Discount Boots: The Perfect Footwear for the Fashionable and Practical Woman

Every woman should have a pair of elegant and trusty boots in her closet. Not only do they look great but they also serve a very important purpose – providing comfort and protection to the person wearing them. There are so many gorgeous boot designs that choosing just a couple of pairs can prove to be daunting. Many high-fashion designers rely on boots to elevate the look of their models as they strut in their creations on the runway. Fall collections are rife with boots of all manner of fantastic designs, which is why many women look forward to this season. High heels are sexy and ballet flats are sweet and cute but there is just something about wearing a beautiful pair of boots that makes a woman exude class and sensuality.

Budget-Friendly Chic

Currently, there is a broad spectrum of women’s boots in the market designed by various well-known designers. A pair of designer boots can cost a hefty amount of money, which is not the most ideal expense in this age of economic struggle. Fortunately, discount boots are available to those of us who are on a tight budget but still want to look stylish. A lot of the designs are inspired by designer boots but with minor modifications and less expensive materials. As a result, it is now possible for regular women to mix up their outfits by owning more than one pair of boots.

Stick with the Essentials

As affordable as they are, you don’t need to get a pair of every style of boots. In fact, there are only five investment pieces that you need to cover your entire wardrobe. Naturally, you will need to have a few casual pairs for everyday use such as rider boots and stacked booties. It was Nancy Sinatra who once said that “boots are made for walking” and she was truly on to something. Rider boots and motorcycle boots are favorites among women who are on the go and prefer a more laid-back style and maximum comfort. However, these boots are by no means unflattering as their designs range from rugged to embellished. Knee-high rider boots are also very popular because they can be worn with jeans or a nice summer dress. Standard leather rider boots in black or tan can easily be your go-to footwear when running errands and meeting friends for lunch. On the other hand, dressier rider boots made of other materials like suede or velvet are perfect for evening parties.

Booties have also earned their spot in the essential footwear list mainly for their style and versatility. The more casual stacked bootie often has a wider heel and is ideal for walking around the city. The dressier type of bootie is less comfortable because of its thinner and higher heel, as well as the absence of a slight platform at the front of the shoe. However, dressy booties go very well with sophisticated outfits because they come in bright colors and various embellishments. Stiletto boots are unique in their own way because they can be both casual and dressy. They are considered appropriate work shoes but they can also be worn with an elegant frock at night. Wellington boots are obvious essentials because their main purpose is to protect your feet from harsh weather conditions such as rain or snow. Thankfully, even these utilitarian boots come in feminine designs now so that your toes can stay snug without compromising style.

This article was written by Amanda Walters, an experienced freelance writer and regular contributor to Huffington Post. Follow her here: @Amanda_W84

A Parental Test of the Tween and Four Year Old

God forbid I want to wear my own dang boots in the middle of the snow storm we got hit with yesterday. God Forbid that I do not allow my daughter to wear said boots because they are 1) mine and 2) not hers. Good point, right? Not clearly enough for this tween.

Friday Night Play Time

I was all impressed, got up on time with my alarm clock. Boys both got dressed when I asked them to. Both boys got their shoes on. Their coats on. They ate breakfast. They did their mouth rinse. They listened very well and even had extra time to watch a video on the Kindle Fire while waiting for their tween sister.

Yes. Tween. Between the age of 4 with K-man and this tween crap with Kiara, I am going to be looking more salt and pepper grey, if not grey this Summer season. Seriously.

I rarely can win. If I say where the other boots, they are bad and don’t work all of a sudden and it’s the end of the freaking world. If I say you are not wearing your pajamas, well then I am discouraging her independent be different personality that I only have encouraged ALL of her life.



Take a sip of coffee……. that is all I can do.

Close mouth while ahead in conversation. Laugh. Drink more coffee.

And then get your son to school late. The same son you are trying like hell to get to school before 1st bell rings to encourage independence because your tween daughter decided to take forever to get ready for school when she ended up going to school in her pajama pants and a sweatshirt anyways.

I give. I give. I do not get this. I have lost understanding of the tween brain.

The Joy of Women’s Shoes

My daughter and I absolutely love shoes, for instance just the other day we were discussing boots.  The fact that my five year old son needs winter boots was mentioned and then the daughter felt the need to say she needs new winter boots. The reasoning behind this winter boot necessity was that she is still wearing last years boots. The point I have is that last years boots still fit her and are not in poor shape, therefore she doesn’t need new boots, but she begs to differ.

I only own a few pairs of shoes but have high hopes of finding comfortable women’s clogs for this coming summer in New Hampshire.  Once Summer time comes around I am often looking for new sandals, clogs or what have you to be styling on my feet. Women have a variety of shoes to choose from, tall heels, no heels, small heels, sneakers, and much more.  I am usually a flip flop gal in the Summer time and a sneaker gal in the Winter time.

What shoes do you just love?

Justin Boots For the Man in your Life

Do you have a working man in your life? Does he work construction or in a position that he would need a good pair of Justin Boots this holiday season? What a better way than to give a gift that will get good use!

Workboots are handsome in my opinion, my middle child has a nice pair of working boots because he picked them out. The thing is a working man boot is just stylish to me, makes the man look like he works hard and with Justin Boots you man will have comfort and style all in one.

If it were me buying for my working man I would buy the lace up working man boots because the cowboy ones are not that good looking and the slip on ones are not something my man would enjoy wearing I don’t think. What style of working man boots does your working man enjoy wearing?

Does your working man prefer style, comfort, a particular color or durability in a working boot and have they ever worn Justin Boots? I would love to hear your feedback on this subject. Would you buy practical gifts for your loved one if they needed something bad enough?

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