Water Country, Water Country, Water Country … Have Some Fun! #WCFamilyFun @WaterCountry

I am flat out totally 100% beyond thrilled to be taking my kiddos to Water Country in Portsmouth, NH this Summer 2014. Words cannot begin to express how awesome this experience is for us, I have looked into Water Country in the past and it’s on a bucket list as a go-to place for my family some day. Just so happens that this is our year to check off that go-to place on our bucket list!

When I was about 13 years old or so, I went to Water Country and had a blast. I am so looking forward to experiencing their Summer 2014 season this June or July. Our date of visit isn’t quite set in stone yet, but I just had to share with you our excitement to be a part of this wonderful opportunity as a blogger family. To showcase our excitement and to show you things you can enjoy at Water Country, I am writing this post …. Please read on to find a discount for your family to save money off tickets to Water Country this season!

NH Family Plans Trip to Water Country

Image courtesy Water Country’s website

This year is a special year to visit Water Country, after all they are celebrating their 30th birthday! This is going to be so much fun! I looked at the Water Country website for some events, for we don’t have our date set in stone and I want to ensure I give the kids an experience of a lifetime while we are there.

This year, a list of Events happening at Water Country are:

  • Every Thursday in July (starting July 3rd) through August 24th there is a DJ series party to celebrate!
  • Radio Disney Crew will be there for you to dance and play along with their “Have Some Fun” tour on June 25th at 12pm.
  • August 9th from 11-2pm you can meet SpongeBob and have your picture taken with him.

There are so many cool family friendly events to be a part of this season, aren’t you excited? Not yet? Okay, well then, let’s share some more ideas of what I want to experience at Water Country with my family this 2014 Summer Season …

Let’s see, a list of attractions I hope to check out on our day trip are:

  • Double Dive Boggan – the parks only head first slide, two lanes are there side by side to race someone if you wish!
  • Adventure River – this looks like what some would call a lazy river at most water parks, this is 1/4 mile long river.
  • Whirlpool - relax in this pool while the current moves you around a bit.
  • Wave Pool -  New England’s largest wave pool containing 700,000 gallons of water, catch the huge waves and have some fun!
  • Bubble Bay – this is a kiddie attraction where your kids can play around and it features spraying geysers and bubbling water
  • Ollie Octopus – this is a kiddie attraction where your kids can climb Ollie and slide off his tentacles.

The list can go on forever, honesty, you can find me most days singing “water country, water country, water country … have some fun” because my kids and are, mostly my oldest, are super excited to have this experience. I wish your family to be able to have this experience too, having been there as a teen myself, I can tell you it was a blast!

Water Country Logo

As part of my sponsorship with Water Country this Summer 2014, they are offering my readers a discount code …

$3.00 off of the $38.99 admission price using Blog30 as the promo code

If you have any issues with the promo code please do inform me, but the code Blog30 is setup to work for you to save $3.00 off the $38.99 admission price this Summer 2014 season at Water Country.  Click here to visit Water Country’s website to purchase your tickets today!

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Back to School with Keen Footwear

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It’s that time of year, in a few weeks kids will be gearing up for early morning school drop offs and/or bus pick ups to get back into the game of school season. Late August my older two start school and first week in September my youngest is heading off for his first year of Kindergarten. It’s an exciting time of year for the kids but can also be a stressful time of year for the parents who are looking for products, clothing, footwear and more to ensure their child is ready for back to school. Today I am here to help share an amazing, high quality shoe line that even my little monster didn’t ruin within the first few months of school last year during Pre-K. This year, Monster K will be heading to school in style with his Jamison shoes from Keen Footwear and he wants to show his handsome footwear off to you all today!

Keen Fotwear for Back to School (2)

It’s wonderful having a camera ham and little actor in the family. Monster K loves his new shoes for school so much that he has snuck them out to wear them to soccer camp last week with his brother, wore them hiking with the family out on a nature trail in Newbury, NH and even wears them around the inside of the house. Monster K is convinced these Jamison line of shoes from Keen make him run faster.

Keen Fotwear for Back to School (3)

There are a few lines from Keen Footwear that will be perfect for your little girl or little boy this back to school season such as the Jamison (MSRP $50) shown in image below, as well as Sorrento lines (MSRP $55), Harvest MJ (MSRP $55), Coronado Print (MSRP $45), Luna Boot (MSRP $70) and last but not least the Maderas Lace line (MSRP $35).


Keen Footwear is having deals right now on all ages, shapes and sizes! Woman’s, men, toddler, kids, youth and more. Keen Footwear has socks and shoes for this Back to School season so that even the parents can head back to school meetings in style. I personally am a Soccer and Cheer mom so I know I want to make sure my kids are all taken care of with their back to school gear while I look good too. It’s been a fun Summer with my flip flops but Fall is approaching and with that comes shoe and boot season, why not let Keen Footwear help the whole family prepare for the back to school season together?

Keen Fotwear for Back to School (4)

Visit Keen Footwear online to see their full selection of footwear and to learn more about their options for the whole family!

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The Boys Inexpensive Birthday Party ….

My sons are two years and six days apart, that means a combined birthday “party” in August every year. So this past weekend was best time to do it and it was a last minute let’s get a cake sort of idea. I headed to Market Basket picked up a $12 cake and cheap ice cream. Then off to Dollar Tree to get each of them a $1 helium balloon and 2 presents each.

The reason for cake, ice cream, balloons and presents? The boys say every year, birthdays mean singing Happy Birthday all day, cake, ice cream and balloons. They also know it means presents.

Cheap or not the boys enjoyed their special day and soon my youngest will be able to say he is four years old, I can’t believe how quickly these two have grown from the “diaper twins” or “two in diapers” to “double trouble” and “best bud team”.

Thankful for happy moments, thankful for happy kids and above all, thankful for life!

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