Featured Bloggers October 2010

I was reading a guest blog post over at ProBlogger the other day that reminded me of something I have been determined to do but hadn’t and so this month I am starting off a fantastic new monthly series where I will share with you a few of the blogs I read every month so that you can hopefully meet new bloggers as well as find a love for them as I have.

To start off today I am going to feature a few first bloggers, meaning these are a few people I first started reading when becoming a blogger almost two years ago and to this day I continue to pop in monthly to catch up with them.

MomSpectiveThis girl rocks! I love that Julie isn’t afraid to be honest and tell it how she sees it. You may learn more than you want to know about Julie but one thing is for sure she is A-mazing. I am found giggling, laughing, dropping my jaw and sometimes a tear falls when I read her blog posts.  Momspective is truly worth your time if you have an open mind, different sense of humor and admire honesty.

MommaDJane: Climbing the Ladder to Success: If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that Dwan aka @mommadjane is the person who had me start blogging. Virtual sisters is what we are, but why I read her blog is not due to our friendship, I read Dwan’s blog because I am amazed at what she has going on and still chugs along. You see Dwan is a single mom blogger from Texas with one child who has disabilities. Dwan shares many of her struggles and dreams on MommaDJane: Climbing the Ladder to Success which is why I admire her blog so much. Dwan can give any single or married Mom strength to get through the day.

Painter Mommy Button

Painter Mommy: Now I don’t recall when or how I ran into Painter Mommy who is written by Dawn but I do know we share a common business, virtual assistant. Dawn has way more graphic design skills than me, but she is an amazing person. Dawn has a strength that amazes me, when I am faced with a challenge or questionable moment she will send me a DM on Twitter or leave a friendly comment on my blog post. Lending superb advice and recently giving readers advice on sugar cereal, Dawn is what I call an amazing blogger who is honest, friendly and a lot like me. I find myself relating to Dawn as a person, mother and entrepreneur.

There you have it, October 2010 Featured Bloggers shared by me, NH Blogger Brandy Ellen. I hope you will check out these ladies and enjoy their unique blogs as much as I have. Stay tuned in November for more Featured Bloggers and why I love them!

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Fashion to Figure Graphic Print Dress Review

When I first heard of Fashion to Figure I wasn’t sure if they would really have clothing that would fit me, but they actually have a very great selection of plus size jeans as well as medium sized clothing. I usually wear a large when it’s a dress or sometimes an extra large and Fashion to Figure was able to find me the perfect dress for adult night out.

Fashion to Figure Dresses

About Fashion to Figure

Everyone wants fashion and style; lots of choices; great prices and personal service. These factors and their family history in full-fashion made Fashion to Figure realize customers were undeserved and there was an opportunity to build a new kind of store – a corner of the world where everyone would feel inspired. Fashion to Figure believes fashion is truly a state of mind, not a size range. This is how Fashion to Figure began, just look at them today!

Pros about Fashion to Figure Graphic Print Dress

  • Comfortable.
  • Easy to wear with a sweater or shawl over during cold evenings out.
  • Allows for a sexy feeling, without showing too much skin.

Cons about Fashion to Figure Graphic Print Dress

  • Spaghetti straps don’t work well with me due to the inability to wear strapless bras.
  • The belt in center doesn’t seem to come off, and I personally would prefer to see what dress looks like without it {I am just not a belt person}.

Overall Feelings for Fashion to Figure’s Graphic Print Dress

I am in love with Fashion to Figure’s Graphic Print Dress, even though I am not a belt person and I can’t wear a strapless bra, I can deal with the belt as it does help show figure in a sexier way and I can wear a black thin strapped bra to blend with the straps better. I am happy to add this dress to my small collection of dresses because I am hoping to be able to get out for girls night out and date nights more often after our big move!

Purchase Clothing from Fashion to Figure

You can purchase a variety of clothing from Fashion to Figure online. Follow Fashion to Figure on Twitter and Like them on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest! Oh and if you like them on Facebook there’s a cool coupon code for you!

Disclosure: Fashion to Figure sent me the Graphic Print Dress for free in order for me to facilitate this review and share my honest opinion with my readers.

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Did You Go To College?

I am a high school graduate who completed about two years of online college courses. As an attempt to further my Education and pursue my love of administrator I started working on my Bachelors in Business Management with online courses but alas I had to put that dream on pause while I raised my first born son and then on pause even longer to raise my second born son. I may or may not go back an finish courses when my children are older but for now I am happy with all that I have learned through experience.

There are many places to get your degree online and really with a busy life of a work at home parent I feel online courses are the easiest and most convenient methods to work on getting your degree. Walden University is just one of many places you can purse your education at. I wonder what type of degree you are interested in?

While I was looking for places to get my degree I came across The Chronicle which, to my surprise, also had job listings. I don’t know if there are any listings for you but my feelings are where there’s a job board then there’s a chance you may find something. These days jobs are hard to come by!

So I end this blog post with a question; did you get a college education? Are you going to make your child go to college or do you feel it should be a decision they  make based on what’s best for them?

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Moving The Positive Way: Switching Schools

Now switching schools is probably going to be the hardest part of us moving, but luckily it’s only one child switching schools not three of them. If we had a choice to wait until the end of school year or find a house in the same town we would have, but it didn’t work out that way and we wanted to make sure the move happened before the NH snow came. Honestly I am probably just as nervous and concerned about my daughter switching schools as she is and I relay that to her. I also remind my daughter often that she is not going to lose any friends because we are not moving that far away from our current town.

To tell you the truth, the school she will be going to I went to for three years when my Mom moved us out of our school again the same school my daughter goes to now. I am excited because I need a change of scenery, this town can smother a person and I don’t like watching people I grew up with go downhill. There are a lot of nice people here and this town we live in now could really be something if there were more enticing ways for teens to spend their time than partying and walking the streets.

Some ways I have helped the move be a more exciting change than a stressful change for my daughter is to;

  • Have her create business cards with her cell number and name on it to hand out to friends.
  • Add her current friends names and phone numbers in a journal to keep in touch when she moves.
  • Remind her that she can still play soccer for the same town next year, we just have to pay a non-resident fee.
  • Reiterate the amount of space she will have for her bedroom will excite her more than anything.
  • Allow my daughter to decorate and arrange her new room to her liking, within reason.

All of the things I do to create this a more positive move for my daughter will in turn create a more positive move for the family as a whole. Now my daughter has only seen the outside of our new home and not the inside. I can’t wait for her to open up her eyes inside for the first time and see just how much bigger this house is compared to our current home. I have always wanted to have sleep overs and get together’s for her and her friends but our current home is too small for such events. The new house is a fresh start and a positive move for us all and I am hoping that the transition period is a short one. I will do everything in my power to focus on the positive of this move so that my daughter will hopefully focus on the positive as well and not allow sadness and negative energy consume her.

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Giveaway Winners Announced For Multiple Giveaways

A few giveaways ended and here are the winners …

We Love Fish Tacos giveaway 5 winners were to be chosen but only three people entered therefore I can only announced THREE winners:

  1. debp
  2. Cathy Wallace
  3. Charity L.

Breathe Right Advanced strips giveaway ended and one winner to be chosen:

  1. Mark

Kraft Foods Macaroni & Cheese Homestyle dinners giveaway and one winner to be chosen:

  1. Nadine L

ATTN WINNERS: Please complete this form if you are the winner so that I may forward your information along to the sponsors!

Click here to check out my most recent and current giveaways

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