PNC Park

Written by my friend Marquis Finley

There is something magical about PNC Park. I know it’s not that old, but that’s not what makes it come alive for me. When I walk through the stadium gates, I enter a whole new world. I get lost looking at all the memorabilia of former players. I love the action that seems to surround the place. When I go to see the Pirates play, I never eat first. My first meal of the day will usually be a Primanti Brothers sandwich. This is a Pittsburgh specialty which is to die for! I make sure I eat it early enough to where I can still eat more during the game. I don’t get to go to many games, so I don’t feel bad about eating so poorly the few times I am able to go each season.

Usually after my sandwich and before the game starts, I will walk throughout the stadium. The sights are just amazing and I make sure I take my camera to capture the skylines and the three rivers that meet by the stadium. As soon as the game starts, my attention is one hundred percent on the game. Though I usually leave deflated from yet another loss, I still leave feeling as if I have just experienced something magical. When I can’t go to the games, I watch them on my I can still capture some of the magic just by seeing the games that way!

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Happy Birthday Princess Ki {with Happy Birthday by the Beatles}

Today is your day … Happy Birthday to you …. I love you my sweet princess. My daughter has all the energy I have, the ability to turn any challenge into a positive and makes me smile daily! I love this little girl, the child who made me become a mom for the first time. A first born child who drove me to become who I am today with just a little baby smile … I love you Princess Ki and I am excited we have a three day weekend together! Let’s enjoy it as a family and then have some Mommy/Daughter time too!

Happy Birthday my sweet eight year old daughter, it amazes me how time flies!

Let’s DANCE ….  how about to the Beatles …

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Crest Pro-Health Complete Rinse Updates

If you missed my first post for this campaign please read Crest Pro-Health Complete Rinse Test Drive blog post in order to know what I thought prior to testing this product!

CPH Complete[2][2]As the campaign comes to an end I must update you with how my mouth feels and my overall experience with this product. My mouth feels refreshed, I have enjoyed Crest Pro-Health Complete Rinse more than my normal mouth rinse I use and it’s probably due to being alcohol free with a good flavor. I have enjoyed being a part of this campaign because without it I may not have purchased this product and now I must say I am more than likely to purchase another bottle when I run out!

Information about Crest Pro-Health Complete Rinse

  • Contains fluoride to help prevent cavities and strengthen enamel.
  • Provides six benefits in one and helps users achieve a better checkup at their next dental visit by strengthening teeth and helping to prevent cavities.
  • Strengthens your teeth, cleans your mouth and fights bad breath – all without the burn of alcohol!

I am happy that my teeth feel more clean and a tad bit stronger, this means I have found some changes. I can’t give you an experts opinion as I am not a dentist nor have I had an appointment since using this product but I can tell you from my personal experience I have enjoyed using Crest Pro-Health Complete Rinse and would recommend it to my friends, family and readers.

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a test drive campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Crest and received a sample to facilitate my candid review. Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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{Blogging Support} Free Products and Paid Opp’s


The ladies that are part of the awesome blogging support group were discussing product reviews and paid blogging opportunities. This was brought about because obviously I am making money and so are some of the other girls in the group, however, I found out that not all of them are making money but do want to make money. I can’t say you can get rich quick running a blog, but if you keep at it, have a popular niche, are personable and interactive that eventually you can make money from your blog whether it be part time income or full time income. Life is what you make it and so is your blog!

I thought I would take a moment and share some places that offer not only free products but some pretty neat campaigns such as Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns for the month of October, as it is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I am proud to be a member of the following places and if you are not a member then I hope you will look into them and see if they are for you:

  • Buzz Cooperative
  • Mom Central
  • My Blog Spark
  • One 2 One Network
  • Role Mommy
  • Team Mom
  • MomDot VIP Forum

I have been a member of the above places for a long time and they come highly recommended. Any of the ones that are paid have been well worth it, but most are free to join. Let me know your thoughts as well as share an others I didn’t list, as I am sure I missed a few! I know I also do Mom Blogger Club Reviews and Paid Posts from time to time as well.

Now for paid posts, there are quite a few places, but I will only include the ones I use the most. I love paid posts opportunities because they usually involve a keyword link which means you can write your blog post the way you want and simply link to keywords! {some of these links may be affiliate links}:

Making money on Twitter: I make revenue on Twitter as well under @brandyellen with occasional sposnored tweets and these are the two main programs I use for that, as they are the least spammy sites in my opinion:

So there you have it, many sites to look into, I am excited to be sharing this and hope it helps not only the Blogging Support Group but others who have been interested in reviews, paid opp’s and more.

Any questions? Feel free to ask. Have another site that has worked for you, please share it below!

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