How to Make a Hand Sugar Cookie for Fun with Children #recipe #foodie

Making sugar cookies is fun and easy. I have found that sugar cookies are the one to-be-baked food that we always have ingredients in the household for. I wanted to put a twist on sugar cookie baking the other day to make it more fun for my silly sons and this is what we created…. Sugar Cookie Hands. I also wanted to include the recipe we used for sugar cookies to ensure you know how to make them as fluffy as we did.

Step one is to make the sugar cookie dough according to the ingredients and instructions on the recipe card below.

Once the sugar cookie dough is ready for shaping, you can start with the below steps. Flatten out the dough about 1/4″ thick on wax paper or similar, I used aluminum foil, but wouldn’t recommend that because it honestly ended up sticking to much to the dough.

How to Make Sugar Cookie Hands for Toddlers

Place your child hand on the sugar cookie dough and use a plastic knife or butter knife to trace your child’s hand, let them trace cut it out if they are old enough to utilize a plastic knife or butter knife.  Get the hand shape cut out completely, this is no easy task and may be messy. We honestly ended up with a four finger hand and had to mold a fifth finger onto the dough, hence our odd looking hand below.

How to Make Sugar Cookie Hands

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Red Velvet Cupcakes in Ice Cream Cones? #foodie

The daughter and I had always enjoy baking but the other night she decided that baking the normal red velvet cupcakes as they were shown on the box was not good enough. No. This tween wanted something different, something she thought was cool. Something more…

Happy Face with Velvet Red Cupcakes

While yes , as shown above she made a cute smiley face out of the mini cupcakes that were made, she didn’t only do that. The cream cheese frosting was made and the cupcakes were a great start, but then she realized you could put cake mix in ice cream cones… did you all know that? I have seen it done before but didn’t realize it was super easy.

Red Velvet Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

While the ice cream cone cupcakes did not come out exactly as planned, give her a break this was her first time trying to make them, they did come up tasting delicious.

Red Velvet Cupcakes and Cones

In order to make the cupcake cones, you basically make cake mix with your own recipe or as shown on a box. From there you spoon in cake mix into the ice cream cones about 3/4 of the way up, I think you should do about 1/2 or so because we did 3/4 and they overflowed, just a thought.

You bake in the oven according to the instructions for cupcake baking. Let cool. Frost the tops, decorate and enjoy!

Unilever Spreads – Switch it Up in the Kitchen Giveaway #G2KHoliday

I was challenged to switch it up this holiday season with Unilever Spreads instead of using my normal butter or margarine options when baking some yummy treats. My son wanted to make some molasses cookies for his Christmas Party and the kids wanted chocolate chip cookies for snack at home, so we headed out to get I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter! from our local Walmart.

Unilever Spreads Holiday Challenge

The daughter had a great time using I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! for her chocolate chip cookie baking the other night before Christmas arrived. It was easier to use than our sticks of margarine we have used previously and appeared more smooth than options we had tried in past with our baking attempts.

Making Molasses Cookies

Let’s see, so the next time we baked before Christmas was the molasses cookies for my six year old’s class party the day before school break. They came out so soft and delicious, whereas in past I have had a hard time getting cookies to be the right texture of softness while still being fully cooked.

More About Unilever Spreads – such as Country Crock & I Can’t’ Believe it’s Not Butter! to set a couple examples:

  • Have 0g trans fat per serving
  • Contain no partially hydrogenated oils
  • Have no cholesterol
  • Are 70% less fat than butter per serving
  • Have 30% fewer calories than butter per serving

Do not forget to head over to enter for a chance to win your own Kitchen Aid mixer too, Unilever has their own Confection Perfection Sweepstakes going on {ends 12/31/2012} Visit site for more information.

Molasses Christmas Cookies

A Giveaway – ends 12am on December 30, 2012 Open to US residents ONLY

Since Unilever wants you to know things that are Good to Know about their spreads, they have offered me to host a giveaway where one lucky person will randomly be selected to win the following package:

  • Silpat® baking sheet liner
  • Steel Cooling Rack
  • Nonstick cookie sheet
  • Stainless steel cookie scoop
  • $10 gift card to purchase your Unilever spread of choice and baking ingredients

Using the Rafflecopter form below is easy; use name/email to log in or Facebook for login. Rafflecopter will not use your email or access for anything other than giving me a way to contact you should you be the randomly chosen winner! Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize or another person will be randomly selected.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Free Product

My Little Baking Boy

My first born and only daughter is a fabulous cook, well baker. That girl can bake way better than me, it’s always a joke that if someone is going to make one of our family member’s birthday cakes that Miss Ki better do it for Mom will end up ruining it. It’s the fun joke around our home, and yes I can laugh at myself so it’s all in fun!

My second born is a stereotypical boy, has zero interest in the kitchen and that’s just fine by me. He excels in other areas, but my youngest child, a boy, loves baking, cooking and helping me in the kitchen whenever possible. I love that Monster K can calm his energy long enough to bake cupcakes, mix up scrambled eggs or even help with pancake batter mixing.

We have so much fun when his brother and sister are at school baking various things to enjoy as an after school treat when we picked up the other two from school. This particular day we made cupcakes and I chose a cool type of frosting so that Monster K could frost the cupcakes on his own.

The best part about cupcakes is the frosting and that is where this boy takes right after his Mama…

What a yummy way to spend our day!

A Christmas Cookie Tradition with a Twist

In these times of prepared foods and mini-marts, it’s understandable that many folks forego baking and decorating Christmas cookies and settle for store-bought instead. It’s the patient home cook who bakes dozens of cookies, one sheet at a time, in a traditional radiant heat oven. And really, how many Santas, stars and trees can you slather with icing and spot with sprinkles before your eyes glaze over?

Rather than let the cookie cutters gather dust in the pantry this holiday season, try holding a Christmas cookie decorating contest. By injecting a little friendly competition into your cookie decorating process, you can create an activity that brings your entire family together or adds some merriment to your cookie party. And with advances in cooking technology — such as convection ovens — the home cook can bake multiple sheets of cookies, all at the same time, with the confidence that each cookie will be come out of the oven evenly browned.

The rules for our Christmas cookie decorating contest are simple and forgiving:

  1. Anyone of any age can participate.
  2.  Each competitor can decorate as many cookies as he or she likes.
  3. Competitors must decorate the cookie so that the finished product differs from the cookie cutter’s intended shape. In other words, a Santa-shaped cookie can’t be decorated as a Santa — the finished product must be something else, say, a boy in a canoe; a Christmas tree shape could become a colorful fish; a gingerbread man turned upside down, an insect’s face.
  4. Breaking off parts of the cookie to alter its shape is discouraged.
  5. This should be a fun activity. Good-natured ribbing or boasting is allowed.

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