Mother Daughter Time

Last night I spent some time with my children playing and having fun and at one point my daughter and I had some great quality time together just playing around with my BlackBerry Tour camera, and here are the pictures from us being silly together, by the way the camera takes some pretty decent pictures for a camera phone, don’t you think? (the blurry is due to me not holding my hand steady)

Shoosh don't tell anyone

Shoosh don't tell anyone

Watch out for that Flash Ki

Watch out for that Flash Ki

So much fun together

So much fun together

Ki attacked me

Ki attacked me

Take some time to enjoy your family today!

Make it a Happy Day!

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Vote For My Kids Please: Gap Casting Call

I entered the kids into GAP’s casting call and they have been approved, now it’s a matter of votes, if you think they are worthy of your vote please vote for them.

Here are the links:

To vote for Baby K click here

To vote for AJ click here

We hope to at least make them into the finalist where 20 finalists when great gift packages!

Thanks in advance for any votes you can send their way!

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Thank You To Linda and Dana

My daughter was lucky to receive not one but two books from two authors who have fantastic writing skills!

  1. Ki was able to open a book she received in the mail just in time for her Thursday birthday and I allowed her to open the mail. You would imagine her surprise when she opened a signed copy of I DOUBLE Dare You! (Mom’s Choice Awards Recipient), that even had her birthday date and Happy Birthday wishes inside the front cover.
  2. Ki was able to open a book earlier today at her birthday party from Linda who writes Katie & Kimble books who also signed her book cover as well. Ki read Linda’s first story and since she loved it so much Linda took the time to actually send her second book for Ki to review again.

This post was written specifically as a public thank you and was not required. Both Linda and Dana wanted to send my daughter these as a gift because we have developed a friendship with them that goes beyond blogger/business relations and they truly enjoy hearing Ki’s feedback on the books. If you haven’t had a chance to meet Dana or Linda online you really should visit their websites and get to know them.

Thank you again to Linda and Dana as you both truly know what it means to keep children reading and happy! I am sure Ki will let you know how she feels about these two books either by writing something up or video review just because I can’t get keep that girl away from my Flip nor my blog!

Make it a Happy Day!

Our Little Abbreviations

My daughter and I have little abbreviations we used for nearly anything and everything. The abbreviations are usually the first letter of a word for something my daughter wants or needs that we may not want our 3 year old to hear.  For those that have an older child and a preschool aged child you may have this happen alot; when the oldest asks for something and the preschool child hears it – they will not let go of the subject until they have a complete meltdown or get their way. In our house it’s rare for us to give in and so it usually means our AJ will have a complete melt down, I get a sharp head ache and then we all have an eventful time trying to ignore the tantrum and focus AJ’s energy on something more positive.

top secret abbreviations club

So here is our little code words we use often, and it’s funny because this sort of just happened, Ki and I didn’t plan to use code words or abbreviations … it’s like she just started it one day and it stuck with us!

S – Means snack, goes like this “Mama can I have S?”

M – Means movie, goes like this “Mama can I watch M tonight, there’s no school tomorrow?”

L – Means lunch, goes like this “Mama can we have L now, I’m starving?”

L-able – Means lunchable and is usually asked EVERY time my daughter goes grocery shopping, apparently no matter how many times I tell her no she feels she has to ask at least twice during every grocery trip.

T or C – Means truck or car and is usually asked when only her and I are going some where because she used to only be able to sit in the front of one of our vehicles not both.

I am sure there are more but those are the ones that stick out to me, and when I asked Ki if we have more abbreviations we use, she couldn’t think of any either. It’s funny because even my hubs doesn’t always understand what we are talking about. Sort of like a Mommy/Daughter secret club!

Make it a Happy Day!

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Partying Today

Strawberry Ice Cream with Strawberries

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Today is my daughters 7th birthday party so I am rushing around to ensure we are all ready and just sent hubs to Dollar Tree to get balloons and other supplies I forgot to get yesterday.

As I was sitting here my daughter says “Your party is coming up soon Mama, why don’t you invite anyone else to your birthday party?”. I had to giggle, because as we grow older we don’t usually get birthday parties anymore and this year being that I will be 28 on the 28th seems like maybe I should have a party, I can just picture everyone’s faces if I were to send out cute little party invitations with RSVP’s for my own birthday party!

Hey we only live once so enjoy everyday as it comes and I hope that when my children get older they will throw me a surprise birthday party, oh how neat that would be!

So enjoy your day and I will enjoy mine. One thing, keep smiling because a smile can change your day from bad to good and it can make another persons day better at the same time.

Make it a Happy Day!

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Blogher 2010 I Love NYC Contest

I Love Blogher in NY Contest

I just have to share this with you! Pink and Posh is hosting a fantastic giveaway and you can win tickets to Blogher10 in NYC. Since I didn’t get to Chicago for Blogher09 I plan to get to NYC event through sponsorship or winning a giveaway such as this one! NYC is only a 5 hour drive for me, which works great as I am still afraid to fly!

Simply stop on by Pink & Posh to enter to win. You can enter daily through a variety of ways!

One Grand Prize Winner Will Receive:

  • Pink “I Love NY” coffee mug
  • Pink “I Love NY” key chain
  • Pink “NY Princess” shot glass
  • Pink “I Love NY” magnet
  • Black & White “I Love NY” tote bag
  • Black & White Statue of Liberty postcard
  • Hot Pink “Hater Blocker” Sunglasses
  • White “New York City” baby onesie (size 6-12 months)
  • Black women’s “New York City” T-shirt (size medium)
  • $25 Gift Card to Dylan’s Candy Bar (Sponsored by By the Book, Karmel Publishing)
  • One 1-day unlimited Metrocard (NYC public transportation pass)
  • Born to Shop New York by Suzy Gershman
  • $50 Gift Card to Jeckyll & Hyde Restaurant (Sponsored by Princess Time Toys)
  • $25 Starbucks Gift Card
  • Zagat NYC Restaurant Guide 2010
  • Good Night New York City children’s board book
  • One current issue of Time Out NY Magazine
  • Assortment of NYC-theme snacks and beverages
  • Strech limo ride courtesy of NY Limo Guys to pick you up from the airport and bring you to the Hilton in NYC
  • One BlogHer ‘10 Full Conference Pass

Make it a Happy Day!

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Selfish Thoughts


Image by Dave-F via Flickr

Lately I have been stressed right out, and it’s been hard to focus on my happy. After living with my  husband for nearly four years and becoming a Mom not once but three times in 7 years I realized I have lost little pieces of me along the way. Don’t get me wrong, I feel as a person I have grown; my whole outlook to life and how I handle situations has changed for the positive, but “who I am” has been missing for a while.

Without getting into details meant only for a best friend forever, there is a lot going on here in my house. From my husband not being able to find a job to me having to pick up the financial slack it’s been a pretty testing time for my family and myself. This home we live in was purchased by ME as a single mother of one back in 2005, so even though we are married I find it hard to not be a little bit selfish about the worrying of losing this house. After all I worked very hard to get into this house, which isn’t a dream home by any means, but it’s a home I can call our families home with a nice large back yard to play in.

I find myself thinking thoughts that I have to get my butt in gear to save our bills and home or else, because if hubs isn’t going to  find a job or babysit the boys so I can work more from home, then something has to give and unfortunately for me it seems I may have to suck it up and go back to work. Some days going back to work sounds like a great dream, but you already know I tried that route, so what I decided to do was apply to 1-800-FLOWERS who is hiring for work at home customer service reps from a few states, my state was one of them! I will keep you posted on this home job, because after passing their online application and training process I have my first phone interview with them this afternoon.

I know it’s human to think selfish sometimes, but it’s not who I am. So I wonder if maybe I am just in “survival mode” and it means no matter what or how this affects my husband, if we can’t put our heads together and find him a job then I have to do whatever it takes to make our financial situation secure. After feeling guilty for what seems like weeks I am now ready to focus my energy on doing what needs to be done for the benefit of our families happiness. I feel working a home job is the answer for many reasons, but the two most important ones are:

  1. It will allow me keep my routine of interacting, playing and attending to the children’s needs and events.
  2. It will make me happy knowing I am only a door away from my children should something happen.

Finding my happy is also going to involve finding the right foods to eat, I am ready to focus on nutrition and stop eating out or eating those fast meals we cook all too often in our house. The fast meals we cook have done nothing but add to my mid section and I am ready to get rid of that mid section with the help of changing my eating habits. I am also thinking about attending a program called Old School PE where you get to have a great adult night out but exercise playing old PE type games! I am way too shy to just walk into an event like this, but hoping to get my courage up for next week’s local event!

Make it a Happy Day!

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