A Short Primer for Car Owners Looking for Car Transport Services

Specialized auto transport services came to being because standard moving trucks cannot accommodate cars. It is not always feasible for individuals to drive their vehicles to a new location when the time comes to move from one area to another. The car owner’s peace of mind lies on the capabilities of the auto transport company. Most auto transport service providers keep a close partnership with moving companies and shipping firms in order to ensure prompt delivery at reasonable prices. These days, car shipping quotes are usually available online for relocation services, making it more convenient for car owners.

A peek at the car transport industry

It is important for vehicle owners to know about car transport practices prior to hiring a company to transport their car. Aside from making the effort to survey all available services, it is imperative to have a good grasp of the car transport industry.  Knowing about the procedures involved, including the details of what car shipping entails, will help the car owner understand the current price offers. It is also important to be aware of industry standards and regulations so that the owner of the vehicle can make informed decisions when choosing which outfit to entrust the move to. The transfer and shipping of cars and other motorized vehicles are regulated by laws. When these regulations are violated by service providers and/or their partners, the fines could amount to millions of dollars. The car transport industry has stringent standards that need to be followed.

Debunking car shipping myths

There are specific guidelines given to car owners prior to the vehicle transport itself. Car owners have to follow instructions such as keeping within weight limitations. There are also rules with regard to inclusion or non-inclusion of personal belongings and electronics items. The information that car owners must learn about must also extend to learning about the myths that surround car transport and shipping. Debunking these myths could save lots of money and spare car owners the burden of worry.

For instance, one of the more popular misconceptions is that the shipping cost will be cheaper if the hubcaps, wipers, antennae, and outside mirrors are removed. The truth is there are weight restrictions and additional items are not allowed to be placed in the car to get a free ride to the new destination. However, there is no need to remove hubcaps and related car fixtures because the rates are not based on whether they are attached or not. Shipping and transport rates are not dependent on whether the windshield wipers are taken out. Aside from the weight and vehicle dimensions, industry standards are taken into consideration.

There is also a misconception that door-to-door service is much more expensive than terminal-to-terminal services. Some car owners elect to retrieve their vehicles from the terminal and just drive them home. All the while, the converse is the truth. Door-to-door services are usually cheaper mainly because the other option requires terminal fees which add up to the total cost.

With these in mind, vehicle owners are advised to exercise due diligence when looking for car transport services. Doing research on shipping quotes and regulations can save owners from the hassle of fines and the risk of putting their cars in the wrong hands.




Should You Attempt Your Own Car Repairs?

Repairing your own car is something that many people do not even consider. They automatically take the car in to the garage for a repair when it needs doing and do not think about attempting it themselves. However, there are a lot of good reasons why it might be a good idea to do your own car repairs. You will save money of the labour cost, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you did the work, you may save time and it will be more convenient.


The labour cost of the car repair can be really high. If your vehicle needs a lot of repairs, then you can find yourself struggling to manage to afford it. You may even find that you are resorting to payday loans or other forms of credit in order to pay for it. This could end up with you being in greater financial trouble. If you do the repair yourself, you will still have to pay out for the parts, but it could save a lot of money on labour.

Job Satisfaction

It can be extremely satisfying to repair your own car. You could feel really proud of yourself for being able to get that job done. Learning the skills to repair a car can be extremely useful and so they can be used for all future vehicles that you have. It can be great to be able to tell people that you repair your own vehicle.


It can take longer for a car to be repaired in a garage than if you do it yourself. It can be sitting in a long queue at a garage whereas you may be able to get on with the repair straight away. You may have to learn how to do it, perhaps using a manual or an online video, but this will not take you long. You may also be slower at doing the repair, but you may still get the vehicle finished more quickly. Again, this is because you may have to wait for others to be done first.


It can be much easier for you to do a repair yourself than to have to get the vehicle to a garage to get them to do one. If it cannot be driven, then you may need to pay for it to be towed. Then you will have to find a way to get to the garage to pick it up, which may mean asking friends or family to give you a lift or perhaps paying for public transport. This can be extremely inconvenient.

Keeping the Kids Entertained while Traveling @kia #kiaholidays

There are few things in this world I dread and one of them is traveling with my kids, the daughter usually is self sufficient with her books and MP3 player, however, my two sons require some adult interaction.
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Piling into the car is myself and three children, since I no longer have a van, the kids end up sitting in one row all together. Such a difficult position to be in for a long trip. There are some things I have done to make traveling with kids during the holidays a bit easier on the driver:

  • Bring electronics and chargers – Kindle Fire, Leapster and any old cell phones that still have games on them are taken into the vehicle.
  • Play I-spy - This is a fun family favorite, as you are driving along shout out “I spy something green” or “I spy something black” and the kids can have fun guessing whether you are “spying” on something in the car or outside of the car.
  • Bring Books – The oldest loves reading, so if you have kids who love to read, stock up on those books and pack them in the car, if you have one adult driving and one as a passenger you can even read to the kids during the long drive.
  • Encourage Nap Time – now this is usually fail in my car if I try to encourage a nap, however, I found if I ignore the six year old grumpies long enough, he will eventually fall asleep. Grumping himself into a state of nap for the length of the trip.
  • Play music & sing Along - My kids personally love music and all sorts of types of music so we often are found singing aloud in the car on holiday traveling trips.

Now that I have shared my tips on what I do to keep these three munchkins entertained, what is it that your family does on long road trips to keep the kids occupied?


Thank You Mister Police Officer

Yesterday was one rough day, full of having to entertain a bored 3 year old while I tended to things that needed to get done. Mainly I was stuck in a building that is not 3 year old friendly for most of the afternoon and then had to go drag my 5 year old down with me too after school. The boys were good for me, considering they were bored out of their minds and getting inpatient.

Finally I was able to hop into the car and head off to get home, but I wanted to stop at the grocery store first – we never made it to the grocery store. I pulled into a parking lot to give my Dad a call for I wanted to talk to him in that moment rather than later.  I hung up and proceeded to leave the parking lot when my gas light came on….

I thought no big deal I am going to turn right and get down to the gas station – yeah if only I made it all of the way out of the parking lot. The car stalled, right alongside parallel parking vehicles. Do you realize that pedestrians are not very friendly these days? I do.

Here I am sitting in the middle of the freaking road, with my four ways on, unable to move my car with two little boys in my back seat and no one NOT EVEN ONE PERSON, stopped to ask if I was okay, if I needed help, etc. I can’t believe it. I got honked at, I got stared at and it really bothered me that people were so inconsiderate and acting as if I chose to sit my car in the middle of the road with four ways on for the fun of it while my two boys sat in the back seat. I mean, do people really think that is someone’s idea of fun? Come on. Seriously, have some compassion people for your neighbor folk!

I called the police station immediately and within about ten minutes, an officer arrived on scene to assist in pushing my car to a parking spot.  I had to laugh. I mean seriously, what can ya do in life if you can’t laugh at your own self? So I thanked the police officer and pretty much pleaded for him to run to get me gas so I didn’t have to try to walk down to the store with my two rowdy boys, but that didn’t work.

I wonder if there’s a law against the police officers from helping with gas? Probably, because if not they would have to do it quite often.  Just thankful he could help me get car off main road.

Next I told the boys we were going to hold hands and walk together down to the “slushy store”, as long as they were good and held my hand I would buy them a slushy before I filled a gas can. The boys were awesome, we got our gas and their slushies and walked back to the car.

Let me tell you what, when I finally made it home yesterday, all I wanted to do was lay my head down to sleep because that was one LONG, testing day. The good news is, we made it home safe & sound.

So thank you to the police officer that assisted in pushing my wagon off the road, I appreciate you. And for those who stared and beeped their horn at me, instead of asking if I needed help, thank you for not taking the time to help out a mom sitting in a car dead on the road with two little kids in the back, really that was ever so kind of you all.

Utterly Exhausted

Yes. I am utterly exhausted.

Ever get to that point in life when so much has been tossed at you that you just need to crash?

Yup, that is me.

Started having some family business going on. Stretched me emotionally.

Still dealing with that.

Then my van decided it would be really cool if it stopped working driving down the interstate about 65mph. Dead. No moving van.

Sold that van to avoid cost of a tow and fixing the transmission issue. Yes, someone came and bought it sitting on the side of the interstate dead.

Went a couple of weeks or more with one vehicle for morning hours only.

After week one I was ready to have a new vehicle.

Spent four days looking at various vehicles and here I am now with a new to me family vehicle.

Ready for a nap. So, that is where I am at. Will be back with some more love stories of those meeting online but for now … I am too exhausted to think.

Oh Happy Valentine’s Day by the way. Hope you have a lovely day!

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