Watching My Youngest Grow Up

My baby is four years old, he is in pre-k and is making lots of friends. K-man has grown from the nickname Baby-K to Monster-K in a short year because he will no longer allow anyone to call him the baby in the family. I keep explaining that he is my baby and he is the baby of the family but the term baby apparently is unacceptable to him.

I love watching as he takes strides in being independent and taking to be his own little unique person, always the comedian in the family, he allows us to laugh when things get a little hectic around here. Doing such things as rolling down his car window to ask a passing by jogger “what’s the big rush” and modeling for various pictures , begging me to get my phone camera out to take a picture.

K-man is a bit into himself and around this home he usually is all about him, rarely caring or taking kindly to his siblings wants or needs. It’s all about K-man these days and I don’t know if that is normal for a four year old but man I hope it’s just a phase because having a confident child is great but bordering arrogance is another story altogether.

This past weekend K-man had a girl from his class over because her Mom and her attended my pizza party event. Later on that day, when I ventured downstairs to the kids cave, I noticed that the basement was rather clean. Do not get me wrong, it was a still a kids cave area by far, but there was a certain organization about it. The K-man asks me if I think it’s clean and I said to him that it does look pretty clean, did they all clean when the adults were upstairs mingling over pizza and Dr. Pepper?

Then K-man says to me

” I have to keep my room clean because C {the girl who came} says that she will come by again and she doesn’t ever want to see this room look like this again”.

I started laughing so hard! My little man is already taking orders from a little girl, and he is only four. What am I going to have on my hands when this cute little boy is a teen? Let’s hope he continues to listen to females and understand that they know all ;-)

When I am an Adult, In a Couple Days

I call the youngest of the family “Baby K”, why? Well because no matter how much he argues with me, he is the baby of the family and will forever be. At least I don’t plan on having any more munchkins running around, although I am capable of giving birth again it’s not really something that interests me at all.

The Baby K insists that he will be an adult in a couple of days, this is something he says on a daily basis which means I can honestly say the three year old boy has not grasp the concept of time but he’s working on it.  When my Baby K is an adult he is going to be buy me a cool car and himself a fire truck.  With the fire truck he will purchase, in a couple of days, when he is an adult he will run over his brother’s race car and anyone or anything else that gets in his way.

When Baby K is an adult, in a couple of days he will buy a boat that can seat all of us comfortably and as cool as that sounded to me, he really only wishes to drive it on the pond we have in the yard, not the ocean or lake.

When Baby K is an adult he will buy all of the food he wants and all of the food he wants, this translates to pizza. The kid only likes pizza, sometimes hotdogs oh and if he could he would live on ketchup as a vegetable addition to any meal.

When Baby K is an adult, I just hope that he knows I will not allow him to take care of me. I would much rather have my oldest, and only daughter, take care of me for I fear he would have me wrapped up in duct tape because after all duct tape fixes everything, sickness, broken bones, etc etc. So when this child is an adult the world should watch out for I know what he’s capable of at age three and God only knows what more creative ideas he will have when he’s grown up … in a couple of days!

Brotherly Love … Aj and Baby K

Sorry I am stuck on calling Baby K … just that Baby K and probably will forever but he is three and he is a BIG KID NOW. We had this discussion by the swingset about him being a kid now and me not being allowed to call him Baby K anymore, sigh.

I love spending time with my boys, especially this past week. Normally they would be at each other badly having Aj out of school and all but they actually had a lot of quality time together. On our walk around the pond, they had to see who could balance better than the other & laughed at each other instead of arguing over who was balancing better.

They thought it would be really cool to hang out in the mud puddle in the driveway, their sister quickly ran away for they were splashing her with mud and she was all set on that.

The last part of their times outdoors playing nicely together was when the little one decided to get his dad’s tow strap and pull his big brother around the driveway…

Not only did K pull his brother around but after this I pushed the car while Aj was on top and K was pulling with the tow strap, we hit a bump and I caught Aj keeping him from nearly falling off face first. We cracked up laughing so hard.

Such wonderful memories of my sons hanging out without any quarrels!

Old Candy Canes on Christmas Tree Leaves Three Year Old Pouting

Every year I put the same candy canes on the Christmas tree, it was something I remember as a kid doing and well it is sort of something I decided to start doing. Since one year Ki and I put a whole box of like 12 count big candy canes on the tree and I knew she wasn’t going to be eating them all, we stuck them in the Christmas tote and have pulled them out year after year to decorate the tree.

Ever since the boys were born I debate whether or not I will put the old candy canes on the Christmas tree, because after all it is a tease to see candy canes, but not be able to eat them. I believe I skipped the candy canes last year for fear Baby K would try to chew em up, and they are extremely old. This year I debated and the kids voted that we put them on and K agreed that he wouldn’t try to eat them.

I was upstairs and K ran downstairs yesterday, thinking he was being all sneaky. I knew he was up to 1 of 2 things….. 1) Trying to plug in Christmas lights or 2) Attempting to sneak a candy cane. I was correct on both accounts, I was downstairs shortly behind him because I know better than to leave this child unattended and he was attempting to visit the outlet with the plug for lights, no he wasn’t trying to plug it in .. yet. I knew better and was downstairs close enough behind him so that all he could do was grab the plug on the tree. Once he saw me and I said “NO” loud and explained why he can’t touch electrical plugs, he ran for a candy cane, grabbed it and booked it across the way to his bedroom.

Lucky for him this Mama is quick, yes even sick I am slightly quick, and I ran to him and managed to save the candy cane and K’s stomach from having eaten an extremely old candy cane. Do they really make you sick I wonder? Not willing to find out, that boy is miserable when sick.  So I saved the child from his curiosity with electricity and I saved the candy cane for the tree. One would think this is a great ending to the story, right?

No. There sat K on the floor with a big, huge POUT.

{AJ Update} Emotional Struggles as a Parent

When my son Aj was born I knew there was something different about him, he was that baby that barely anyone would babysit twice, he was an angry baby from day one. I still breastfed him for eight weeks but being born at 9lbs 5oz this boy wanted to eat more than I could handle nursing him for, while taking care of my then four year old kindergartner daughter. It was all too much and so Aj was switched to formula around 8 weeks of age.

I will be honest, I had this gut feeling that something was up with Aj, but part of me just remove that thought until he was 2 years old. The reason being? I was comparing Aj’s personality to his older sister who was one of those children you would have loved to have six of because even to this day she is relatively an easy child to parent, gives me few issues about anything and is a real sweetheart.

My son Aj is a real sweetheart, but only when he is on a “good mood” high. This child will not be affectionate most times, that actually irritates him to his core. Funny thing is, he was born into an affectionate kind of family but he hates affection most days. It has been difficult to have a child who doesn’t want you to hold him when he gets hurt, who doesn’t want you to kiss his boo-boo’s better and who isn’t really into the family fun and laughter times.

To watch a child grow for the past five years with a low key emotional response to anything has been extremely difficult, especially since he has two siblings who love affection and just being near one another as a family. I was blaming myself for not being ready for a second child, after all Aj wasn’t planned and for not being affectionate enough as a Mother to him when he was a baby, but I have been reassured over and over again by not only Aj’s counselor but other specialists and my immediate family that this is simply how my son is wired. Nothing I did, nothing I can do will change it.

If a psychiatrist diagnoses Aj with a mood disorder, quite possibly bi-polar, it is all about a chemical imbalance in his brain and that my friends isn’t something any parent can create, we don’t have a magic wand to get inside of our children’s head and mess with their gene build up or brain wiring so to speak. So even though I accept this isn’t my fault, I still wish there was a way to fix it without medication. I know bi-polar people have to be on meds all of their life and that alone makes me worry about him having health insurance as an adult and coverage from me if I should happen to no longer have the health insurance he has now.

I know, I worry too much, but don’t we all go through a time or two of worrying about our children? For me, this has been three years of worrying and I won’t stop now because worrying is what created the drive in me to fight for a solution for  Aj since he was two years old.

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