Autographed Copy of FFF- SLice (review/Giveaway)

Five For Fighting Slice

I recently reviewed Five For Fighting – Slice audio tracks for a campaign sponsored by the One2One Network.  I will be honest this is not my typical choice of music but I heard that Fall is a great time to update your playlist and so I figured I would open my ears for some new music!

About Five For Fighting
Five For Fighting’s breakthrough came in 2001 with the Grammy Nominated song “Superman”, from the Platinum certified “America Town”.  The song was climbing the charts upon release, and when 9/11 happened, it became a song of healing for the nation.  FFF performed the song at the post 9/11 fundraiser The Concert for New York which paid tribute to all the firefighters, police officers & paramedics affected by the events of 9/11.

On the 2004 release, “The Battle For Everything”, the song “100 Years” followed in the footsteps of “Superman” as yet another inspiring reflective song.

Album List of Tracks

  1. Slice
  2. Note To The Unknown Soldier
  3. Tuesday
  4. Chances
  5. This Dance
  6. Above The Timberline
  7. Transfer
  8. Hope
  9. Story Of Your Life
  10. Love Can’t Change The Weather
  11. Augie Nieto

My Take On Five For Fighting – Slice

Although this is not my normal type of music, I fell in love with the album. The three songs that I just loved and will certainly be adding to my MP3 player list are; Above the Timberline, Love Can’t Change The Weather, and Note To The Unknown Soldier. Fantastic tracks!!

I really enjoyed listening to FFF and think that you will too, and if you are up for seeing FFF live, here are a list of tour dates:

John will be hitting the road in October with An Acoustic Evening with Five For Fighting.  The songs are great on record, even better live!  Definitely a show worth seeing! To find out about how to get tickets in a market near you, go to his site.

18-Oct            Toronto, ON                                           El Mocambo
20-Oct            New York, NY                                         City Winery
22-Oct            Bay Shore, NY (Long Island)                    YMCA Boulton Center
23-Oct            Uncasville, CT                                        The Wolf Den
24-Oct            Washington, DC                                      Jammin Java
26-Oct            Boston, MA                                            The Paradise
27-Oct            Philadelphia, PA                                     World Café Live (downstairs)
29-Oct            Nashville, TN                                         The Belcourt
30-Oct            Chicago, IL                                            Lakeshore
3-Nov             Salt Lake City, UT                                   The State Room
5-Nov             Seattle, WA                                           Crocodile
6-Nov             Portland, OR                                         Aladdin Theater
10-Nov           San Francisco, CA                                  Swedish American Hall
11-Nov           Los Angeles, CA                                     Largo at the Coronet

Win A Copy of Five For Fighting – Slice (Did I say AUTOGRAPHED?) Oh yeah!

That’s right! One lucky reader will win a copy of Five For Fighting’s newest album Slice on November 15th! This giveaway starts today and ends November 14th!

How to Enter: You may complete any or all of the following for your chance to win FFF’s new album Slice! Leave one comment for each item completed to ensure you get the extra chances to win!

  • Follow @johnondrasik (<– click that link) on Twitter
  • Become a Fan on Facebook by clicking here
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Disclosure: This review and giveaway is sponsored by One2One Network and I did receive a copy of the album in download format  so that I could accurately review this album before offering my opinion and hosting this giveaway for an autographed copy of FFF’s Slice.

Good Lucky and Remember … Make it a Happy Day!

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Making Tough Decisions

I tell you, I have a lot on my mind and have for about a year now. Things are not always perfect and never in a million years would I expect life to be perfect, however, there are certain things I expect from the life I live; happiness, following my heart and making decisions that better my family and myself. That being said, I have created the video below that explains in brief my situation; I have a heart felt decision to make that will affect my current family situation and it’s almost as if my mind and heart have been made up but my mouth won’t allow me to speak the final decision.

I have been known to be a “push over”, I am always worried about hurting other peoples feelings, but in the long run worrying about treading lightly to ensure others are not hurt means I get to be hurt and I feel no one should live feeling the numbness I have been feeling for a long time … so watch the video and tell me … how do you determine what decision is best, how do you follow through with this decision and do you worry about your family and friends not supporting you in the decision?

This video was made with my Creative Labs Live! Cam Optia AF 2.0MP Webcam, being used for the first time!

Make it a Happy Day!

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Lightening Up The Mood

Here’s a couple of funny videos from my MomTV account that will make you smile, I know they help uplift my spirits and hopefully they do the same for you:

AND can we not laugh at this one???? I love my silly daughter!!! Featuring Ki singing “All I Want For Christmas” in a silly way while missing her front teeth (yes they are STILL missing)!

Make it a Happy Day!

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Delicious Giveaway National Popcorn Month

I just found out that October is National Popcorn Month, pretty nifty! I love popcorn, and I love getting those holiday tins of popcorn that have flavored popcorn in it! The Popcorn Factory is sponsoring this fantastic giveaway in combination for their 30th anniversary, Halloween and National Popcorn Month.

The Popcorn Factory

About The Popcorn Factory

For 30 years, The Popcorn Factory®, a subsidiary of 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. (Nasdaq: FLWS), has been delighting people with delicious, premium popcorn and impressive, all-occasion gift tins, baskets and towers. Whether you are shopping for family, friends or business associates, The Popcorn Factory® has gifts to express every sentiment, and the quality of your selection is always guaranteed. The Popcorn Factory specializes in fresh popped-popcorn in exclusively designed tins. Only the highest quality ingredients are used, including 100% corn oil, real butter, genuine cheddar cheese and a special, private recipe of caramel corn. The Popcorn Factory sells its unique gifts on The Popcorn Factory website,, in its retail store located in Lake Forest, IL, and through its catalogs.

About The Popcorn Factory 30th Anniversary

The Popcorn Factory, a leading gourmet popcorn and edible gifts company, is celebrating 30 years of delicious, fun gifts that delight families, friends, children and business customers. In honor of its 30th anniversary and National Popcorn Month, The Popcorn Factory has launched a “30 Gift Giveaway” sweepstakes.  The sweepstakes, which runs now through November 23, 2009, will provide one lucky grand prize winner with 30 gifts for their friends and family (up to a $6,000 value) just in time for the holiday season.

“Our loyal customers have been instrumental in our success during the past 30 years. In addition to their loyalty, many customers have contributed ideas for some of the great gifts we have developed.” said Cheryl Zatz, Vice President of Marketing at The Popcorn Factory. “We want to recognize our customers during this milestone celebration year,” she said.

The Popcorn Factory continues to bring life and fun to consumers with its endearing gift items and delicious products.  In recent years, The Popcorn Factory also has been featured on The Food Network, the TODAY Show, YouTube and

Enter The Popcorn Factory Sweepstakes

As a way to celebrate their 30 year anniversary, The Popcorn Factory is offering a sweepstakes called The 30 Gift Giveaway and you can win some of the following gifts:

The Popcorn Factory 30th Anniversary 30 Gift Giveaway

The above sweepstakes runs through November 23rd and the winner will be announced on November 30th, so head on over to The Popcorn Factory Sweepstakes page to enter!

Win At Happily Blended

Not only do you get to enter the above sweepstakes, but The Popcorn Factory is allowing one lucky reader to win a 2 gallon tin of cheese, caramel and buttered popcorn. What a great way to start this holiday season! I love receiving these and if you don’t eat it yourself, why not give it to a loved one as a holiday gift?

My giveaway ends on November 1, 2009 and the winner will be announced right here on Happily Blendedthis is a separate giveaway from The Popcorn Factory’s Sweepstakes listed above.

How To Enter:

FIRST Required Entry – Tell me one of your favorite memories that involved popcorn or your favorite popcorn flavor in one comment.

SECOND Additional Entries (not required):

  • Follow @brandyellen on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway using the Tweet Meme Button Below – leave a comment with link to tweet.
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  • Add this giveaway to your Technorati Favorites (see link to click in sidebar) or Stumble this giveaway – leave a comment for each completed.

Winner to be announced right here at Happily Blended on November 2nd and emailed directly.

Disclosure: This giveaway was sponsored by The Popcorn Factory and I do get to receive a 2 gallon tin of cheese, caramel and buttered popcorn for hosting this giveaway and sharing The Popcorn Factory 30th Anniversary Sweepstakes with you.

Good Luck & Make it a Happy Day!

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Playing Catch Up

One of the ways I organize my inbox is to create a to-do folder where I place (after reading) any tasks that need to be completed or I must follow up on. The problem with this organization method, which used to work wonderfully, is that since my husband left his job back towards the end of August, all organization went out the door. I was tossed into juggling not only my blog to-do’s but my business, the kids and while doing all that I had to take on a bit more of the responsibilities of supporting my husband in a time of high stress.

To do Labels Organizing Email

I am finally at the point where my head is on straight again, my stance is strong and my smile is getting stronger! The reason is … my husband is returning to work on Monday … YAY! Not only am I happy because this will help financially but I am happy because now I can finally work through my to-do list and hopefully find that I didn’t neglect anyone’s needs.

I will give you an FYI; most of the to-do labels within my gmail account are from my blog, they are not necessarily my VA clients, all of whom never get tossed into the to-do file for the reason I know they just may get lost during this crazy time of my life. All my VA client work gets tossed into a separate folder so that I know each day what I am responsible for doing for that client.

I must admit I started stressing out a bit, looking at over 50 emails in my to-do folder, luckily it appears I simply forgot to “remove the label to-do” from the majority of my emails in the to-do folder, so that’s been a sigh of relief for me. I would hate for anyone to think I was the absent minded mother 😉

Oh well … life happens and then it happens again and all of a sudden something hits you and BAM you are back on a roll … which is the point of this whole rambling by Brandy post … I am BACK and BETTER THAN EVER!!

Make it a Happy Day!

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Not So Scary Halloween Giveaway Winner

not so scary halloween you can make this

Giveaway ended on October 15th, I apologize for the delay! The original winner was lucky comment # 5, which was determined using generator, however, the owner at informed me that winner actually won this on another blog, which means I have to draw a new name, as this is a type of prize that you really only need one copy of … and so here goes … picked # 2 which is Marci.


Make it a Happy Day!

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