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YoplaitSplitzLogoTalk about yogurt and a sundae wrapped into one product, that’s what Yoplait Splitz is all about! Totally yogurt but tastes like a sundae, delicious! Yoplait is always coming out with fun, great tasting products for my family to enjoy, I must admit the kids always go for Yoplait treats when we are grocery shopping.

You know what’s even cooler? For an extra special cool treat you can pop Yoplait Splitz into the freezer for a frozen yogurt treat. The kids would love this type of thing but unfortunately in my house this didn’t last long enough for me to taste test it frozen!  Yoplait Splitz has a variety of flavors to include Strawberry Sundae, Strawberry Banana Split, and Rainbow Sherbet. I love sherbet, so you bet I had to taste test that flavor, I am not a big banana type of person, the kids are so we will have to taste test that flavor next!

I loved this treat very much and the kids felt like it was a super sweet treat when it was really yogurt, I think this is a worthy product for back to school treats too! My daughter can bring these with her in her new lunch box she has from Frecklebox! Although now I will have to go out and buy more of these yogurts on my next shopping trip, as I totally forget to buy them Tuesday on my weekly shopping trip, bad Mama!

Be sure to visit this link to get a coupon for $0.75 off any flavor of Yoplait Splitz.

Now what I would like to do with help from MyBlogSpark is to offer you a fantastic giveaway package …

Winner will receive ….

Yoplait_Splitz_Prize_PackA sample of Yoplait Splitz, an insulated carry tote and a roll up fleece picnic blanket.

Giveaway will close at 11:59pm on September 17, 2010

Open to US


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Good luck and have fun entering!

Disclosure: The giveaway package and sample has been provided to me for free in order to facilitate this review and giveaway fully. All opinions are  based on my own and are not that of My Blog Spark nor Yoplait.

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Wireless Charging System

Summer has come to an end and your children are probably heading back to school if not already in school. That probably also means more charging of numerous electronics for rides to extra curricular activities and sports events. I know I would like to get DS or Leapster type product for our sons so that they have something to keep them busy while we are on the road running their sister around to soccer and girl scouts!

I was excited to learn about a cool wireless charging system where all you need is one plug, one mat and you can charge many devices; it’s called Powermat! I don’t have a lot of charging things other than a Blackberry and J’s cell Pantech Jest, but as the school year begins I know we will be investing in something like a Nintendo DS which is something you can charge on the Powermat!

I think this is a great idea because every night when I go to sleep we always have a bunch of cords bunched up together to charge our cell phones, my bluetooth headset so this can help eliminate some of those wires going everything.

Have you ever used the Powermat? What did you think of it?

Disclosure: Although this post isn’t normal review format, I did receive a Powermat pad and universal receiver in order to fully test out this product to share it with you all. All opinions based on my own!

A Fantastic Family Weekend

With no pictures taken, well there was this one picture taken but it’s not really something I am going to place up here. I didn’t get a picture of my cousin in her wedding dress at the wedding reception we went to Saturday but let me just tell you she was gorgeous! You see my cousin got married in Las Vegas on August 3rd of this year and held a wedding reception for family and friends at our family farm where my father lives on Saturday evening.

I was unable to get my daughter to attend with us as she had plans with her father and it was his weekend with her but Justin had the night off from work and was able to go with the boys and me. I was excited and nervous about going because after all my Dad’s side of the family is absolutely HUGE and I barely know most of them, but it turned out to be an amazing night. The bride and groom looked so cute as newly weds and I hope they have a wonderfully long lasting marriage together full of happiness and strength to make it through all of life’s challenges!

I was able to mingle with so many adults and my sons were able to play with the next generation of cousins that I am sure will spend lots of time seeing each other on the farm and playing! Mostly boys, which was sort of scary think about. There was one little girl there but the rest were boys and they all got along really well running around, bashing balloons, playing tag, swinging and sliding! Baby K fell off of the monkey bar ladder and went backwards which totally scared me but he was okay. It was amazing that with myself, Justin and my father right there none of us were able to catch him in time.

As the event started going further into the evening hours I had my sister make me a few drinks, which I later regretted because let’s just say I am not used to drinking liquor.

I was happy to see family in the light I like to see a family, the ups and downs, the smiles, the laughter and the hugs and kisses! That is why I love attending events on my father’s side of the family because no matter what you do, say or how unique you are no one judges you or looks down upon you. It’s like no matter whether you are blood related or best friends of the family you are welcomed there with open arms and that is my kind of family!

Congrats cuz I wish you and your new beau a wonderful life together and hope to see you guys again soon!

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What’s Your Parents Business

When I was a child I remember doing what most children do, wishing to be an adult so that I could make my own decisions and my own rules. I feel that’s a common feeling for most children, they think they know what the world has in store for them and think it’s a piece of cake. Once I hit the ripe years of a teen I was very rebellious and I am glad I was because I honestly feel that’s why I am able to take control and be a good parent now.

So move forward to the year of 2010, I will be 30 years old next October in 2011 and I am finding that I feel there’s a topic that needs to be addressed; is your business your parents business once you have grown up to be an adult and moved out on your own?

I personally feel that once you are an adult it is no longer your parents business what’s going on in your life. Obviously you can make a choice to invite them into your life and share what’s going on with them, but if you choose not to invite them into your personal business then it should be just fine and acceptable. As adults we are going to make decisions our parents are not always going to accept, support or appreciate. The joys of being a parent include worrying about your child no matter how old they are, which is fine, but when someone wants to say that your business will always be your parents business I have to politely say “I disagree”.

The reason for my disagreement on this is because I feel the whole reason our parents are to “form” us or “mold” us, so to speak, as we grow to be adults is to allow us to go free while they feel they did the best job raising us that they could. Does that mean they don’t worry? Heck no, I know when my children grow up to be adults I will be worried, concerned about whether they are making right decisions or good decisions, but I will also make the choice to stay out of their business unless they confide in me and open up.

When my children are adults all I can say is that I will be open to hearing them on what’s going on but do basically what my father does to me, remind me it’s my life but provide his honest opinion about the situation. I am open to parents providing opinions if it is provided as simple as that … another persons opinion. I feel that once you are an adult you make a choice to tell your parents about your life and if you choose to not tell them a single thing, or not tell them the whole story or talk about everything that is going on in your life, then you have that right to do so {or not do so}.

What do you think? Do you think that even as adults your business becomes your parents business no matter what? I invite an open, respectful, honest communication/discussion about this topic because I have seen so many other people struggle with this topic.

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