Yummy Yummy Lunchables For Your Tummy

Okay so you are probably thinking, more like “yummy yummy for my child’s tummy”, but seriously there are a lot of adults who eat Lunchables too!


Over the last few years, Lunchables has worked hard to improve their products by reducing overall sodium content, fat and calories by at least 20% throughout their product lines, and adding spring water and fruit to various lunches. Newly available options such as the Chicken and American Sub Sandwich as well as Chicken Strips, along with old favorites like the Deep Dish Cheese Pizza, now come with DOLE Mandarin Oranges. Lunchables provides improved lunch options with 100% white meat chicken, reduced-fat cheese and whole grain bread. And the already easy to go container now has many recyclable parts, making them a more environmentally friendly option.


I am excited that Lunchables has worked to create a healthier choice, because after all what parent wants their child having a candy bar? I mean, I don’t honestly but once they see that special dessert in the Lunchables package they are all over it once they finish the meal. At least my children do wait until they have finished their complete “lunch” before dipping into that chocolate goodness!

My kids are more the fruit type of children, we rarely will buy junk food in our house, rarely buy candy, etc etc. We try our best to be healthier than not, although we do get chips on occasion or chocolate chip cookies, I am not saying we are health fanatics. Our family prefers to choose healthier snack option’s whenever possible and that is why our family was very excited to taste test the new Lunchables! We love them, our kids love them and even my father loves them!

Do YOU love the new Lunchables??

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Lunchables and received the products necessary to facilitate my review. In addition, I received a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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My Post-it Story

The last work outside of home job I held in an office was as an administrative assistant in a very busy, three person office {I was one of the three}. The position I held required multi-tasking which is a skill you either have or don’t have, I only learned that when I was to train some other workers at one point, although my boss had told me through the years she had found that the position I held was one you either had the skill for or did not. It is not easy to teach a person to multi-task, I, however, am great at multi-tasking as you can see from my online interactions, business, and multiple blogs in addition to being a mother of three.

When I started this administrative position job we used ACT! software for client renewals, client contact information and daily task lists. I was so confident that I could use Post-it notes as reminders of what to do each day, I love Post-it notes, always have, and my boss laughed at me when she saw my computer monitor at my desk covered with Post-it notes.  My boss warned me that I would not be able to hold the amount of information I needed to do or follow up on with merely some Post-it notes. I was certain I could.

As the months passed and eventually years, I found out that Post-it notes rocked but the amount of information and tasks you have to do when working with corporate employee benefits required the ACT software more than I had ever imagined. The Post-it notes stayed for little reminders such as what I wanted for breakfast from the local bagel shop or maybe a message from a phone call, but overall the Post-it notes didn’t work to hold massive amounts of information. This is the time when my love for Post-it notes began and I started buying them any chance I got. Did you know that the cheap, non-brand Post-it type notes are nothing compared to the original? Yes it is true, this is one product I swear by Post-it brand and refuse to buy anything less than Post-it brand.

What’s your Post-it story?

I was not paid anything for this blog post, it’s just when I wrote my review the other day about Post-it brand it reminded me of this story and I just had to share it!

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KitchenAid Rescue My Appliances Sweepstakes

Are you ready to win some new appliances? I will be moving to a rental property soon which means I can’t do this sweepstakes but wanted to share it with you:


WHAT: KitchenAid Rescue My Appliances Sweepstakes
WHEN: now through 11/2/2010
Submit a photo of your old kitchen appliances and you could win a new suite of appliances from KitchenAid® (worth $7,000), Service Live Credits toward remodeling (worth $1,000), and a phone consultation with Susan Serra, our kitchen design expert (worth $200)! Entries are submitted from 10/5/10 – 11/2/10.


GOOD LUCK everyone! Let me know if you enter!

CLOSED Giveaway Breathe Right Wants to Find Healthy, Happy Families

Breath RightBreathe Right is all about helping families sleep better, as we all know getting a good nights sleep can make our day so much better! Whether you suffer from sleep issues or if your children do, Breathe Right wants to know what you do to help make your family happier by sleeping better.

Last week my youngest got a stuffy nose and so I know eventually this busy work at home Mama is going to catch this cold, or at least the stuffy nose part as I always do. When I learned that the folks at Breathe Right released a new Advanced strip that is even better at opening the nasal passages, which can help you, breathe better and sleep better, I knew I had to get my hands on this new product.

I am sure you have all seen the commercials right? I see them all the time and peek over at Justin with those “you need these” looks because the man snores so loudly it keeps me up some nights, those nights I actually can sleep without any whining from the boys.  Breathe Right has asked me to share what I do to build a happy, healthy family and just wait … they want to hear from you as well!

Tricks n Tips for Happy, Healthy Family

  • Drink plenty of Orange Juice – vitamin C can help keep those colds away and I have found during the cold weather months our family does so much better if I increase our daily supply of Vitamin C.
  • Wash your hands often – it’s a no brainer tip, wash your hands constantly or use a hand sanitizer each time you leave a grocery store, school, etc.
  • Sneeze into your arm – remember to turn away and sneeze into your arm, not at someone else’s body or face.
  • Do not share drinks – I am big about this during the cold months in NH because it has helped deterred sick kids. I don’t know if my daughter shares drinks at school but at home there’s no way during the cold season.

Win Breathe Right Advanced Strips for yourself

ENDS 11:59pm EST on October 16, 2010

Want to win a one month supply of Breathe Right Advanced? All you have to do is share your favourite tip/trick for building a healthy, happy family. Then follow @Breathe_Right on twitter and leave a comment with #BreathingMommies

Leave a comment below with a link to your tweet! Or share your tip below if you don’t have a Twitter account.

Disclosure: M80 asked I share this with my readers and in turn for sharing my tips with you I will receive a one month supply of Breathe Right Advanced strips.

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