Mama Needs Some Jewelry

I am not usually a huge jewelry fan but I like to have some on hand to wear for that special occasion or event. My birthday is coming up and so I do wish to have some Fashion Jewelry to wear in case we go out to celebrate. I have always wanted a ring for every finger and at this time I don’t own a ring for every finger. I have found some cute moons and stars rings as well as matching necklaces.

ScreenHunter_01 Oct. 20 11.16

I prefer silver or white gold maybe even platinum when it comes to jewelry. I didn’t realize Franklin Mint also is part of a jewelry collection because when I thought of it I think of money not jewelry. Did you know that Franklin Mint is a collection of fantastic jewelry?

Franklin Mint Earrings

If I were to choose my own jewelry for my birthday it would be a cute necklace with matching earrings and ring. Then I would wear my new Fashion to Figure dress with the Franklin Mint collection jewelry. I would look very elegant and sexy. Mama needs some jewelry, do you?

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I am Back and That’s Amazing Friendship

What a week! I am finally back up and running online. I have a private office and am excited, but realized my insane typing ability may wake up my sons who sleep above my office, sound machine anyone?! I think so .. or whatever it is called!

Anyways I am found without words to decsribe my feelings of everything. I got a phone call Thursday morning, my birthday, just to find out that my like-a-sister best friend @mommadjane had decided my site redesign would be what she got me for my birthday! She had to call me and talk to me to find out what I wanted because as much as she wanted it a surprise she needed access to my logins that I change quite frequently! I was so excited! I could not believe that her birthday present to me was a plan to get my site redone so that when I got back online the day after my birthday (today) I would see the changes! Dwan (@mommadjane) had Erica do the theme on my site using my header created by @paintermommy. I am happy and excited! Of course I will spend some time over the wekened updating plugins and arranging my sidebar, checking out the updated WordPress 3.0 and all that, but for now just let it be known that this chic is back online so watch out for some articles and everything else!

Thanks to you both for making a great birthday present for this work at home mommy blogger! As well as all the birthday wishes and more! I am thankful to have so many amazing online friends!

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Wordless Wednesday: I will be 29 Tomorrow

Wordless WednesdaySo I am looking back at me in pictures …. and sharing this with you ….

October 2006 - 2 mos after AJ born

October 2006 - I believe

Prego with one of the boys

Prego with Baby K

Prego with Baby K May 2008

Prego with Baby K May 2008

February 2009

February 2009

And last but certainly not least my smiley face the other day …


You know what to do leave me some comment love and link up below please and thanks! Tomorrow I will enjoy my special day by doing my normal activities such as being Mom, working and well you probably know the rest! It’s my DAY though and I will be the big TWO NINE … 29, I am still feeling 25 :-)

My New Fitness Plan #wiimommies

Brandy Face October 20 2010

I am ready! With a new house comes new plans, new rules, chores and a fresh start. Also with the kids sleeping upstairs I will be better able to take advantage of the downstairs space to use the Wii board with my Wii Fit that we bought last year! The whole reason we bought the Wii was to get fit as I watched the #wiimommies and participated in all their awesome things I realized the Wii is a fantastic tool for fitness goals to be reached, just look how hot Julie from Momspective looks, she’s HOT! Julie lost weight, got fit and is now showing it all off, watch out because I will be next. I am far from shy!


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