Reasons to savour that bean

Reasons to savour that bean

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Most of the things we enjoy eating and drinking often turn out to be not that good for us. In the past, coffee has often had negative associations with things like caffeine dependence, for example. However, for anyone who likes a few cups of coffee during the day, there’s good news. Coffee may actually be good for your health!

Recent research has shown that drinking a cup of coffee will provide you with more antioxidants than a cup of green tea – and for those of us who can’t stand drinking bitter green tea that will make welcome reading. According to researchers at the Harvard Public School of Health, the antioxidants in coffee can actually help to improve your frame of mind as they release happy hormones like serotonin into your bloodstream. So much so that the researchers estimated men and women drinking more than two cups of coffee a day were 50% less likely to think about suicide than those that didn’t.

And there’s also been research that suggests that drinking coffee can help to reduce your chances of developing liver cirrhosis, something that is usually caused by drinking too much alcohol. That’s not to say, of course, that you can drink to excess and guarantee that you’ll neutralise the effects of alcohol on your liver. Everything in moderation, as the old saying goes.

So, if you’re drinking more coffee for the benefit of your health, it’s a great idea to widen the choice of blends that you drink at home. Caffe Cagliari now sells alternatives to Nespresso capsules which can be used in a Nespresso machine.

And next time anyone suggests that you drink too much coffee you can tell them just a couple of the reasons why drinking coffee might in fact be doing you good.

When Did I Become Mom

Thinking back to when my first born came into this world. She was born two weeks before my 21st birthday, and I could not have cared less that I was not going to be binge drinking on my birthday – I was just happy to be Mommy. Then my second born came along, unexpectedly, may I add?! He was unplanned and a result of me forgetting my pill, oops!  Next my third born, exactly 2 years and 6 days after my middle child came Baby K. My first and last born were planned but all three are loved more than I ever imagined I could love another. Loving another person has always been hard for me, but as a mommy it just came naturally.

My first born started calling me Mama and to this day calls me Mama. My middle child started calling me “Mom” yesterday .. so I am sitting here wondering when did I become “Mom”. Up until yesterday AJ always called me “Mama” or “Momeee” never plain ol’ Mom. I must admit this makes me sad, I really enjoy being called Mommee. Guess I will have to wait until Baby K gets a talking to be Mommee again.

AJ now says Dad and Mom, plain as day no more baby talking for him. He will be three in August and my heart breaks thinking that he just may be in preschool next year, they grow up way to fast!

Since Father’s Day is coming I find myself going through old photos and memories of the kids and our family times. I will be sharing a slideshow soon using Smilebox because as we near August 2009 my boys will be 1 and 3, they will be celebrating their birthdays together as one big birthday bash!

When did you become “Mom”? I am curious if age 2 years 10 months is about the milestone age when a child starts calling their Mama and Dadda – Mom and Dad.

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