Did You Go To College?

I am a high school graduate who completed about two years of online college courses. As an attempt to further my Education and pursue my love of administrator I started working on my Bachelors in Business Management with online courses but alas I had to put that dream on pause while I raised my first born son and then on pause even longer to raise my second born son. I may or may not go back an finish courses when my children are older but for now I am happy with all that I have learned through experience.

There are many places to get your degree online and really with a busy life of a work at home parent I feel online courses are the easiest and most convenient methods to work on getting your degree. Walden University is just one of many places you can purse your education at. I wonder what type of degree you are interested in?

While I was looking for places to get my degree I came across The Chronicle which, to my surprise, also had job listings. I don’t know if there are any listings for you but my feelings are where there’s a job board then there’s a chance you may find something. These days jobs are hard to come by!

So I end this blog post with a question; did you get a college education? Are you going to make your child go to college or do you feel it should be a decision they  make based on what’s best for them?

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Moving The Positive Way: Switching Schools

Now switching schools is probably going to be the hardest part of us moving, but luckily it’s only one child switching schools not three of them. If we had a choice to wait until the end of school year or find a house in the same town we would have, but it didn’t work out that way and we wanted to make sure the move happened before the NH snow came. Honestly I am probably just as nervous and concerned about my daughter switching schools as she is and I relay that to her. I also remind my daughter often that she is not going to lose any friends because we are not moving that far away from our current town.

To tell you the truth, the school she will be going to I went to for three years when my Mom moved us out of our school again the same school my daughter goes to now. I am excited because I need a change of scenery, this town can smother a person and I don’t like watching people I grew up with go downhill. There are a lot of nice people here and this town we live in now could really be something if there were more enticing ways for teens to spend their time than partying and walking the streets.

Some ways I have helped the move be a more exciting change than a stressful change for my daughter is to;

  • Have her create business cards with her cell number and name on it to hand out to friends.
  • Add her current friends names and phone numbers in a journal to keep in touch when she moves.
  • Remind her that she can still play soccer for the same town next year, we just have to pay a non-resident fee.
  • Reiterate the amount of space she will have for her bedroom will excite her more than anything.
  • Allow my daughter to decorate and arrange her new room to her liking, within reason.

All of the things I do to create this a more positive move for my daughter will in turn create a more positive move for the family as a whole. Now my daughter has only seen the outside of our new home and not the inside. I can’t wait for her to open up her eyes inside for the first time and see just how much bigger this house is compared to our current home. I have always wanted to have sleep overs and get together’s for her and her friends but our current home is too small for such events. The new house is a fresh start and a positive move for us all and I am hoping that the transition period is a short one. I will do everything in my power to focus on the positive of this move so that my daughter will hopefully focus on the positive as well and not allow sadness and negative energy consume her.

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Giveaway Winners Announced For Multiple Giveaways

A few giveaways ended and here are the winners …

We Love Fish Tacos giveaway 5 winners were to be chosen but only three people entered therefore I can only announced THREE winners:

  1. debp
  2. Cathy Wallace
  3. Charity L.

Breathe Right Advanced strips giveaway ended and one winner to be chosen:

  1. Mark

Kraft Foods Macaroni & Cheese Homestyle dinners giveaway and one winner to be chosen:

  1. Nadine L

ATTN WINNERS: Please complete this form if you are the winner so that I may forward your information along to the sponsors!

Click here to check out my most recent and current giveaways

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CLOSED Star Costumes: Halloween Costumes $30 Gift Certificate Review & Giveaway

Star Costumes has a variety of costumes for everyone, but today I am discussing kids costumes because that is what I am in the market for as are most parents this time of year. I am a last minute costume shopper, usually prefer to make my own costumes but this year I saw a cute Halloween costume at Star Costumes I just couldn’t pass up. Mister AJ is going to be an Air Force Pilot this year!

Star Costumes Air Force Fighter PilotWhen Star Costumes first contacted me I was amazed at all the costumes available on their website, I am thinking they have some cute ones for Baby K as well, but this time we only reviewed one costume for one of the three kids.

Star Costumes Air Force Fighter Pilot 2AJ has never been trick or treating, yes it’s true I have not ever taken my now four year old trick or treating. The reason is because my daughter, who is now eight years old, always goes with her father and for the past few years I have been pregnant or with a breastfeeding baby so it was easier for this Mama to stay home and let Princess Ki go with her father.

Star Costumes

From sexy costumes to props to make your Halloween night an evening to remember Star Costumes is your one stop shop for everything Halloween. Offering plus sized costumes is a plus for most woman and knowing that you can get kids costumes through adults with props all in one place makes checkout easier!

I wasn’t quite sure which size to get for AJ as he is 50lbs and 43 1/4″ tall, but Star Costumes sent over my information to have a costume specialist determine which size AJ would need. In no time flat the contact at Star Costumes had replied back to tell me that AJ should be a size medium and within a few days I received his Air Force Pilot Kids Costume at my door step!

I am impressed with the comfort, the extra room to allow for a child to wear something warm underneath for a cool Halloween night as well as the fitting guidelines, they all seem to be a great match. AJ easily placed himself in the costume and was smiling the whole time ready to go out and pretend to be an Air Force Pilot this year.

Oh yeah and don’t forget that if you or anyone you know is studying to work in the horror film industry they can enter to win a Horror Scholarship.


Purchase a variety of costumes online at StarCostumes.com or you may find some deals on Amazon for the same or similar costume AJ is wearing this year:


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Guilty of Not Checking Stats

I know how to do most SEO, I love SEO and it’s fun as well as exciting to see what I have implemented work. The problem is, I am guilty of not utilizing all avenues of SEO such as using the keyword(s) I want my blog to be searched based on through out my blog. This means using the keywords in blog posts, links on the web and various other areas. You see I want to get more local readers, I want to be more inspirational to people and readers.

My mission is to spread happiness all over, to teach people that they can focus on the positive and that their thoughts can truly make things happen. I have been a positive thinker for years now and I have seen the outcome of my thoughts. My blog is a place to share products, giveaways, positive thoughts, blogging support and work at home support. As the move to my new place comes around the corner and the idea of a fresh start for my family I realized I also need a fresh start for my blog. My focus on blogging needs to go back to where it all begin with positive stories and supporting others.

I plan to start checking my stats more often, not simply the number of visitors but actually look at what searches are bringing people to my blog aside from the word happily. I want to also see where my traffic is coming in from with external links such as links I leave in the comments of my blog friends as well as link exchanges.

It is very important to first implement SEO tactics on your blog and then do weekly check ups or reports to find out how that SEO is working. That way you can fully determine what is worth your time and what is not worth your time. So no more being guilty, once I get moved into my larger home with more privacy I plan to focus on what I love … blogging and spreading positive thoughts!

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