Everything Based on Credit Scores

I swear you can’t seem to sneeze these days in public without someone wanting to run a credit check on you to determine your credit score. You see all the commercials about how important it is to check your credit report and make sure that you are not a victim of identity theft and all that. I bet you also see that most banks lately want a specific credit score before they will even look at you.

This happened with a rental we were looking at, the dude wanted to take your credit report and you had to get a certain score/rating whatever it is called before he would even look at allowing you into that home to rent. I get it, you want someone who has a good credit score because sometimes a good credit score means they will pay the rent. I beg to differ, just a little bit, a good credit score means you have been doing good all your life in the credit department. What about those who, like myself, turned 18 and well took a few years to pay off those credit cards she got her hands on?! I mean that affects my score, makes me look like a bad person to lend to, yet I pay my bills and I know I am going to pay the roof over my head before I pay for an extra in my life.

I would rather use the local library if I had to or a friends computer before I let my roof over my head go for a different bill. Mind you, I certainly fell behind when the whole leaving J thing went on but I am a firm believer that you can’t judge a person on a credit score, it’s silly to me. Just plain silly! Credit scores can not determine a person today, it determines a persons credit history and some people sucked at building credit while younger but are really good with finances today.

I don’t even know what my credit score is nor what’s on my credit report but I have thought about checking it out on sites like FreeScore.com as I feel it’s important to know your credit score in this economy.

Do you know your credit score? I am not going to ask you to tell me it, but just curious how many people know their credit score!

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Supportive Bloggers and Friendship

I notice as I am going around the blogosphere that many people start getting bigger with their blogs and stop helping others for free. When we all first start blogging we want to learn knowledge, share that knowledge and help each other succeed.  Ultimately some people want to make money in addition to blogging and so I can understand charging for your time, but really think about it; when you started blogging did you not have a few bloggers who had been blogging for a long time and were able to help you out for free?

I know I had those kind of friends, Dwan aka @MommaDJane was the one who gave me the idea of blogging and we had been best of friends for a long time promoting each other, supporting each other and making sure we never lost site that our friendship was very important no matter what. I will be honest for a while I was a bit lost thinking that we were no longer good friends and that we would never be what we were. Reality is people get busy but that friendship seed that got planted will forever be there, especially when it’s as close as mine and Dwan’s was. Dwan and I have shared so much together to include helping each other with blogging.

Having a support team with blogging is a huge deal, which is a big reason I changed my blogging support group to be free. I know I should charge for my time and I know that time is money but at the end of the day I feel so much happier knowing I helped someone rather than made a buck. With the blogging support group(s) I am putting together they will be free overall but in the future there will be paid options because some upper level assistance will certainly be well worth their money spent and time, but for the most part this will be a free group to help drive more traffic and make more revenue.

Friendships gained while blogging and being a part of blogging support type groups is what keeps the blogging world going around. We are all important and we all have something to say no matter how big nor small blogging is a great family to be a part of. Speaking of family, I am a member of the MomDot Forum and let me tell you that is an amazingly active forum that you can find support and fun conversations along with help for your blog too!

What support do you have, need or want when it comes to blogging?

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WaterPik: Like a Dentist Office Up In Here

I just have to share some news with you from Waterpik about their launch of the Waterpik Water Flosser, that by the way I have used a few times now and it’s totally like having a dentist office in your home. The kids think it’s a toy so I do have to hide it from them.


Water Pik  is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative personal healthcare products sold under the Waterpik® brand name. The Company has developed and introduced many products that are considered the first of their kind and have led to the formation of new markets, including the Water Flosser, and the pulsating shower massage. The Waterpik® brand is one of the most trusted oral health brands of dental professionals throughout the world. The Company’s products are sold through a variety of channels, including mass merchandisers, drug store chains and specialty retailers. Headquartered in Fort Collins, CO, the Company operates facilities in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit the Water Pik, Inc.website.



New Waterpik® Water Flosser Provides an Easier and More Effective

Alternative to Traditional Dental Floss

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (July 20, 2010) – Water Pik, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative personal healthcare products, has announced the new Waterpik® Water Flosser.

Now there is an easier and more effective way of flossing your teeth. The Waterpik® Water Flosser is the next generation of Waterpik® oral health care products. It utilizes pulsating water to clean deep between teeth and below the gumline where traditional brushing and flossing can’t reach, and it was clinically proven to be even more effective than traditional string floss.

The University of Amsterdam just completed a clinical study comparing the Waterpik® Water Flosser to traditional string floss, and the Water Flosser was clinically proven to be twice as effective as traditional floss for improving gum health.1 In another study recently conducted by the University of Southern California School of Dentistry, the Water Flosser removed 99.9% of plaque from treated areas.2

“Let’s face it, most people simply don’t like to floss,”,” says Jay McCulloch, Vice President of Marketing for Oral Care Products, at Water Pik, Inc. “”Our data shows that 80% of Americans don’t floss regularly and 75% have some form of gum disease, so these new clinical research results are extremely relevant, because they show that people finally have an easier and more effective alternative to traditional floss.””

The Waterpik® Water Flosser is perfect for those who do not like to floss – it is easy to use and only takes about a minute a day to start improving gum health. Instead of your dental hygienist telling you that you need to floss more often, you can hear how great your teeth and gums look.


I totally loved this product and think it helped get that plaque that gets behind my bottom front teeth that the dentist always has to get out at every visit. I did notice that this could be too much for teeth that are sensitive, such as my boyfriend. He didn’t try it out but I do know his teeth can be sensitive to water, maybe he could try a warmer water than I tried.

Either way I do think this is a great alternative to dental floss if you have the space and time to use it!

You can follow @WaterPik on Twitter and Like Waterpik Oral Health on Facebook.

To Hire or Not To Hire

Although I am not moving at this moment, we will be and with that comes the idea of how to get moving when you only own two small cars?! Maybe you could hire some Movers to help you out or get a moving truck rented out and break your back trying to pick up heavier than normal furniture.

It’s up to you how you want to move your stuff or maybe it’s not even up to you, maybe you have no choice but to save money by doing all the moving yourself. No matter how many Moving Services you look up to get Moving Quotes you still find yourself wondering what is the best option for your family.

Whether you are looking into moving things with the help from friends and family or researching various Moving Companies I am sure you will do fine with moving and I bet you will be even better after the move is complete and you can sit down to relax and catch up on your blog reading!

A Breath of Fresh Air

Feeling overwhelmed? Are your kids going stir crazy? Sounds like Winter is on its way! Summer has come and passed and now all you can think of is how the cold weather will soon be here. Something that’s always worked to boost my mind is a breath of fresh air. After a long morning of getting three kids and myself ready all I can bear to do is relax for a few minutes. Usually my few minutes of relaxation turns into a couple hours of down time. Suddenly I find myself sleepy and am not motivated to move. My boys are then fighting with each other and begging for food.

What I decide to do next makes or breaks the day. I can choose to stay inside, be lazy and argue with my boys or I can get out off my lazy butt and go outside. I choose the latter every time!

Just ten to fifteen minutes outside in the fresh air, even when it’s barely 60 degrees out not only rejuvenates me but it keeps my boys happy. The fresh cool, Fall air fills our lungs and soon smiles appear. After a nice outdoor break we are always ready to take on the remainder of our day in a positive way!

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