Fogless Shower Mirror Review

The Fogless Shower Mirror by ToiletTree Products is a great way to help you look and feel your best. Don’t you just hate when you get out of the shower to do your hair and make up just to find that your mirror is all fogged up from the shower you just enjoyed? Yes, me too! Now you don’t have to worry about that with the Fogless Mirror with Squeegee because it is guaranteed not to fog, and designed not to fall.

3795_3465_2010_09_02_09_52_00Some things to know about ToiletTree Products Fogless Mirror:

  • Patent Pending water chamber design keeps mirror fogless.
  • GUARANTEED to be fogless for life. Requires no annoying fog free sprays EVER!
  • Easy mounting with removable silicone adhesive. No more unreliable suction cups!
  • Built in squeegee to clean off mirror.
  • Designed not to rust, discolor or damage bathroom surfaces.
  • Measures 6.5in x 8.5in x 1.5in and weighs less than 1 pound.

I personally love this new mirror! I have always been one to want to look in a mirror all the time and have disliked having to deal with a fogged up mirror after I take a shower. I don’t have time to mess around with it, I am usually running around with three kids trying to get ready. A foggy mirror is a pain in this household! I am very pleased with the ease of use, size of mirror and overall experience I have had with this Fogless Mirror. I would highly recommend you watch the below YouTube Video and have a look for yourself to see if this is a product you think would make a good addition in your house or someone else’s home this holiday season!

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@princesstimetoy Little Adventures Doll Clothing & Matching Child’s Costume


Princess Time Toys has shared with my family matching doll and child clothing costumes and guess what? Miss Ki received the pink princess which was perfect for her. Miss Ki is my princess and she loves pink!

Ki and dollThis clothing can be worn as dress play and Ki is actually going to wear it during her school Halloween parade this year! I can’t wait to see my princess walking down the side of the street in her cute pink princess dress and if the school lets her she is going to bring her baby doll with matching outfit!

ki and dollyThe matching outfit is set to fit an 18″ American Girl size doll and Princess Time Toys has children’s outfits from size 24 months to an 8/10. Luckily my daughter just barely made the cut off with the size 8/10! I am not even sure where to begin with this because my daughter is head over heels in love with her matching outfit and can’t wait to make her own crown that will go with it as this years Halloween costume. This is one of those gifts that keep giving type of products, use it for a Halloween costume and as play time dress up after Halloween is long over!

princess kiIf you like what you see then you should connect with Princess Time Toys on Twitter and Facebook as well as the Princess Time Toys blog to keep up to date with their latest!

This Product Was a Free Giveaway

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Just One of my Outside of Home Jobs

I can’t remember when I first started working from home, I know for sure it was in the middle of AJ’s pregnancy or shortly towards the end and he is now four years old. I have been working from home a very long time to say the least and it’s a struggle but I love that I am able to do this.

Comfort Pant-p

One of the jobs I used to have outside of the home was a film librarian at a local hospital and I do miss parts of that job. I used to be able to wear Scrubs to work which was the first bonus. I mean I literally get out of bed, shower, take off my pajama’s just to get back in what feels like comfy pajama’s anyways! Who wouldn’t love that job!?

I remember when I first starting working as a film librarian I was your basic film librarian, just filing away the patients x-rays, making sure they were out when doctors needed them for appointments and similar tasks. I used to work in the basement there at times filing really old x-ray files and that wasn’t always too fun but loved being alone working for the most part down there. As the job went on I was given more responsibility such as using the dark room!

notched collar top

I loved using the dark room, it took a while to get used to bringing the film in their from the x-ray tech and developing the film in the dark. I admit there were times small x-rays were on larger than needed x-ray film but it was so fun to be able to say I had that experience in my life! I really didn’t have to wear Scrub Sets at this job because I wasn’t a nurse or an x-ray tech but I enjoyed wearing them, not to mention I was pregnant with my daughter so maternity clothing wasn’t in my budget back then!

What did you like best about a job you held outside of the home now or in the past?


Featured Bloggers October 2010

I was reading a guest blog post over at ProBlogger the other day that reminded me of something I have been determined to do but hadn’t and so this month I am starting off a fantastic new monthly series where I will share with you a few of the blogs I read every month so that you can hopefully meet new bloggers as well as find a love for them as I have.

To start off today I am going to feature a few first bloggers, meaning these are a few people I first started reading when becoming a blogger almost two years ago and to this day I continue to pop in monthly to catch up with them.

MomSpectiveThis girl rocks! I love that Julie isn’t afraid to be honest and tell it how she sees it. You may learn more than you want to know about Julie but one thing is for sure she is A-mazing. I am found giggling, laughing, dropping my jaw and sometimes a tear falls when I read her blog posts.  Momspective is truly worth your time if you have an open mind, different sense of humor and admire honesty.

MommaDJane: Climbing the Ladder to Success: If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that Dwan aka @mommadjane is the person who had me start blogging. Virtual sisters is what we are, but why I read her blog is not due to our friendship, I read Dwan’s blog because I am amazed at what she has going on and still chugs along. You see Dwan is a single mom blogger from Texas with one child who has disabilities. Dwan shares many of her struggles and dreams on MommaDJane: Climbing the Ladder to Success which is why I admire her blog so much. Dwan can give any single or married Mom strength to get through the day.

Painter Mommy Button

Painter Mommy: Now I don’t recall when or how I ran into Painter Mommy who is written by Dawn but I do know we share a common business, virtual assistant. Dawn has way more graphic design skills than me, but she is an amazing person. Dawn has a strength that amazes me, when I am faced with a challenge or questionable moment she will send me a DM on Twitter or leave a friendly comment on my blog post. Lending superb advice and recently giving readers advice on sugar cereal, Dawn is what I call an amazing blogger who is honest, friendly and a lot like me. I find myself relating to Dawn as a person, mother and entrepreneur.

There you have it, October 2010 Featured Bloggers shared by me, NH Blogger Brandy Ellen. I hope you will check out these ladies and enjoy their unique blogs as much as I have. Stay tuned in November for more Featured Bloggers and why I love them!

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