My camping trip

The Author of this post is Jay Bush

We love camping, my whole family has had many camping trips over the years, and we have many fond memories. This year, we are planning to hike into the mountain range behind our house, and see if we can pitch our tents on the side of a mountain, it’s a bit daring, but it is something different. There is a steep path which will take us most of the way up, then we will camp for the night, and literally see where the next day will take us.

That is what we like about camping, we can go virtually anywhere, and for two weeks out of the year, we try and live off the land, which is why I always lose weight when I go on holiday. I do the cooking, my husband tries his best to catch us fish and the kids collect wood for the fire and wash up. Camping is all about mucking in and helping each other, and through our little holidays, we have grown to work as a team together.

My main job is to make sure the house is secure before we leave, make sure the gas is turned off, and the morning papers are cancelled, and to always make sure that I have set our home security alarm (Los Angeles adt home security online offer) before we leave.

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CLOSED Enjoy Indulging in Chocolate Jell-O Giveaway

I am so excited to announce that I am hosting a Jell-O giveaway for all you chocolate lovers out there! I have taste tested one of these Jell-O products before and must admit they are delicious!

First let me tell you a bit about Jell-O’s new products:

MOUSSE TEMPTATIONS by JELL-O – You won’t believe Mousse Temptations by JELL-O is sugar-free with its rich, creamy, flavor. With three decadent chocolate flavors, indulge in your “me time” with these 60-calorie treats. Available in three flavors

  • Chocolate Mint Sensation
  • Chocolate Indulgence
  • Dark Chocolate Decadence

Sugar-free JELL-O Pudding Cups – You’ll love the smooth and sweet taste of sugar-free JELL-O Chocolate Pudding cups. Whether on-the-go or in your lunch sack, the individual cups make great go-to treats.

Original JELL-O Pudding Cups – Kids love the creamy mixture of Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Pudding cups. With its sweet taste and delicious dual-flavor, kids will think you’re the coolest mom on the block when they see these cups in the refrigerator.

Are you ready to win? Oh yes my friends one luck person will win a full sample box of the five varieties of Jell-O!

Pretty easy to enter, multiple ways, each completed entry counts as one entry! Giveaway will end at 11:59pm EST on November 19, 2010

  • Let me know which flavor listed above you just can’t wait to try in a comment below.
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Have fun and Good luck!

Disclosure: I didn’t receive any compensation nor product for this post. I happened to have loved my test taste before and thought it would be wonderful to offer you all a sample. Subscriptions .. Oops

Okay so yeah I am a tad bit slow, anyone who knows me super well knows that I forget things often, I ramble, I talk in incomplete sentences, paragraphs and actually change subjects mid sentences. You can all thank my lovely Father for that one! Yeah, no joke, my Dad blogs .. photo blogs that is!

Anyways, back on topic here …. see? I told you I change subjects often! … know it? Like it? Love it? I must admit I love, purchased many items from them like my super tall baby gates that keep the boys in their bedroom. How about the super awesome HP Printer ink for my awesome printer?

Love it, like it, use it often, but alas one day I thought I would be all cool and get some pull ups for the now potty trained AJ. I saw a subscribe option for something and read it, didn’t seem to cost any extra money, seemed to be that this subscription thing would save me money so I said … well you don’t really want to know, because I watch my potty mouth on this blog, and I went ahead and ordered it for what I thought was some cool deal.

Let me tell you what … remember to read all sections of any “subscriptions to save money” options on any website! The other day I saw an email come through on my Blackberry telling me that my Pampers Pull ups had shipped?! Or an order had shipped … I was totally confused. Come to find out I subscribed to get pull ups shipped to me every month! The kid is already potty trained…. but alas I do have a two year old so I will put them to use. I did, however, go in and cancel my subscription on the hopes that I didn’t miss some fee associated with canceling the subscriptions .. please do not tell me there’s a fee to cancel!

Don’t you just love fine print?

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Family Christmas Hampers For The Holidays

I have always wondered what to get my family for the holidays and one item that looks absolutely amazing and works for just about any adult on your list is christmas food hampers. Gluten free options as well as sweets for those you love! Anyone have a specific family member who loves getting items like this for the holidays?

I know that I love a good food gift for Christmas because food is a great gift for anyone. This holiday season most people are low on cash which means giving a gift that they can use and enjoy may suit your family members best. I would love to get a big christmas food hamper full of Champagne & Chocolate or a cheese lovers hamper would certainly work for me. I love me some cheese!

Have you ever given a gift like this before? I hadn’t heard of the term christmas food hamper until just recently but it makes sense to use that term for this type of gift. Adults everywhere will be wanting products like this, are you a chocolate lover or a lover of another christmas food hamper? I know that the chili lovers set would work best for my father, him and my step mother would certainly make good use of that christmas food hamper.

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