Giveway Winners Announced

Giveaway closed recently and here is the winner …

Star Costumes

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Filtrete Water Pitcher

waterpitcherToday I am excited to share a Filtrete Water Pitcher that was sent to me from Mom Central. For those who know me really well will know that I am super picky about my water! I do not drink my current well water and often am found at my mother’s home filling water jugs so that I can drink from her artesian well. I have always loved the water at my mother’s home and no other water has compared.

Now that I have this Filtrete water pitcher, I can enjoy fresh tasting water from the faucet at my new home because it helps the flavor be better than that from just the tap.  I know that eventually I will also want to test out the Filtrete Water Station because of the fact that I increase water consumption when I am able to grab a bottle of water over a cup of water, main reason being? My finicky cats enjoy getting into my open cup of water and do not enjoy drinking water from their fresh, clean water dish. With a bottle of water I don’t have to worry about my cats tipping the water over in the house!

This is a fantastic product that helps me drink my water at home, which means I don’t have to travel as much to my mother’s to fill water jugs and I can have more family time at home. With my son having nose bleeds from not only dry air but lack of hydration I am willing to use any new contraption to help increase his water consumption too!

Filtrete also offers an e-newsletter for busy parents like me to save money and you can sign up for Filtrete’s seasonal e-newsletter by clicking here. Remember to Like Filtrete on Facebook and follow Filtrete on Twitter to keep up to date with their latest happenings.

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“I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Filtrete and received the water pitcher to facilitate my candid review.”

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POLL – Influence or Reach? What Matters Most?

I work with a lot of companies and public relations people to review products, host giveaways and serve ad space as well. The holiday season is coming which usually means an increase in pitches to your blog, but what it all comes down to is your “stats”. I wonder which is more important; how much traffic you have or how much of an influence you have on others?

Reach is great, of course it is amazing to get 12,000 hits plus a month, I was there in January but not there at this time. You see when life changes so does your blog topics and traffic. Sometimes you are passionate about one topic for a while and everyone wants to read about it because they can relate, sympathize or care about what you are saying. Whatever the reason is, your website has visitors based on how well you SEO your site, how well you promote articles and of course what topic you write about.  Let’s say you have 12,000 visitors a month but no real influence over those visitors, they come, they comment and they leave.

Influence is what I personally feel should matter most, not because I don’t have 12,000 visitors monthly but because an influence over another person means that when you review a product and share your honest opinion about that product with others in your “circle” then they are more apt to go out and purchase that product or at least check it out in more detail to see if it’s a fit for their family. Influence can be combination of online as well as in real life. I feel I have more of an online influence because I reach more people online one on one than I do in real life. I certainly express my love for products I review to others in person but usually it’s the online world that I influence more.

When PR and companies contact you through your blog which do you think should matter most to them? Would you rather have them ask how much traffic you get? or How much of an influence do you have? I am sure it’s easier to establish proof of reach than proof of influence, but I really think that both should be looked at when a company is looking to have you review their product.

Dracula Will Not Get His Costume From My House

The Author of this post is Rolando Dickerson

Vampire Season

Having begun in earnest to look for this year’s attire for the Halloween Fest, I decided that this year was going to be slightly different than the previous years of donning an old t-shirt and jeans ripped up, in exchange for a hired or bought Vampire Costume.

The usual ritual of daubing my face full of grey, black and red face paint will also be slightly different this time round as to suit the fine materials of my slightly less than intimidating Nosferatu, minus the bald head of course. Maybe I should run out and find a swimming cap to suit my skin tone!

I of course shall be needing to take a couple of friends to the Halloween Outlet, this way I get to see what choice of costume they might have and thus avoids any clashes at the fancy dress party that we will be attending – at my house!

Little Devils

Now I always find that on leaving my house unattended for what could be the whole day, shopping being an all-day venture for myself, then I need to make sure I set my Security Choice home security alarm before I go out.

I would hate to come home and find a little devil or two have been ransacking my home of its valuables, as has happened before at Halloween time. So now it is just ritual to set the alarm before leaving.

There are so many places I could find my Halloween Costume this year, many places have been selling weird and wonderful attire for over a month now. Not only that the large Halloween Outlets have been springing up in the nearby cities, so these will be my starting point as there is a lot of fun in walking round in what is more of a ‘Haunted House’ experience than one of shopping.

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Giveaway Winners Announced

Oh my goodness, giveaways ending everywhere! I am moving so I won’t really be online much in the upcoming week but here are the latest giveaway winners:

Kitten Party DVD:

# 18 entry – Congrats to Geri Nyland

Clinere Ear Cleaners:

# 38 entry – Congrats to Melissa R.

Taking the Scary out of Halloween Kit:

# 5 entry  – Congrats to Joanne

ATTN WINNERS: Please complete this form if you are the winner so that I may forward your information along to the sponsors!

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