Guilty of Not Checking Stats

I know how to do most SEO, I love SEO and it’s fun as well as exciting to see what I have implemented work. The problem is, I am guilty of not utilizing all avenues of SEO such as using the keyword(s) I want my blog to be searched based on through out my blog. This means using the keywords in blog posts, links on the web and various other areas. You see I want to get more local readers, I want to be more inspirational to people and readers.

My mission is to spread happiness all over, to teach people that they can focus on the positive and that their thoughts can truly make things happen. I have been a positive thinker for years now and I have seen the outcome of my thoughts. My blog is a place to share products, giveaways, positive thoughts, blogging support and work at home support. As the move to my new place comes around the corner and the idea of a fresh start for my family I realized I also need a fresh start for my blog. My focus on blogging needs to go back to where it all begin with positive stories and supporting others.

I plan to start checking my stats more often, not simply the number of visitors but actually look at what searches are bringing people to my blog aside from the word happily. I want to also see where my traffic is coming in from with external links such as links I leave in the comments of my blog friends as well as link exchanges.

It is very important to first implement SEO tactics on your blog and then do weekly check ups or reports to find out how that SEO is working. That way you can fully determine what is worth your time and what is not worth your time. So no more being guilty, once I get moved into my larger home with more privacy I plan to focus on what I love … blogging and spreading positive thoughts!

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The Potty Training Tales Week 1

We are about one week into potty training for real this time, no going back.  We tried many great products such as the Potty Tots which worked awesome for a while and still we use it but it’s not as encouraging alone, which makes me remember I should go to their site and see what else they have because Baby K will be potty training soon too.

We went in for the four year old check up for our son AJ to find out that the pediatrician finally said “just do this”.  Our pediatrician recommended we take off diapers and don’t look back. Let AJ wear undies, let him go nude, whatever works for our family. We were told to toss out poopie undies and wash pee undies. In the first two days AJ had only a couple accidents, he pooped in his undies once and peed once. Then it happened, the defiant stubborn attitude of AJ kicked in and he proceed to not use the potty at all, peeing everywhere, and purposely hiding to go pee in his room in his pants.

I was frustrated but realized that this wasn’t going to be an easy task, nothing is when it comes to AJ as he is a very defiant, strong willed little boy. We have found in the four years of raising AJ that he is  our most stubborn child and if it’s not competitive he rarely wants part of it. It’s been about a week or a little over now and he is doing pretty good. No accidents but at night when we place him in a pull up overnight he fills it. We have to physically place him in the bathroom and he has learned to pee standing up!

I found out that AJ could pee standing up when I sat down to pee myself and had a wet bum, luckily I showered shortly afterward, but now I know check the seat before sitting down there is a boy potty training! ;-)

So far so good, there are days when I am like “enough is enough” and want to turn back but the boy is four years old and knows how to hold it when he has to pee and has control over bowel movements too. He is ready, I am ready and we are going to succeed even if I have to follow him around for another week cleaning up messes!

The pediatrician stated two weeks of no diapers and he should be trained! Here’s hoping that he is trained by the end of the upcoming week as that will mark two weeks  and be real close to our move date. Saving money on diapers will be a relief for sure!

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CLOSED Taking the Scary out of Halloween Giveway

take the scary out of halloween

This is exclusively available at Barnes & Noble! Let me first tell you that I have read this book over and over because the boys love it!

Joy Berry’s Taking the Scary Out of Halloween Kit Includes:

• The Taking the Scary Out of Halloween Book
• 10 Safety Guidelines for Halloween
• “Make and do” activities for costumes and makeup
• Simple Halloween night recipes
• Glow-in-the-dark stickers
• Glow whistle
• Glow necklace and bracelet
• Flashlight with interchangeable Halloween-themed lenses

I can’t wait to play with the flashlight on Halloween night while AJ goes out dressed up as an Air Force Fighter Pilot. I read this book to my sons over and over but one night when my daughter was home she sat in while listening to me read to the boys. After the boys were tucked in, her and I retreated to the kitchen to review her homework and there is where she started repeated some safety tips that are found within Taking the Scary out of Halloween book! I was impressed and asked what else she learned, and we plan to make our own face paint this year, totally cool, a great idea with recipe we learned in this book!

Joy Berry

This is the author of Taking The Scary out of Halloween and we already own two of her books. One book is on Potty Training and one is about Bath Time. My sons have enjoyed Joy Berry books and that is what I am excited to be sharing this Halloween kit with you. Joy Berry really knows how to reach out to children through her books in a way that keeps them interested and learning more!

One Lucky Person Will Be Able To Win Taking the Scary out of Halloween Kit for their family!!

Giveaway will close at 11:59pm EST on October 20

Winner will be announced live on blog & emailed directly so please leave a valid email address.

You may enter by completing any or all of the following, each counts as one entry:

  • Head on over to Joy Berry Books and have a look around, find another book your family would be interested in and leave a comment below telling me the title.
  • Visit Joy Berry’s Blog and leave a comment on one of her blog posts. Come back here to tell me which blog post you left a comment on.
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Good luck and Have fun!

Disclosure: I received this kit for free from Joy Berry Enterprises in order to facilitate the review and giveaway. All opinions are that of my own.

Oh Yeah I Totally Rock With Guest Bloggers Of Course

I am moving in a couple of weeks and so I plan to update both of my blogs with content enough for TWO WEEKS if not THREE weeks … do you think I can sit down and accomplish this? Not alone for sure so if you are looking to guest blog at Happily Blended please contact me, I will be more than happy to feature some bloggers in either the last week of October or first week of November so get the contact going by clicking here to contact me! I have already extended this offer to my Blogging Support Group and MomDot Community Forum so spots may be limited!

Looking forward to having you help me get my blog full of content for my move and help get the word out about your rockin’ writing style!

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