Let’s See Them Get Out of This

regalo easy step extra tall walk thru gateYes, see that image above? That is what is called an extra tall baby gate that I purchased with my Amazon Gift Codes, it was cheap only about $67 to get it delivered and well with Amazon Gift Codes it was no cost out of my pocket so worth a try. Let’s back this story up a bit, a week or so ago my two year old learned how to get out of his crib, prior to that my four year old was getting out of his bed mid night and climbing in our bed. Mind you the four year old was very quiet about it because I would wake up to him in the bed but not be woken up when he attempted to climb into our bed. Basically the boy is lucky because I would have walked him back to his bed if we woke me up.

The two year old also learned how to shimmy up the current hinged like a door baby gate we have. It’s about 26″ tall and not sure how tall he is but that doesn’t matter, it is the style of baby gate that sucks. The kid is a monkey or something, he can climb anything … he puts his little toddler toes right into that gate and climbs up with all his might, then gracefully plops over the gate onto the floor standing on his two feet. The kids is a genius!

Hubby and I were talking about what we can do to keep the boys in their bedroom because after all it is not safe to have a four and two year old wandering the house by themselves, really! Especially our sons, they are curious little boys! Usually my sons will wake us up but not always and that is dangerous. We have no clue what time they actually wake up from their slumber. I have set my alarm for as early as 5am and had them not be awake, then tried 6 or so and they would be awake. It’s never the same time and since I work nights as well as the hubby we like to sleep until at least 6 or 7am if possible.

So I am going to have this baby gate set up by the hubs and we hope that these boys will not get out of this one! Do you have little climbers in your home? Have you found a baby gate that they can’t climb or get through? I am really hoping this Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate is our answer to the problem at hand!

And if you need an extra tall baby gate, check this out on Amazon:

All I Want For Christmas …

Is stylish furniture and brand new furniture! Seriously I have not ever purchased new furniture for my home. Every piece of item I own has been received online for free or passed down from family and at this time in my life I am happy with that decision. One day I do hope to have real, brand new furniture in my home much like white console table.  To sit and get ready in front of one of those tables would feel wonderful, a couple of drawers to place my things in and maybe even a baby lock so that my children don’t open the drawers and get into my things!

Another item I have always wanted is a brand new dresser, much like a white dresser. In my home I call a dresser a bureau because that is what I was raised calling it. Do you call it a dress or bureau? Just curious.

So if you could make a holiday or birthday wish list what would you want for furniture in your home?

Weddings and Engagements

I never had an engagement ring from Justin when we got married the first time back in May 2007 but it was by choice. I personally felt I didn’t need the extra expense and most engagement rings are pricey, especially white gold or platinum because I do not like yellow gold nor does Justin.  So we never did the whole engagement thing, it was more like “lets get married” and three months later we had it planned and completed the ceremony in our backyard with close friends and family.

We did shop for wedding bands and yes we looked online and did end up purchasing our wedding bands online for a really low price. Due to the fact that we didn’t have an engagement and no engagement ring I had thought about maybe getting me one of the many diamond wedding bands we saw online. I loved the idea of a diamond wedding band, it looked so pretty and seemed to kill two birds with one stone, meaning it was like an engagement ring and wedding band all in one.

Overall we were happy with the way we were married and our decision to have no engagement but now we have discussed getting remarried since I was so quick to file those divorce papers. This time around we will have an engagement period and we will run away together with possibly the children to get married in private. No family, no friends … just two love birds and possibly their children. We never had a honey moon either and this time around we will have an amazing honey moon for sure! I love the idea of Hawaii but I am too scared to fly, can I get over this fear within the next year so that if we choose to remarry we can experience a wonderful US island?

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Had a Baby Body

I bought a full length mirror and sometimes I wonder why in the world I did such a thing to myself. I try on clothes and then look in the mirror where all I can see is my not so big legs, wide hips and my huge upper body. For some reason my biceps have always been big and my tummy is of course rather odd shaped due to having three children and my chest, well let’s just say I started off with a 36c but after three children and nursing they went up to a 38e which is just crazy. I wish I was one of those girls who nursed their child and ended up with smaller or back to their normal size chest.  I hope to someday get a breast reduction as that is the only cosmetic surgery I would get, and really if my chest is causing me to have a slouch and killing my back is it deemed “cosmetic”?

Basically I have what I like to call “had a baby body” and usually you will find me saying I don’t like my “had a baby hips” while looking into the mirror at myself. Now when I look into my new full length mirror to see my full body I usually try not to focus on all the areas of my body that I like to call “trouble spots”. I would prefer to focus on my eyes, my smile and my legs, all of which I feel are the best part of my body. I love my eyes and my smile, most say I have a pretty face and I couldn’t agree with them more. I don’t wear make up on a daily basis and have a lot of freckles which I don’t care for but overall I am happy with my facial appearance.

I have found that if I want to have my head held up high and be proud all day I need to start my day off by looking in the mirror and seeing not what my body has turned into in a negative way but rather focus on the fact that I still get checked out by many which means I must be hot to most people. Also my husband thinks I am gorgeous, but I swear he’s just biased after being with me for five plus years! I have a had a baby body because I had three beautiful children who are my world and in order to go back in time to the high school, cheer leading body I used to have I would not be able to have my three munchkins.

Today I will tell myself I love my body, I love who I am and beauty is more than skin deep! Beauty is your personality to me and I hope it’s the same to you!

Have you looked in the mirror and told yourself you are beautiful today? I think you should, try it daily, you will be amazed at how good you feel if you truly believe you are beautiful no matter what anyone else says!

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Who Has an Internet Radio Show?

I have thought about doing an inspirational/funny type of Internet Radio show before with Happily Blended blog being the basis of the show. Happily Blended is all about supporting others as well as looking to the positive in life, what a great Talk Radio show that would make. I could get my father to come on for a laugh, he is hilarious without even trying to be!

There are a variety of places online you can host an Online Radio show and yet so many ways to go about it. Think of a topic that makes sense for your blog and with a huge reader base I am sure you can easily get a good listener base. It’s all about the right date and the right time though, so remember various time zones of readers when you set up a date and time for your show.

Right now I am in New Hampshire which is East Coast time and so most of my readers are a few hours behind me if not at least one hour behind me. I get to wake up before them, so I would have to have my show online after they have already risen out of bed to start their day! I love Internet radio shows, I haven’t had the time to listen in lately but I am always on the lookout for more to listen in to, so list yours below! I will add it to my bookmarks and calendar!

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