I Totally Miss Motorcycle Bike Riding

Back in the day when I was mother of one I dated a person who had a motorcycle and we went on many motorcycle rides, it was fun … back then. My favorite type of motorcycle to ride on today, should the chance arise would be more of a Fat Boy Harley type of motorcycle as I am petrified of motorcycle riding all of a sudden. Maybe if I wore some motorcycle clothing that protected my body I would feel comfortable on a bike again.

Do you know that every time I rode on a motorcycle in my life neither me nor the driver wore motorcycle helmets? Yes indeed, because in New Hampshire it isn’t required, or so it never used to be for adults.  I think it’s crazy to not wear a helmet but I am guilty of riding on a motorcycle just a few months ago with no helmet and thinking the whole time that if we crash I am screwed. I was so nervous!

I am not sure I would ever get on a bike again unless maybe I had some motorcycle leather pants, now that would be hot! I hear leather keeps you from roughing up your skin when riding a motorcycle should you fall while riding. Anyone know if that’s true?

I must admit you do get an awesome free feeling when riding on a motorcycle! Do you enjoy motorcycle rides?

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A Sucker for Customer Service

I am an absolute sucker for customer service, whether I love or don’t love a product, service or similar I expect great customer service. Justin and I have been looking for a rental for a while now and we have been able to work with some awesome Realtor’s who work with rental properties, yet we have had a couple people who apparently don’t feel replying is professional. I dislike non-responsive people. I personally would rather have someone tell me they would rather not work with us than let us sit here and send multiple emails and phone messages.

I get it, they are busy, I am busy too and run a virtual business as well as multiple blogs. I usually can take 2-3 days to reply to a person if I am busy with client work. I think 2-3 days can be acceptable in most situations, especially in ours when we are simply looking for a rental. What I don’t like is when the person finally emails us back and is clearly not interested in working with us and seems to have known this for some time yet didn’t have the decency to actually email or call us to inform us of that.

When you upset me with poor customer service, I sure as heck am not going to give you good common courtesy back because you couldn’t have the common courtesy to contact me back. Instead they let us email and message them, really? I personally would rather state in a professional manner that I can not work with a person than look like a fool and snob with no reply what so ever.

Honestly I don’t like the idea of moving but I also don’t like the idea of dealing with the place we currently live in. There is so much going on that a new place is a most certain necessity and if I have to deal with one more person who doesn’t know how to do good customer service then quite frankly I don’t want to deal with them! I will find my own place for rent or rent to buy! When I put my mind to something, I succeed so if I have to hear or not hear from one more person who feels I am just a measly no body worthy of working with on a rental I will find my own place.

Customer service makes or breaks a situation for me and this particular person lost me as a future home buyer and rental commission.

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CLOSED #myblogspark Shares 9 Lives Giveaway

I was so excited to see that even my cats can benefit from me being a blogger, yes indeed they can! Mama received some 9 Live products along with some fantastic kitty play toys, see image below.

9_Lives_Prize_PackOh yes we received a package of 9Lives Daily Essentials dry food along with toys and coupons for another 3.5 lb bag of cat food, magnets to frame our kitties and a food scooper. Mind you, the food scooper has become the boys pretend food play toy, but all the other items were used for their correct purpose, such as feeding and playing with our cats.

The little mouse toy actually sounds like a live mouse with a squeak each time it’s moved or touched. The mouse toy is full of catnip as well which made our younger cat go absolutely hyper! Next we had the cats try the new cat food and boy did they eat that faster than the normal cat food I purchase for them. I ran out of food faster than normal and now have to go use the coupon to get some free dry cat food from 9 Lives.

Do you have kitties? Do you want to win them an awesome prize package sponsored by My Blog Spark and 9 Lives? If yes … read on!


1 Lucky person will win the prize package from 9 Lives through My Blog Spark shown in image above! Hopefully your kitties enjoy it as much as mine did.

Giveaway is open to US only & ends at 11:59pm EST on Oct. 1, 2010

Winner will be notified via email & posted live on site. Winner will have 72 hours to reply or else a new winner will be chosen.

HOW TO ENTER completed any or all of the following:

  • Visit 9 Lives website and learn some facts, come back here and tell me something you learned. Leave a comment.
  • Share this giveaway with your Facebook Friends, Your Blog Readers or similar and leave a comment below telling me where you shared it, with a link if appropriate.
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Good luck and Have fun!

Disclosure: 9 Lives sent me the products shown in image above for free through My Blog Spark and all opinions are that of my own based on my kitties experience with the products.

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Free Simulated Diamond Earrings

DiamondEarringsYes I have some new diamond earrings and well they are not real diamond earrings of course but a close second. You can buy diamond earrings almost anywhere online but I haven’t worn earrings in years. I tried on these earrings the other day to get a feel for the look and I think they are very pretty.

I may start wearing earrings again and get my collection back up because I do have four holes to wear them in. As a child I wanted to have earrings all up my ears and now I just want maybe another hole or two in my ear so that I can have 3-4 sets of studded earrings on at a time.

If you are looking to get a free pair of simulated diamond earrings like I got, then all you have to do is write DiamondEarrings.org and they will send a pair to you for free. Yeah, I said that right, for free. So what are you waiting for? Head on over and check out DiamondEarrings.org to see how you can get a free pair of earrings just like me.

Disclosure: I received the same free pair of earrings you can get when you write about the site on Twitter, Facebook or your Blog.

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Giveaway Winners Announced

I am using a new plugin that randomly chooses the winner in the background and it so much easier than Random.org and so here are winners for all my giveaways that have closed and been long overdue for an announcement … Please look to the left of the image below to see which giveaway each winner is for:

ScreenHunter_06 Sep. 18 18.35


ScreenHunter_07 Sep. 18 18.35


ScreenHunter_08 Sep. 18 18.35


ScreenHunter_09 Sep. 18 18.35

kl jasus

ScreenHunter_10 Sep. 18 18.35

Patricia Anne

Now that I did this I see that the screen images are very hard to read. I will send an email to the winners directly but I do see that the images totally stink! The plugin is awesome though!

ATTN WINNERS: Please complete this form if you are the winner so that I may forward your information along to the sponsors!


Frecklebox.com Personalized Storybook

Walt Disney’s SECRETARIAT Gear

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