Moving The Positive Way

It’s official we are going to be moving, yes two adults and three children are moving. This means lots of junk stuff will need to be packed into tiny cardboard boxes because alas that is all I have. I have a huge pile of boxes from products received that can now be put to good use as packing material. I plan to make this move a positive one and journal my tips and ideas as I think of them so that you too can make a move be a positive change rather than a stressful change. I can’t say all stress will be eliminated but I am usually pretty good at finding a way to lower the stress levels in my home which is what I plan to do with this move.

First, I am a very organized person, if I don’t know where something is I am going in circles, pulling hair out, trying to find it. I love to have a system, although my system has been altered a little bit since having three children, I still enjoy having things in their place the best we can. Here is what I plan to do:

  • Go through each room of the house one at a time with boxes and trash bag.
  • Label each box that is going with us on the move according to room in the house.
  • Label each “garbage” bag accordingly so that I can give away for free on Freecycle or out on front lawn.
  • Eliminate any and all clutter from the eight year old’s room while she is away at her Dad’s so to avoid a conflict about what “junk” really is according to Mom.
  • Start packing now all the little things we need but don’t need immediately such as books, DVD’s, toys not always played with, etc etc.
  • Slowly move over most of our boxes until final move day when we rent a truck to do the final big things move.

I am hoping this method will help and I am hoping to get all of the household on board with this. I must admit a couple weekends ago I was frustrated because I was all motivated to pack up the little things and go through rooms but no body else in the house was so I went through my closet and that was about it. I also have to hold off on receiving product reviews during the transition period to avoid lost packages.

This is going to be a great move we will be going from near 1000 square feet to 2000 square feet of living space, this is exciting in itself. One of our feelings about why things get so hectic between the children is that they don’t have their own space, we are always around each other, no where to hide and get away from the noise, action and craziness that leads our day to day life.

I am excited and hope you will enjoy coming along on my journey, virtually of course.

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CLOSED Giveaway and Review: Clinere Ear Cleaners

clinereadI am flat out excited to share with you today a new way to clean your ears and I have actually seen the pediatrician use a similar tool in his office when Princess Ki gets wax build up in her ears. The new Clinere Ear Cleaners are said to be the new way to get your ears clean versus the old school cotton swab.

Information Provided To Me About Clinere Ear Cleaners

Clinere™ Ear Cleaners are the latest innovation in personal ear cleaning and a much needed upgrade from the outdated cotton swab.

Complete with dual purpose ends and made of soft, flexible plastic, Clinere™ Ear Cleaners feature a scoop end that can be used to remove unwanted wax, dirt and debris, as well as a finned end that can be used to clean and exfoliate the outer surfaces of the ear and canal entrance.

Clinere™ Ear Cleaners are sold in 10-count packages and priced between $5.99 and $6.99. Currently, they are available in Walmart, Kmart, Walgreens, CVS, Meijer, H-E-B and Shopko stores nationwide. Of course you can also find Clinere™ Ear Cleaners on

What I Personally Thought about Clinere Ear Cleaners

Honestly, I wouldn’t try these on myself for fear because I am horrible about gauging where I place cotton swabs as it is.  I sure wasn’t going to have the man put them in my ear either so I tested them out on the munchkins and loved using these. My middle child has a really narrow area so I have always had issues with cotton swabs in his ears, they don’t go in easily and barely get a thing out. Clinere™ Ear Cleaners worked very good with my middle child’s ears!

My daughter enjoys these much better than cotton swabs because like I said earlier they remind me of the tool her pediatrician uses on her. Princess Ki was happy to test these out with my supervision. Overall I am very satisfied with the ease of use with Clinere™ Ear Cleaners.

Purchase Clinere Ear Cleaners

WIN a 10 pack of Clinere Ear Cleaners

One lucky person from the United States or Canada can win

Ends at 11:59pm EST on October 20, 2010


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Good luck and have fun!

Disclosure: I received the product reviewed in this blog post for free in order to fully experience the product and facilitate an honest review. All opinions are that of my own.

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Wordless Wednesday: Teeth Brushing Time

Wordless Wednesday

Waving For Pic for Daddy Justin

Hi - We r Brushing our teeth good

Yes Mam!

Yes Mam!

Teeth are all brushed!

Teeth are all brushed!

For more Wordless Wednesday visit the funny Momspective, usually she has a good giggle over there happening!

All others please leave a comment and link up below:

Switching on the Moon: A Very First Book of Bedtime Poems

Switching on the Moon A Very First Book of Bedtime PoemsI get to share another great book published by Candlewick Press with poems collected by Jane Yolen and Andrew Fusek Peters with illustrations by G. Brian Karas. If you don’t know already I am addicted to poetry, I write it, I read it, I love it. Now with Switching on the Moon: A Very First Book of Bedtime Poems I am able to share that love of poetry with my children at bedtime.

Switching on the Moon: A Very First Book of Bedtime Poems has a great collection of poetry perfect for little ones, and is recommended for ages birth to five. My oldest is eight year old and enjoys the poems as well, so who knows if you have an older child that loves poetry they may enjoy these as well.

This book was released in September 2010 and our family has had the pleasure to enjoy it as long as we have enjoyed Tuck Me In from Candlewick Press. Amazing children book that you must add to your collection this holiday season!

Description Taken From Site
From the hoot of an owl to the horns of the city, from children giggling in the bath to the hushed notes of a lullaby, here is an exquisite anthology that captures the universal poetry of bedtime. Expertly gathered by Jane Yolen and Andrew Fusek Peters, these sixty poems range from old favorite poets such as Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Sylvia Plath, and Eleanor Farjeon to beloved contemporary poets like Marilyn Singer, Lee Bennett Hopkins, and Children’s Poet Laureate Mary Ann Hoberman. Beautifully illustrated by G. Brian Karas with richness and whimsy, SWITCHING ON THE MOON is the perfect book to share with a child to usher in a night of sweet dreams.

Purchase Switching on the Moon: A Very First Book of Bedtime Poems

Disclosure: I received this product for free in order to full facilitate my review. All opinions are based on my family’s experience with the product.

CLOSED Get Ready For Sweet Dreams with Tuck Me In Book Giveaway

tuck me in

Tuck Me In is newly released {September 2010} hardcover book for your child ages 1.5 up to age 4. Amazon listing price is $9.99 at this time. Tuck Me In is written by Dean Hacohen and Sherry Scharschmidt, published by Candlewick and is one of many bedtime stories that have been newly released for your little one!

Tuck Me In is a cute, simple book that allows your little one to say good night to all the baby animals such as a baby zebra, baby alligator, and baby hedgehog before your child is asked if “you need to be tucked in” and then ends with a good night wish.

Our family has had this book since prior to release and the boys who are ages 2 and 4 enjoyed picking out this book as one of their two bedtime storybooks each night. The boys enjoy me reading who needs to be tucked in and as I turn the page my Baby K {age 2} will say “I DO” in such a cute little toddler voice as his brother turns the page that looks like a blanket for the little baby animal. Tuck Me In has added fun and interest during our bedtime routine, the children are learning animals and catching onto simple words while following along with me reading!

One Lucky Person Will Be Able To Win Their On Hardcover Copy of Tuck Me In by entering below!

Open to United States

Giveaway Ends 11:59pm on October 26, 2010

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Good luck and have fun!

Disclosure: I received this book for free in order to fully facilitate the review/giveaway.

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