page to learn more & enter.

Fish Sandwich

The taste of Gorton’s Seafood is just unlike any other you have tasted and to be able to have it at home to serve for a family diner is fabulous! If you want to try Gorton’s Seafood for yourself you can go over to and download coupons as well as check out recipe ideas such as the BBQ Fish Fillet Sandwich.

health Benefits of Eating fish


Giveaway – Chance to win three $2 off coupons, 1 Gorton’s-Branded ship wheel keychain, an assortment of Gorton’s recipe cards and beautiful seaside/Gorton’s postcards 

One person from all entries through the Rafflecopter form below will be randomly selected to win three $2 off coupons, 1 Gorton’s-Branded ship wheel keychain, an assortment of Gorton’s recipe cards and beautiful seaside/Gorton’s postcards

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Three Sisters By Susan Mallery Book Club Tour

Three Sisters

Three Sisters by Susan Mallery is a great read that shares lessons in learning who you are. Sometimes we must let go in order to move forward and heal in life. Having been through my own up and downs in life, I enjoyed reading this novel and am happy to share an excerpt with you all as part of the book tour I am participating in.

Boston nodded. “Right. The girls are very sweet.” She shrugged. “And that’s the neighborhood. Just the three of us. I’m so happy someone is going to be living in the middle house. It’s been empty for years. A vacant house can be sad.” Although nothing about Boston’s tone had changed, Andi felt a shift in the other woman’s energy. Even as she told herself she was being what her mother would call “weird beyond what we consider normal,” she couldn’t shake the feeling that her neighbor wanted her gone.

She quickly finished the rest of her scone, then smiled. “You’ve been more than kind. I really appreciate the jolt of caffeine and the snack. But I have so much I have to do.

“Moving. I’ve heard it’s tough. I can’t imagine living anywhere but here. I hope you’re happy here on our little street.”

“I’m sure I will be.” Andi rose. “It was nice to meet you.”

“You too,” Boston told her, walking her to the front door. “Please stop by if you need anything. That includes a shower.” We have a guest bath, you know, in case the water gets turned off.”

“That’s very nice of you, but if the water gets turned off, I’m moving into a hotel.”

“I like your style.”

Andi waved and stepped out on the porch. Once the front door closed behind her, she paused for a second, looking at her house from her neighbor’s perspective. There were several cracked windows on this side, and part of the siding was hanging down, loose and peeling. The yard was overgrown.

“Talk about ugly,” she murmured, returning to her car.

This is another book I have read recently about being left at the altar. As the main character Andi tries to move on from being dumped at the altar, you will have a fun time traveling through the story reading along with her actions and thoughts of a woman who is trying to heal. Being left with a home, that while holds historical value, is falling apart so to speak, in need of tender love and care… Andi finds herself relating to this large home.

Click here to read more reviews and excerpts being shared on Book Tribe by all who have signed up to be a part of this book tour. Keep your eyes out for my end of week review and excerpt of another book that shares of life after love.

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A Bit of Winter Storm Nemo #nemo #snow #kids

The kids had a fabulous time enjoying the foot of snow slammed on us by Nemo over the weekend.  The little one climbed up the snow bank from the snow plow to slide….

Winter Storm Nemo in NH

And then smiled as he went down backwards and did a spin to the bottom…

Snow Sledding in Nemo

The older two boys went outback to take advantage of the backyard hill…

Sliding in Nemo

Then finally my daughter came outside and since I was the picture taker, there are no pictures for proof that I DID go sliding this year ….

Sldiing in the backyard Nemo

It was a blast of a weekend with moments that I had certainly wished for a pause button just to enjoy those special moments I had with my family for a tad bit longer!

Hope everyone is safe and sound and warm! Happy Monday!

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Apparently the Flu is Breaking Out, Is it due to Weather?

Flu Hits United StatesAs I sit home all week with a sick kid and watch everyone online complain about being sick, and feel my throat closing in, chest getting tight – is the flu that is going around the United States due to the crazy weather? I mean, think about about, here in NH it’s normally cold and winter because well it is winter time. The thing of it is that we keep getting it freezing cold and then all of a sudden it’s 50 degrees outside and snow is melting away. Today as I sit home with my flu bug kid, I listen to the wind blowing outside and think that it’s going to be a freezing cold wind, after all it is January in NH. The wind is warm, it’s a warm-ish breeze taking over, getting ready for our temps to get higher.

What is up with this weather? It’s no wonder that the flu is spreading across the United States with this up and down; warm, hot, cold and back again weather. I got a tip today from a girlfriend with what she used to help her feel better. My symptoms are a throat feeling as if it’s closing in on me, chest feels as if I can not breath and when I do breath I am wheezing from time to time – not normal for me. The remedy recommended by my girlfriend was to have honey and cinnamon mixed together – she prefers it in tea. Now this makes perfect sense because my Dad would totally recommend such a mixture ….

So while the flu is being reported to be spreading across the United States in record numbers {there have been 700 cases of the flu reported already this year, as opposed to the 70 cases this time last year}, I am going to sit back and drink my honey, cinnamon and tea while working from the laptop because my sick kid needs me and I need to work.

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