Trick or Treat Time with Madeline’s Halloween & Other Spooky Tales

Madeline is at it again with a new DVD called Madeline’s Halloween & Other Spooky Tales that came out in stores on August 17, 2010. Our family was able to review a copy of this cute little girls new movie and we love Madeline’s adventures. This is a DVD that all three of my munchkins are able to enjoy and that is something to be thankful for. It’s rather hard to find movies that two young boys and an older girl can find interesting together. Madeline is just that!

About Madeline’s Halloween & Other Spooky Tales on DVD

Join little Madeline, her loyal canine companion Genevieve, puckish next-door neighbor Pepito and her 11 delightful classmates from Miss Clavel’s Parisian school when Shout! Factory releases Madeline’s Great Adventures on June 29 and Madeline’s Halloween & Other Spooky Tales on August 17. Sit back, gasp and laugh as Madeline and her friends encounter royalty and ghouls in these two collectible DVDs. A must-have for Madeline fans and DVD collectors, Madeline’s Great Adventures and Madeline’s Halloween & Other Spooky Tales will each retail for $12.99.

Watch as Madeline and friends encounter their very own Arabian lamp, a visit from the Prince of Monaco, a band of pirates and even track down 40 charitable thieves in Madeline’s Great Adventures.

As if those thrilling adventures weren’t enough, get ready for an action-packed Halloween! Madeline’s Halloween & Other Spooky Tales contains five spooky animated episodes making their DVD debut: Madeline’s Halloween; Madeline and the Mean, Nasty Horrible Hats; Madeline and the Mummy; Madeline and the Haunted Castle; and Madeline and the Spider Lady.

Inspired by the beloved classic books that introduced us to a dozen delightful girls who live in an old house in Paris covered with vines, Madeline’s Great Adventures and Madeline’s Halloween & Other Spooky Tales are full of spirited fun and are sure to win your heart while providing hours of entertainment.

What the Happily Blended Blog Family Is Saying

Madeline’s Halloween & Other Spooky Tales arrived in time for us to enjoy before Halloween was even thought of but now as Halloween is nearing we have enjoyed watching Madeline and friends in their wonderful adventures. Our family loves this and we hope that your family does as well.

Purchase Madeline’s Halloween & Other Spooky Tales

The suggested retail price of this DVD is $12.99 and you can purchase it most anywhere to include Shout Factory! and Amazon in addition to most of your local shops so check out your local DVD store to see if they have Madeline’s Halloween & Other Spooky Tales available.

“This DVD was provided for free to my family in order to facilitate this review based on our personal experiences. Shout Factory provided the DVD but our family provided our personal opinions.”

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Walt Disney’s SECRETARIAT Gear

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Change of Seasons

The change of seasons from Summer to Fall brings on the need to start cleaning up the yard for Winter because I know Jack Frost will soon be on his way. Before we know it we will be putting up Christmas decorations, going out to cut our Christmas tree and bundling up because the $3 tanks I got at Walmart will be too little clothing for the cold NH Winter.

I just bought myself a pair of ADIDAS sneakers on Amazon with some gift codes I had because for the last five to six years I have been wearing the same pair and apparently this Summer mowing the lawn with a push mower and walking so much over the years has killed the sole. Now if I wear the current sneakers they almost trip me up so I gave in and got the cheapest pair of sneakers on Amazon I could find to use with my gift codes.

A change of seasons also gives me that “need to clean the office” feeling, although my office is currently a corner in my living room or a laptop in my bedroom but still it’s my corner and my area in the bedroom that makes my office. At least I have a space of my own.  I have taken some time to arrange my computer desk so that I have fast access to files, folders and pens as well as my post-it notes so that I can be productive during the night time hours while I work.

I am excited to see an organized desk again and even more excited to see that my house is finally starting to be more organized, well mainly things in boxes is my organization right now while we get ready to move. I know I will get rid of a lot of stuff when we move because I am not a pack rat at all, this means I need to find a way to be sneaky. My children do not play with half of their toys, do not wear half of their clothes, do not fit into half of their shoes and yet I still trip over the same shoes and toys day after day. Soon I will be weeding out the old and coming in with the new!

Are you ready for the change of seasons?

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Scentsy Makes Scents

I haven’t ever purchased products from Scentsy before but I have heard many great compliments about their products. From warmers to smelly products, and I mean fantastic smelling products {based on what I have heard around the Twitter world} they provide you with not only a great product but a way to work from home.

You can start as a Scentsy Consultant for about $99 depending upon which kit you wish to purchase. The price is completely right for a person who is looking to get into a product I have heard great things about. You see there are a lot of ways to work from home and being a former direct sales consultant for a variety of companies I can say that you are able to earn an income working as an independent consultant. Of course working on your own takes determination, motivation and the right marketing skills. Although if you have a good amount of local friends and family … sometimes all it takes is a little word of mouth advertising to get moving forward.

Now I have heard some great things about Candle Warmers, have you personally tried this product? Have you a friend who is interested? I would love to hear feedback on what you think about Scentsy products.

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