Longest Running Penny Auction Site in The United States

Deal. Dash Penny Auction Site

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I have heard of penny auction sites before but never have I really participated in them, for no reason other than pure lack of need of any particular items that would make sense for me to partake in any auction let alone a penny auction. With that being said, I do realize many of my readers enjoy auctions and may purchase items from various auction sites to get a great deal! DealDash is the longest running penny auction site in the United States and offers free shipping in the United States. My kind of site, I love shopping online for items but it’s the shipping that kills me, can not go wrong with free shipping in the United States.

DealDash is a fair and honest penny auction site where you go and sign up, then buy bids. Next you will choose products and place bids. Win or buy now to get your bids back. Since February of 2009 DealDash has been offering honest and fair auctions for consumers and is rsk-free. DealDash also has Facebook contests where members can enter for a chance to win items every month! I know most of you who read this blog love a good contest or giveaway.

Bidders who do not win an auction are allowed to choose a buy it now option for the same price to get their bids back by purchasing another item outright. What a perfect idea, as I know I would hate to lose my bids. DealDash sounds like it has a lot of benefits for those of you who may be interested in checking them out.

Using Self Storage During a Time of Transition from Place to Place

There was one time and one time only that I used a self storage center for my belongings, and that was when I moved from a place I lived into my mother’s home as part of my transition to a different stage in my life. I remember having my girlfriend, one who I have known since I was 13 years old, help me move some of the items from my place into the storage unit.

It was hilarious because I had been cheap back then, single mom only able to afford a particular sized storage unit and so I needed to be creative to ensure all of my items fit snug into the unit while not being stacked in a way that if you opened it the items fell on your head.

Imagine it now, two moms dragging stuff up stairs to get to the storage unit, neatly piling, stacking things high as the rules of the storage unit center would allow and wondering why in the heck I didn’t get a bigger storage unit or sell off some of my items. It was a fun time, but I do recall not having room to take some of my items when I finally stopped using the storage unit.

I lost a chair and some other small items simply because I did not want to waste the gas to drive back to the self storage place to get a couple of items. I have moved a lot in my lifetime, mostly prior to having kids and am thankful there are so many self storage centers out there for people to take advantage of. It makes life easier when you are moving from one stage in your life to another or moving from a larger place to a smaller place, saves on clutter in the home.

BidRack, Extreme Discounts Online with Bids

Have you ever placed a bid online for something? Was it an extreme discount for that item? I recently have found bidrack where you can get extreme discounts.

Every bid on bidrack starts at just one penny, that is what I think I love best. Who doesn’t have a ton of pennies laying around? I know I do! There is currently at this moment some bids going on for an Apple iPad2, a Kindle, and a flat panel television, I mean those are just a few of the items that look catchy to me.

I decided to look into this site and see how you can bid on this site, like what the catch or rules are;

  • Register and spin the bid wheel for free bids.
  • Buy a bid pack to rack up more bids.
  • Find auctions you want and bid on them.
  • If you are the last bidder when the clock hits 0:00 then you WIN.

This sounds like a really neat site and I think I may just have to register for it, why not try to win stuff at extremely low prices right? Also there is a guarantee up to $500 on all auctions, so just make sure you are aware of that.

I know if I won one of these auctions on bidrack I would totally jump around like a silly girl! I am that kind of person who would totally do a happy dance the moment I won!

What do you think? Would you do penny auctions like this?

The Garage Selling Days of my Life

I used to have a ton of garage sales back in the day, every Summer it was a given that Mama was going to haul out all of the house and get rid of the clutter. You see, I can not stand having more than I need and if the kids do not play with their toys then what is the sense in me {or them} tripping over them all the time?!

The only issue with having frequent garage sales that would last 2-3 days was that I never could find tarp to cover the few items that were on a table outside. This meant I had to drag all of my junk someone else’s treasure back into the garage each night. I disliked this task very much, the table was heavy, awkward and often hosted some glass items on top which meant if I tilted the table in any wrong direction I would risk breaking some of the items for sale.

I have found that tarps often break easily or rip, at least that has been my history, which means maybe I should have a few canvas tarps instead of wasting little money on easily ripped/broken tarps.  There are certainly a lot of uses for a tarp!

Not only would a tarp had come in handy for my garage sale days, but when I was married I recall we used a tarp to cover in between the house and the garage in case of rainy weather.  Tarps are a great small item to have around your house or garage, especially if you find that you often have outdoor clutter you wish to have covered to protect it from rain.

What have you used tarps for, or found a good use of tarps for? I would love to hear some creative/funny/interesting stories!

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